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25 Awesome Movies Like After in 2024!
April 9th, 2024 - By Steve Chang

Dive into a cinematic journey of romance and drama with movies that resonate with the charm of 'After'

If you're into romantic dramas filled with plenty of trials and tribulations, then After is a must-see. This popular movie, directed by Jenny Gage, captivates the audience with its enticing story, centered around complicated relationships, many secrets, and undeniable passionate love. Starring Hero Fiennes Tiffin and Josephine Langford, it's adapted from Anna Todd's best-selling novel which originally started as a sensational fan-fiction on Wattpad. The film delves into the intense relationship between a straight-laced young woman, Tessa, and the mysterious 'bad boy', Hardin, pulling you into their journey of discovery and love amidst the backdrop of college life.

In the realm of romantic and young adult dramas, there are many similar films to After that you might find equally engaging. These movies delve deep into the complexities of human relationships, exploring themes of love, heartache, personal growth, and often the process of self-discovery. Crafted with care, these films will take you on an emotional rollercoaster, much like After, setting the ground to appeal to viewers who appreciate intricate character development and narratives. If you're fond of After, there’s a whole world of similar movies with intense plot twists and intimate love stories waiting for you. Now, are you ready to dive in to discover these cinematic gems?

25. The Kissing Booth

If you enjoyed the emotional rollercoaster presented in "After," you're guaranteed to love "The Kissing Booth," a magnetic movie that packs a similar punch. It's engaging, vibrant, and shares the infectious charm of young romance akin to After. Both films revolve around a compelling rise-and-fall love story, offering you a front-row seat to witness how the protagonists navigate through the highs and lows of their romantic journey. Their beautiful tale of young love is bound to draw you in, offering that perfect blend of conflict, passion, and the undeniable attraction just like in After.

Apart from the steamy romance, The Kissing Booth and After share a string of other elements that make both films so enjoyable and relatable. Both movies masterfully detail the complexities of teenage relationships, the dizzying rush of first love, and the unexpected trials that come along. Furthermore, each film explores themes of self-discovery and personal growth woven into the narrative. Both "After" and "The Kissing Booth" offer an immersive viewer experience filled with emotional depth and character development that never fails to capture hearts. So, if After stroke a chord in you, The Kissing Booth is the perfect cure for your movie cravings.

24. To All the Boys I've Loved Before

If you're a fan of the heartfelt drama and powerful storytelling in After, then you should definitely check out To All the Boys I've Loved Before. Both movies capture the enthralling ups and downs of young love and navigating high school, with strong female leads at their centers. After the success of After, many viewers were seeking movies with similar themes and found a perfect match in To All the Boys I've Loved Before. Heartwarming, funny, and relatable, this movie offers the same mix of romance and real-life issues that made After so captivating.

While After delves into the intensity of first love and personal growth, To All the Boys I've Loved Before takes these relatable themes and adds a unique twist. Its lovable and complex main character, Lara Jean, writes love letters to all the boys she's adored from afar, which she then stashes away for her eyes only. That is, until one day when the letters are unexpectedly released to their unsuspecting recipients, and she has to deal with the consequences. Like After's Hardin and Tessa, Lara Jean will keep you engaged with her personal journey and romantic adventures. If you enjoyed After, To All the Boys I've Loved Before is a great choice for your next movie night.

23. Midnight Sun

If you enjoyed After, then Midnight Sun is a must-watch for you! Just like After, Midnight Sun features a deep and emotional rollercoaster of a romance that grips at your heartstrings. The plot revolves around a young couple figuring out their complex feelings in an incredibly challenging situation, very much like the tangled web of emotions and circumstances that Hardin and Tessa grapple with in After

The acting performances are equally as captivating, drawing you into the story with the same intensity as After's leads do. In Midnight Sun, Bella Thorne and Patrick Schwarzenegger create electric chemistry on screen, much like the sizzling connection between Josephine Langford and Hero Fiennes Tiffin. Plus, Midnight Sun's stirring original soundtrack complements the movie's poignant themes and emotional narrative in a similar way to After's. It's not just another teen romance drama, but a beautifully shot, engaging story that leaves a long-lasting impression — just like After does.

22. Five Feet Apart

If you've enjoyed the thrilling blend of romance and drama in After, then Five Feet Apart will surely captivate you. Both heartrending tales revolve around young protagonists who find love in unusual circumstances. A major thematic similarity is the exploration of love amidst restrictions; Five Feet Apart showcases a love story confined by illness, while After illustrates a narrative regulated by societal expectations and pressures. Furthermore, like After, Five Feet Apart offers an intense rollercoaster of human emotions, tastefully bringing out the nuances of tear-jerking drama and exhilarating romance to your screen.

Just as After successfully portrays the battles between love, ensuing confusion, and teenage angst, Five Feet Apart also mirrors the same captivating storyline. The underlying thread of the fight against external constraints binding the main characters will keep you glued to your seat. Both films showcase splendid performances by young actors who form the core of these deeply emotional narratives. In terms of cinematography, Five Feet Apart carries forward the same aesthetic appeal, offering breathtaking visuals and sceneries, much like After. If you’re a fan of teen romance dramas, these striking similarities make Five Feet Apart a perfect addition to your watchlist, post After.

21. Fault in Our Stars

One key similarity that ties The Fault in Our Stars with After is the heartfelt romantic narratives that dominate both stories. As you found After delightful, I assure that The Fault in Our Stars is equally captivating, painting a potent, emotional portrayal of young love, similar to that of Tessa and Hardin's roller-coaster romance. Both storylines dive deep into the complexities of young love and the challenges it entails, making them an excellent pick for romantic drama enthusiasts.

Besides the stirring romantic charm, The Fault in Our Stars resembles After in its showcasing of personal growth and emotional resilience. In the same way that After beautifully explores Tessa's self-discovery and transformation amid adversities, The Fault in Our Stars walks you through Hazel's gripping journey as she battles cancer. Both stories masterfully balance the thrilling throes of the first love with the characters' struggles and endeavours that leave lasting impressions. The Fault in Our Stars, just like After, is a well-crafted movie where the characters' depth and well-written plot meet, making it a must-watch if you're hunting for After-like movies to enjoy.

20. If I Stay

If I Stay is another emotional rollercoaster, very much in line with After, guaranteed to keep you engrossed and connected to the characters. Just like After, If I Stay revolves around young love faced with unexpected challenges and painful realities, resulting in a compelling mix of romance and drama. Brought to life by phenomenal performances, it also delves deep into the complications of relationships that adolescents often face, much like the portrayal of love and difficulties seen in After. Viewers who fell for the drama and emotional storyline in After will find similar content in this exquisite movie.

Both If I Stay and After are films that beautifully explore the notion of young love in the face of adversity. The stories are full of decisions that could change the course of their future, and both films present situations where the characters need to make a difficult choice between love and their own ambitions. If I Stay, like After, enticingly balances romantic moments with grippingly dramatic scenes that leave you at the edge of your seat. If you enjoyed exploring the ups and downs in relationships and the trials and tribulations faced by young lovers in After, If I Stay will indeed be a very fulfilling watch for you.

19. The Last Song

If you've enjoyed playing After, you're going to love watching The Last Song. Just like After, The Last Song also sends you on a rollercoaster of emotions, making you witness the ups and downs of young love. Both the film and game involve protagonists dealing with family drama alongside their romantic relationships, offering a complex narrative beautifully intertwined with coming-of-age scenarios amidst relatable circumstances.

The Last Song, similar to After, places significant emphasis on character development, evoking a sense of progression and growth much like After's Hardin and Tessa. Both narratives leave you rooting for the characters, hoping for breakthroughs in their personal and relationship obstacles. Plus, The Last Song features Miley Cyrus and Liam Hemsworth, whose performances you'll find as enthralling as the chemistry between After's leads. So, if you're in the mood for a movie that gives off the same vibes as After, The Last Song should be on your watch-list.

18. The Notebook

If you favor romantic dramas like After, The Notebook will undoubtedly captivate your heart. This movie narrates an everlasting love set in the backdrop of the 1940s, similar to After, where two young adults deal with the struggles that come with a love damaging yet irrevocable. The Notebook, like After, explores themes of desire and devotion, presenting love stories that are complex, real, and full of life's raw nature. Both films encapsulate the essence of eternal love, depicting characters facing alluring attractions, misunderstandings, and emotional turmoil which ultimately leads them back to one another.

The Notebook exhibits profound romance through its riveting story about a poor young man in love with a rich woman and the sacrifices he is willing to make for love, similar to After's setting of a plain girl falling helplessly for a dangerous man. Fans of After would appreciate the intense passion and undying love both these movies radiate. The trials and tribulations they undergo to remain together reflect the course of true love. If you're looking for a movie that will pull at your heartstrings, resonate with your romantic expectations, and leave a lasting effect, then The Notebook deserves to be your next watch. It's an iconic emotional rollercoaster that pairs well with the lovers and dire scenarios found in After.

17. Beautiful Creatures

Just like After, Beautiful Creatures takes you on a gripping journey of love, passion, and self-discovery. If you've reveled in the intense emotions and dramatic character development in After, you'll find Beautiful Creatures lives up to the same standards, offering a fascinating blend of teenage angst and supernatural elements. Both storylines promise an intriguing premise and a captivating execution, putting you at the edge of your seat while drawing you into their world of magic, mystery, and romance. These riveting narratives assure a magnetic attraction for After fans, prioritizing core themes of love, individuality, and pursuing one's own destiny.

One notable similarity is the induction of the 'forbidden love' trope, creating a tantalizing tension and strong character-driven plots. In Beautiful Creatures, just as in After, this concept aids in generating conflict and intrigue, setting the stage for heart-stopping moments and unpredictable plot twists. The idiosyncratic character development, coupled with storylines that delve deep into their pasts and motivations, mirrors the direct focus on characters in After, making Beautiful Creatures an excellent recommendation. If you've flocked to the captivating relationships, tangled secrets, and highly-anticipated revelations in After, beloved Beautiful Creatures will serve as a satisfying movie selection that can deliver the same level of excitement and immersion.

16. Endless Love

Looking for a film that perfectly embodies the romantic intensity and passionate connection that made 'After' a compelling watch? Then you will definitely love 'Endless Love.' Just like 'After,' this movie beautifully explores the heady feelings of young love, the head-on collision with the harsh realities of life and the indomitable spirit of the human heart that fights for love. Both films revolve around the intoxicating and complicated dynamics of young romance, presenting the profound emotions of two people madly in love and the struggles they face in a harsh, judgemental world.

'Endless Love,' much like 'After,' also probes deep into the harsh class divide that exists in society and how it poses a threat to love that knows no boundaries. The film extensively delves into the dynamics and intricacies of a forbidden love story, offering a cinematic insight into social boundaries much like 'After.' Apart from its thematical similarities, this movie also excels in performances, as the talented cast palpably portrays the trials and tribulations of young love, just like Hero Fiennes Tiffin and Josephine Langford did in 'After.' So if you're looking for an experience that can evoke the same sense of passionate romantic drama that 'After' did, look no further, 'Endless Love' should definitely be on your 'to watch' list.

15. A Walk to Remember

If you loved After, you will undoubtedly fall for A Walk to Remember, too. They both showcase a powerful love story that evolves from an unlikely pairing, just like Tessa and Hardin's constant pull in After. Similarly, A Walk to Remember sets up a narrative between two opposite poles, Landon, a rebellious teen, and Jamie, a conservative and spiritual girl, creating a spark that ignites a remarkable journey of love and self-discovery. Like After, it features drama and romance intertwined in a profound plot that pulls your heartstrings, making it a perfect movie choice for lightning up your quiet evenings.

One of the appealing aspects of A Walk to Remember in comparison to After lies in its capacity to provoke emotive responses. Both films explore intensifying romance amidst life’s struggles and how the strength of love can overcome hurdles. As After keeps us engaged with Tessa and Hardin's tumultuous love affairs and their fight against all odds, A Walk to Remember similarly touches upon such themes, bringing forward the transformation of Landon, who, driven by love, metamorphoses into a better person for Jamie. Hence, these films brilliantly build upon elements of human emotions, vulnerability, and downtown romance making them an excellent choice if you are in the mood for a feel-good romantic drama.

14. Me Before You

If you thoroughly enjoyed After and are looking for film experiences that deliver similar emotional highs and lows, then Me Before You will undoubtedly cater to your interests. Both movies impeccably showcase compelling love stories that grapple with challenging circumstances and decision-making. They beautifully dwell into how life-changing situations often intermingle with the course of love, setting the stage for intense emotional experiences, comparable to those you cherished in After.

Me Before You, quite like After, masterfully weaves along the path of romantic tension and drama, making you oscillate between heart-rending emotions and absolute joy. The complexity of characters, their growth, and the depth of their relationships makes the narrative utterly engaging. You may find yourself associating with the trials and tribulations of the protagonists, much like you did with Tessa and Hardin in After. All said, if you're an After fan, Me Before You lends you another opportunity to relive an equally poignant and powerful romantic drama filled with passion, hardships, and love.

13. Paper Towns

If you loved After, you're probably in search for another engrossing tale that beautifully intertwines romance, mystery, and character depth. Then consider giving Paper Towns a shot. Much like After, Paper Towns revolves around the theme of young love filled with complexities. Both stories highlight the captivating yet challenging journey of understanding another person beneath the surface. Just as After dives into the dark past of Hardin, Paper Towns pulls you in with the enigmatic character of Margo, who is always much more than what she appears on the outside.

Both After and Paper Towns command your attention through their robust storytelling, blending romance, and suspense that will leave you on the edge of your seat. After puts you through the emotional whirlwinds of Tessa and Hardin's love, while Paper Towns dazzles you with Quentin's relentless pursuit to decipher the clues left by Margo. Similar to After, Paper Towns serves up an engaging narrative backed up by intriguing characters. If you enjoyed witnessing the unexpected twists and turns of Tessa and Hardin's relationship, you'll certainly appreciate the roller-coaster ride Quentin embarks on in Paper Towns.

12. Everything, Everything

If you enjoyed the narrative of After, then Everything, Everything is likely to pique your interest as it follows a similar narrative pattern steeped in young adult romance and drama. Like After, Everything, Everything contains themes of self-discovery, new love, and pushes boundaries to explore what it means to truly come of age. The characters are every bit as engaging and hypnotic, further enhancing the immersive experience that draws similarities to After.

The narrative in Everything, Everything, similar to After, is driven by compelling character dynamics and intense emotional roller coasters. This makes the movie relatable to viewers who appreciate stories that mirror the ebbs and flows of real-life relationships. Furthermore, Everything, Everything also centers around a female character grappling with the difficulties of freedom and love, mirroring the central themes that After so masterfully captures. If you were drawn to the emotive storytelling and captivating character arcs in After, Everything, Everything is the perfect movie to captivate your interest.

11. The Choice

In the same vein as the popular storyline in After, The Choice also explores the intense rollercoaster of emotions that come with passionate young love. Both narratives are accentuated with tantalizing moments of anticipation where the main characters indecisively explore their attraction towards each other. These decisive films unravel layers of emotional complexity between the main characters, making you want to crave more. If you are looking for a movie similar to After, then The Choice would seem like a fitting choice.

The character dynamics in The Choice beautifully mirror those in After, with strong-willed individuals battling their romantic circumstances. You will find yourself deeply engrossed in the tumultuous journey of love that's not devoid of its challenges. The romance set amid real-life scenarios, just like After, makes The Choice a captivating portrayal of young love. If the unexpected twists and passionate love story in After left you wanting more, then indulging in The Choice should be next on your movie-list.

10. Remember Me

Remember Me is a movie that will surely captivate your interest, especially if you loved the game After. Just like After, Remember Me is a tale with a twist, brimming with romance, drama, and unpredictable surprises. It mirrors the heartwarming plot and immersive character arcs that made After so enticing. Moreover, its intricate storytelling wonderfully echoes the gripping narrative and emotional depth found in After, making it a perfect choice for fans of the game.

Similar to After, Remember Me offers an intense and passionate love story filled with subtle complexity. The lush and emotive narrative that you loved in After is echoed in the mesmerizing cinematic experience of Remember Me. The movie revolves around key themes such as love, forgiveness and redemption, which you might find resonate with After. If you enjoyed the deep immersive gameplay and engaging narrative of After, Remember Me is a movie you wouldn't want to miss.

9. Kissing Booth 2

If you've enjoyed the captivating drama and heart-warming romance in After, then Kissing Booth 2 will certainly draw you in with its similarly intriguing storyline. Just like After, Kissing Booth 2 is set in high school, showcasing the challenges of young love, complex relationships, and how decisions can shape one's future. Both movies brilliantly capture the essence of adolescence, filled with sincere portrayals of evolving friendships, intense rivalries, and the sweet taste of first love that truly resonate with the viewer.

The protagonists in After and Kissing Booth 2 are not just dealing with romantic dilemmas but also struggling with their personal growth and self-discovery. Kissing Booth 2, like After, presents a roller-coaster ride of emotions and unexpected turns, keeping you engrossed from beginning to end. Furthermore, the cinematic ambiance, captivating acting, and perfectly-timed humor make Kissing Booth 2 an excellent choice if you're looking for a movie that shares the emotional depth and compelling narrative found in After. So, gear up for another enthralling experience filled with heartbreaks, giggles, and life-altering decisions with Kissing Booth 2!

8. The Spectacular Now

If you're on the hunt for movies similar to After, look no further than The Spectacular Now. Strikingly comparable to After, this film is filled with all the essential ingredients that kickstarted your love for the infamous coming-of-age romance story. Like After, The Spectacular Now is anchored in its exploration of youthful passion, love, heartbreak, and self-discovery. As it unfolds, both films artfully manage to avoid the typical clichés and instead provide a more authentic, relatable perspective on teen relationships and the complexities that come with them.

Evoking the same emotional allure as After, The Spectacular Now introduces us to charming but complex characters and reiterates the fact that love isn't always easy, echoing the tumultuous relationship between Tessa and Hardin in the After series. This movie brilliantly encapsulates the raw essence of young love, which parallels After's intensity, sincerity, and slightly chaotic nature – making it all the more real and engaging for you. If you enjoyed the ups, downs, twists, and turns in After, The Spectacular Now - a similar coming-of-age teen romance with profound depth - is your next must-see movie!

7. The Perfect Date

If you enjoyed After, you'll certainly appreciate The Perfect Date for their shared themes. They both revolve around the complexities of high school romance, adding a vivid twist to classic teenage stories by focusing on the progression of emotional development and self-realization. Both films thrive on detailing the experiences of youthful romance by beautifully depicting a mix of sweet bliss, uncertainty, and the harsh reality of growth and change.

Just like After, The Perfect Date explores the journey of a young person trying to find his identity amidst love, school, relationships, and future plans. What sets The Perfect Date apart, however, is its unique premise of a teen providing date services to fund his college dreams. Both narratives incorporate an intriguing blend of humor, unexpected emotional depth, relatable characters, and a strong focus on young love. The Perfect Date and After are heart-capturing offerings resonating well with fans of romance drama films, especially those who delight in seeing narratives that beautifully unravel the multidimensional aspects of young love and personal development. Therefore, if you cherish the enchanting essence of After, The Perfect Date would be a cinematic treat for you.

6. Sixteen Candles

If you're searching for a movie that offers a love story that's as captivating and dramatic as After, Sixteen Candles is definitely worth checking out. Similar to After, which presents a magnetic attraction between wholesome Tessa and the rebellious Hardin, Sixteen Candles showcases the complex dynamics between high school girl Samantha Baker and the charmingly elusive Jake Ryan. It's a classic coming-of-age story that is filled with intense emotions and captivating twists, much like After.

In Sixteen Candles, Samantha's sixteenth birthday goes unnoticed by her family, and her secret crush Jake is seemingly oblivious to her existence. Doesn't this scenario remind you of the initial interactions between Tessa and Hardin in After? Just as After effectively explores the themes of young love, self-discovery, and the trials and tribulations of relationships, Sixteen Candles gives you a glimpse into the confusion, elation, and heartache of teenage love. Both are timeless stories that leave you feeling nostalgic, and they'll make you want to relive those intense moments of first love all over again.

5. 10 Things I Hate About You

If you enjoyed Once Upon a Time, you'll most likely love 10 Things I Hate About You. Their captivating characters bring depth to a unique high school narrative similar to After. Taking cues from Shakespeare's "The Taming of the Shrew," 10 Things I Hate About You explores a teenager's perspective of love, rebellion, and transformation, much like After's evocative exploration of young love and self-discovery. The character development in both narratives is impressive, pulling you into the lives of the protagonists and their journeys. You'll feel as if you're part of their unfolding drama, just as you felt drawn into the engaging dialogue and timeless storylines in After.

Just as After pulled at your heartstrings with its passionate love story centered around a good girl meets bad boy narrative, 10 Things I Hate About You delivers a modern, often comic, equivalent in the form of a sibling duo and their contrasting romantic adventures. Both films perfectly encapsulate the intricacies and turbulence of adolescent love and identity struggle. Influenced strongly by After's deeply emotional depth and intricate characters, 10 Things I Hate About You not only provokes thought through its refreshing take on high school life but includes an impactful and catchy soundtrack to boot. If After was an important part of your DVD collection, 10 Things I Hate About You deserves a spot on your movie-watching list without a doubt.

4. Just One Day

If you enjoyed the emotionally charged romance and life-altering experiences of After, you would definitely be captivated by Just One Day. Just like After, which focuses on the passionate relationship between a college student and a mysterious bad boy, Just One Day also takes you on a roller coaster journey of love, self-discovery, and transformation. Both of these films compellingly explore how a single, life-changing event can alter the course of one's life dramatically and present layered characters that evolve over time, making them feel real and relatable.

Just One Day, much like After, presents a beautifully nuanced love story set against the backdrop of travel, providing a feast for your senses and sweeping you away in its glitz and glamour. Much like the relationship between Hardin and Tessa in After, the dynamics between the characters in Just One Day are beautifully complex, filled with friction, tension as well as moments of pure tenderness. Plus, similar to After which hits a chord with its audience through its realistic portrayal of college life and young love, Just One Day also thrives on its accurate and relatable depiction of youthful exploration and the quest for identity.

3. Love, Simon

If you love the intense romance and drama of the Movie 'After', then 'Love, Simon' should be next on your watch list. Similar to how 'After' tackles the trials and tribulations of young love, 'Love, Simon' also explores the nuances of a teenage romance, but this time with a twist as the main character navigates his journey of coming out. Building upon the exploring romance and self-identity themes you indulged in 'After', 'Love, Simon' takes a fresh perspective, adding diversity and inclusivity into the mix, making it a must-watch movie for all 'After' fans.

Just like how 'After' intelligently portrays young relationships and complexities of the real world, 'Love, Simon' too brilliantly captures the hardships of high school life and the struggle of a young boy to express his identity to his peers. With superb acting, a captivating storyline, and relatable issues, 'Love, Simon' offers a unique intersection for fans of 'After'. Both movies do a terrific job of making you feel intensely invested in the characters' emotional lives, making their hardships feel real and relatable. So if you enjoyed the emotional roller-coaster ride that 'After' offered, 'Love, Simon' is guaranteed to deliver the same, if not more.

2. Palmer

Just like After, Palmer is a movie that invites you on an extraordinary journey that is both emotionally captivating and provocatively meaningful. It revolves around the theme of unlikely relationships and their transformative power, which is a central theme that resonates in the After series as well. This heartfelt movie, starring Justin Timberlake in a compelling performance, masterfully navigates the complexities of human connection, similar to how the characters in After navigate their own paths through love, growth and heartache.

Moreover, Palmer shares with After the exploration of societal norms and how stepping outside of these norms often leads to life’s most significant revelations. While After approaches this through the lens of a romantic relationship, Palmer examines this through an unconventional father-son-like bond developing in unexpected circumstances. So, if you enjoyed the character depth, storytelling charm, and raw emotions in After, Palmer is bound to keep you engaged. It's a perfect choice for After fans who relish touching narratives that delve into personal transformation.

1. Dear John

If you enjoyed the emotional rollercoaster and gripping narratives of After, you will fall in love with the movie, Dear John. Both these stories dive headfirst into the realm of intense romantic relationships filled with heartache, enigmatic characters, and unexpected twists. Dear John explores a similar line of events where two star-crossed lovers find themselves entangled in an intense romance while navigating life's complexities. Almost parallel to After, the mesmerising interactions between the characters in Dear John never fail to captivate the audience, pulling at their heartstrings as each scene unfolds.

Just like After, Dear John takes us through a journey of love and sacrifice, tugging at the core of our emotional spectrum. The romantic dynamics between the characters are awash with breathtaking encounters, poignant moments, and heart-rending decisions. It's a movie that encapsulates the essence of passionate love and the seemingly insurmountable obstacles that often stand in its way. If you're on the lookout for movies that are similar to After, you'll certainly find Dear John a compelling match. Its emotionally-charged narrative and stirring performances promise a cinematic experience akin to After, giving audience a taste of the thrilling romance and intense emotional depth found in this popular movie.

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