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Journal #10
Pinball Wizard General Tips and Strategies
October 23, 2022

General Tips and Strategies Guide to Succeed in Pinball Wizard for the Apple Arcade

  • At first, you will fail a lot because of low health and power. But the game gets progressively easier as you gain experience points and level up your stats.
  • Use dash to exit a level to refill your health when time is running low.
  • Try unlocking skills that give you better rewards and experience first. This will make your income rate higher and will be able to level up faster.
  • Try playing on your phone if you're playing on another device. It's much better on your hands and will be able to gain better control using your thumbs.
  • A controller is also a great way to play Pinball Wizard.
  • To pause the game in Pinball Wizard, hit the pause button next to your health.

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