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25 Awesome Games Like FTL: Faster Than Light in 2024!
June 8th, 2024 - By Steve Chang

Discover the ultimate space adventures and tactical challenges: Games like FTL that will keep you on the edge of your captain's chair

FTL: Faster Than Light is an acclaimed space strategy game that puts you in command of a spaceship on a desperate mission across the galaxy. The game combines elements of roguelike gameplay, real-time strategy, and resource management, providing a deep and challenging experience. You'll make strategic decisions about ship upgrades, crew assignments, and encounters with enemy ships as you navigate through randomly generated sectors. Your ultimate goal is to stay ahead of an advancing fleet and make it to the Federation base, all while managing your ship's energy, weapon systems, and crew morale.

If you enjoy FTL: Faster Than Light, there are many similar games you might find captivating. Titles like *Into the Breach*, *The Long Journey Home*, and *Oxygen Not Included* also offer deep strategic gameplay combined with elements of resource management and roguelike unpredictability. These games all build upon the core concepts that make FTL so engaging, offering different settings and twists on the formula. Whether you're venturing into outer space or managing a colony, these games will keep you on your toes with their challenging mechanics and engaging decision-making processes. If you're intrigued and want a complete list of similar games that capture the spirit of FTL, keep listening for an in-depth article that's going to feature...

25. Into the Breach

If you enjoyed FTL: Faster Than Light, you’ll love Into the Breach because it's crafted by the same brilliant developers at Subset Games, bringing their unique touch to another captivating experience. While FTL focused on strategy and survival in the vast reaches of space, Into the Breach offers a similarly strategic and challenging experience but on a smaller, more intimate scale—you’re now on Earth, commanding squads of mechs to protect the world from an alien threat. This game retains the tight, turn-based mechanics you loved in FTL, with every move and attack having potentially game-altering consequences.

Another delightful similarity is the deep, strategic planning required in both games. Just like managing your spaceship's crew and resources in FTL, Into the Breach requires you to thoughtfully manage your mech squads and the environment your battles take place in. The game’s roguelike element means that every defeat is a chance to learn and come back stronger, just like in FTL. Plus, the minimalistic yet highly detailed graphical style and compelling soundtracks are consistent with what you enjoyed in your space-faring adventures, all while maintaining a fresh and earthbound setting.

Into the Breach is available on PC, Nintendo Switch, and mobile platforms, typically priced around $15 USD.

24. Shortest Trip to Earth

If you loved FTL: Faster Than Light, you're going to find Shortest Trip to Earth to be a thrilling next step in your space-adventure gaming. Both games put you in the captain's seat of a spaceship, tasking you with managing your crew, resources, and combat strategies as you journey through the cosmos. The roguelike elements in Shortest Trip to Earth will feel familiar, as every playthrough offers a unique experience with procedurally generated sectors filled with both danger and opportunity. You’ll be making critical decisions that affect the survival of your crew and the success of your mission, just like in FTL.

Another engaging similarity is the strategic depth and intensity of spaceship combat. In Shortest Trip to Earth, you’ll engage in real-time battles where pausing the game to strategize and give orders to your crew is essential. You’ll get to customize your spaceship with a variety of modules and weapons, much like FTL. However, Shortest Trip to Earth also adds a layer of complexity with detailed ship interiors and more intricate resource management, including fuel, food, and ammunition. These added elements make for a richer and more immersive gameplay experience that fans of FTL will find both challenging and rewarding.

Shortest Trip to Earth is available on PC, typically priced around $24.99 USD.

23. Out There: Ω Edition

If you loved traversing the galaxy and making tough strategic decisions in FTL: Faster Than Light, then Out There: Ω Edition is right up your alley. Both games place a heavy emphasis on resource management, as you need to keep your ship's fuel, oxygen, and hull integrity in check while exploring the cosmos. Every decision you make can mean the difference between life and death, offering the same nail-biting tension and high stakes. Just like in FTL, you'll encounter random events, alien species, and various challenges that can dramatically alter the course of your journey, keeping the gameplay fresh and exciting every time you play.

One of the highlights of Out There: Ω Edition is its focus on storytelling and atmospheric exploration. While FTL has you managing a crew and engaging in tactical combat, Out There leans more towards the solitary experience of an astronaut lost in an unknown part of the galaxy. The game's beautiful hand-drawn graphics and ambient soundtrack immerse you in its mysterious universe, making every discovery feel significant. You'll find yourself deciphering alien languages, upgrading your ship with exotic technology, and finding new ways to survive—all of which will remind you of the strategic depth and engrossing gameplay that made FTL so compelling.

Out There: Ω Edition is available on platforms including PC, Mac, iOS, and Android, typically priced around $10 USD.

22. Starcom: Nexus

Starcom: Nexus offers a thrilling space exploration experience that's reminiscent of the beloved FTL: Faster Than Light. Much like FTL, Starcom: Nexus immerses you in the role of a spaceship captain navigating the depths of the galaxy. You'll find yourself managing your crew, fine-tuning your ship's systems, and engaging in tactical real-time battles. The game's dynamic storyline and procedurally generated missions ensure that no two playthroughs feel the same, mirroring the unpredictability and replayability that made FTL so engaging.

What really sets Starcom: Nexus apart, yet still keeps it in the same vein as FTL, is its rich open-world environment. You'll explore a vast galaxy filled with hidden secrets, alien civilizations, and ancient relics. The strategic decision-making process when encountering unknown species or resolving conflicts will feel familiar yet refreshingly new. The game’s beautiful graphics and deeper RPG elements, such as ship customization and character progression, add layers of depth that FTL enthusiasts will undoubtedly appreciate.

Starcom: Nexus is available on PC, typically priced around $19.99 USD.

21. Starbound

If you enjoyed the thrilling space journeys and strategic resource management of FTL: Faster Than Light, you'll find a lot to love in Starbound! Both games plunge you into the vastness of space with an emphasis on exploration and survival. In Starbound, you'll pilot your own starship, similar to FTL, traversing through different star systems, encountering unique planets, and gathering resources. The pixel art style and procedurally generated worlds in Starbound create an ever-changing universe, much like FTL's unpredictability that keeps each playthrough fresh and exciting. You'll also experience the same sense of excitement and discovery as you navigate through various biomes, avoiding dangers and unearthing hidden treasures.

Another striking similarity is the importance of crew and ship management. In FTL, crew members and ship upgrades are crucial to your survival, and Starbound takes this a step further by allowing you to customize and expand your ship as you gather resources and complete missions. You can recruit crew members with different skills to assist in your adventures, adding another layer of depth to your journey. Additionally, both games offer a blend of combat and strategy. While FTL focuses on tactical ship battles, Starbound mixes in action-packed ground combat with a variety of weapons and equipment, ensuring that you're always engaged and challenged.

Starbound is available on PC, typically priced around $15 USD.

20. Rebel Galaxy

Rebel Galaxy shares many of the same engaging elements that made FTL: Faster Than Light a beloved title among gamers who enjoy space exploration and strategic combat. In Rebel Galaxy, you'll navigate a vast and visually stunning universe, much like FTL, where every decision you make impacts your journey. From choosing your ship's upgrades to deciding which missions to undertake, the game offers a rich blend of strategy and action. The ship-to-ship combat is also intense and rewarding, capturing the essence of space battles and requiring you to be tactical with your resources and maneuvers, just like in FTL.

Another exciting similarity is the focus on player choice and consequence. Just as in FTL, where your decisions can lead to new allies, tougher enemies, or unexpected events, Rebel Galaxy offers branching paths and multiple outcomes based on your actions. Whether you decide to pursue a life of piracy, trade, or bounty hunting, the universe reacts to your choices, creating a dynamic and immersive experience. The game’s procedural generation ensures that no two journeys are the same, keeping each playthrough fresh and engaging, akin to the endless replayability of FTL.

Rebel Galaxy is available on PC, PlayStation, and Xbox, typically priced around $20 USD.

19. Star Traders: Frontiers

If you loved the high-stakes, strategic gameplay of FTL: Faster Than Light, then Star Traders: Frontiers will undoubtedly captivate you. Both games throw you into the vastness of space where you're in command of your very own ship, making crucial decisions that determine the fate of your crew and your journey. While FTL focuses on surviving encounters and making tactical choices in real-time space battles, Star Traders: Frontiers expands on this by offering an even deeper level of customization. You can choose your ship, outfit it with specialized gear, and select missions to undertake. Each choice greatly impacts your path, allowing for a uniquely tailored experience that resonates well with the decision-heavy nature of FTL.

Another similarity that will catch your attention is the intricate crew management. In both games, your crew plays a vital role, whether it’s manning the ship’s vital systems, engaging in combat, or repairing crucial parts of your vessel mid-battle. Star Traders: Frontiers adds another layer by giving you even more control over your crew’s abilities and roles, allowing for deeper strategic planning. While FTL employs a roguelike structure with permadeath, Star Traders lets you explore a persistent galaxy filled with dynamic factions, each with their own agendas and conflicts. This means you’ll still experience the unpredictable, ever-changing space exploration that kept you addicted to FTL, but with added layers of complexity and long-term strategy.

Star Traders: Frontiers is available on PC, macOS, Linux, iOS, and Android, typically priced around $14.99 USD.

18. Cosmoteer: Starship Architect & Commander

If you loved FTL: Faster Than Light, you'll find Cosmoteer: Starship Architect & Commander to be a thrilling and engaging space-faring experience that captures the same spirit of strategy and adventure. Like FTL, Cosmoteer puts you in command of a starship navigating the dangers of space, making critical decisions that impact your survival and success. The essential gameplay elements, such as crew management, resource allocation, and tactical combat, are all present, ensuring that the intensity and excitement you cherished in FTL are thoroughly replicated.

Where Cosmoteer truly shines is in its starship customization and architectural depth. Unlike FTL's pre-defined ship layouts, Cosmoteer allows you to design and build your own spaceships from scratch. This adds an extra layer of creativity and personalization to the experience, letting you craft the perfect vessel to suit your strategic preferences. You'll spend hours fine-tuning your ship's design, balancing between offensive capabilities, defensive systems, and support modules to create the ultimate spacefaring machine, giving you a unique sense of ownership and fulfillment.

Cosmoteer: Starship Architect & Commander is available on PC, typically priced around $20 USD.

17. Everspace

Both Everspace and FTL: Faster Than Light excel in providing a thrilling space adventure that emphasizes strategic decision-making, resource management, and permadeath to keep the stakes high. In Everspace, like in FTL, you'll navigate through various sectors of space, each brimming with obstacles, enemies, and potential loot. The intensity of having to make quick, critical decisions in real-time battles, and managing your ship's limited resources and crew, creates a consistently engaging experience that FTL fans will find incredibly satisfying.

Moreover, Everspace takes the rogue-like elements from FTL and amplifies them with stunning 3D visuals and dynamic dogfights that add an extra layer of excitement. The procedural generation in Everspace ensures that no two runs are alike, providing endless replayability and new challenges at every turn. Both games feature a compelling progression system where you gather resources and upgrades to improve your ship, enhancing your chances of surviving longer in subsequent attempts. The mix of familiar strategic elements combined with the action-packed gameplay makes Everspace a worthy successor in the genre.

Everspace is available on multiple platforms, including PC, PlayStation, Xbox, and Nintendo Switch, typically priced around $29.99 USD.

16. The Long Journey Home

If you loved the strategic depth and spacefaring adventures of FTL: Faster Than Light, then you'll definitely want to check out The Long Journey Home. This game offers a similar blend of intricate decision-making and deep space exploration. Just like in FTL, you'll manage the resources, health, and morale of your crew as you navigate through procedurally generated galaxies. The stakes are high, and every choice you make can spell the difference between life and death for your team. The perma-death mechanic keeps every playthrough tense and meaningful, where every decision carries weight and consequences.

One of the standout features of The Long Journey Home is its vibrant and diverse universe, filled with alien races, mysterious artifacts, and various quests that resemble the encounters you loved in FTL. The game also introduces a unique planetary landing mechanic, adding another layer of strategy as you scavenge for resources and interact with alien cultures. The combination of meticulous resource management, strategic combat, and engaging storytelling ensures that each journey feels fresh and exciting. Both games capture the thrill of space exploration and the pressure of making critical decisions under duress, creating an immersive and gripping experience.

The Long Journey Home is available on PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One, typically priced around $29.99 USD.

15. Oxygen Not Included

If you enjoyed the deep strategic layers and challenging resource management of FTL: Faster Than Light, then you'll find a lot to love in Oxygen Not Included. Both games immerse you in managing a small, vulnerable group where every decision can mean the difference between survival and failure. In Oxygen Not Included, you're tasked with keeping a colony of duplicants alive in an asteroid, navigating complex systems like air supply, food production, and waste management—much like you'd manage your spaceship's resources in FTL. The stakes are high in both games, requiring you to carefully balance immediate needs with long-term planning.

Another exciting similarity between the two games is their focus on procedurally generated challenges that keep every playthrough fresh and unique. In FTL, you face different sectors and unpredictable events with each journey, while Oxygen Not Included offers randomly generated biomes and resources that ensure no two colonies are ever the same. Both games also feature a captivating blend of humor and tension: just as your favorite ship crew might develop quirky, endearing habits, your duplicants have their own charming traits and foibles, adding a delightful twist to the game's strategic depth.

Oxygen Not Included is available on PC, macOS, and Linux, typically priced around $25 USD.

14. Convoy

If you enjoyed the deep strategy and thrilling challenges of FTL: Faster Than Light, you'll find Convoy to be a compelling adventure with some familiar mechanics and fresh twists. Both games revolve around the concept of perilous journeys where strategic decisions and resource management are crucial. Like FTL, Convoy requires you to traverse a vast, dangerous terrain — this time a post-apocalyptic desert landscape — making life-or-death decisions and engaging in tactically deep, real-time battles with enemy vehicles. You'll upgrade your convoy, manage your fuel and supplies, and make tough calls during random events that can drastically alter your fate.

What sets Convoy apart but keeps that FTL charm is its focus on tactical ground combat. Instead of managing a spaceship, you're commanding a land convoy equipped with various vehicles, each with unique capabilities. The road is hazardous and filled with unpredictable encounters, much like the space sectors in FTL. As you move across this harsh environment, you'll undertake missions and side quests, each with its own set of risks and rewards. If you thrived on FTL's rogue-like structure and captivating narrative-driven missions, Convoy delivers an equally engaging experience with its own rugged appeal and heart-pounding scenarios.

Convoy is available on PC and Mac, typically priced around $15 USD.

13. Space Haven

If you loved the intense strategy and nail-biting, real-time action of FTL: Faster Than Light, then you'll definitely find Space Haven captivating! Like FTL, Space Haven puts you in charge of your own spaceship and crew, but it expands the experience by allowing you to build your ship tile by tile. Imagine the same thrilling voyage into the unknown, but with the added depth of managing your ship’s atmosphere, temperature, gas levels, and even crew morale. You’ll face various challenges that will require you to make quick decisions to ensure the survival of your crew and the functionality of your spaceship.

Another aspect that fans of FTL will appreciate is the rich, emergent storytelling that unfolds in Space Haven. Though both games are roguelike in nature, providing unique experiences and challenges with each playthrough, Space Haven enhances this by giving you even more control over the story. You will encounter random events, alien species, and derelict ships, making every journey distinct and filled with unexpected twists. Commanding your crew, making critical decisions, and strategizing your way through space hazards have never been more engaging! You’ll find the same level of excitement and depth you experienced in FTL, but with the added freedom to customize and build your spaceship to your liking.

Space Haven is available on PC and Mac, typically priced around $19.99 USD.

12. Galaxy on Fire 2

If you loved FTL: Faster Than Light, you'll definitely enjoy Galaxy on Fire 2. Both games immerse you in expansive space adventures, rich with meticulous ship management and strategic combat. In Galaxy on Fire 2, just like FTL, you navigate through various sectors of the universe, each filled with unique challenges and enemies. The sense of exploration is heightened by stunning 3D visuals and detailed environments. With an engaging story and numerous side missions, the game offers a deeper storyline and atmospheric world-building that complements the strategic elements you're already familiar with.

Similar to FTL, Galaxy on Fire 2 emphasizes upgrading your ship and crew to survive tougher encounters and explore more dangerous regions of space. You'll find yourself constantly balancing resources, negotiating with alien factions, and battling pirates. This intricate mix of strategy and action will keep you on your toes and constantly coming back for more. The addition of trading mechanics, crafting, and mining provides extra layers of gameplay depth, giving you more ways to customize and enhance your ship and equipment, making each playthrough a fresh experience.

Galaxy on Fire 2 is available on iOS, Android, and PC, typically priced around $9.99 USD.

11. Starsector

If you loved the strategic depth and spacefaring adventures of FTL: Faster Than Light, Starsector offers a similar yet uniquely expansive experience. Both games immerse you in space exploration, resource management, and combat situations where each decision could mean the difference between survival and ruin. In Starsector, you'll command a fleet of ships, engage in tactical real-time combat, and manage the supplies and crew necessary to keep your fleet operational—all while exploring a richly detailed, procedurally-generated universe. The risk-and-reward gameplay, an integral feature of FTL, is mirrored beautifully in Starsector, where encounters and choices can drastically alter your journey.

You’ll also appreciate the deep customization options in Starsector, much akin to the intricate ship upgrades and load-out choices FTL offers. This game allows you to tailor each ship in your fleet, with a wide range of weapons, hull modifications, and systems that can be mixed and matched to suit your playstyle. Whether you're focusing on developing a balanced fleet or specializing in certain tactics, the choices you make will have a profound impact on your success. Much like in FTL, you’ll face unpredictable challenges that will test your strategic thinking and adaptability, ensuring every playthrough is a fresh and engaging experience.

Starsector is available on PC, typically priced around $15 USD.

10. AI War: Fleet Command

AI War: Fleet Command and FTL: Faster Than Light share a thrilling sense of strategic depth and resource management that captivates anyone who enjoys space-based grand strategy games. In FTL, you're constantly making life-or-death decisions for your spaceship and crew, plotting courses, managing limited resources, and engaging in combat encounters. Similarly, in AI War, you’ll find yourself commanding vast fleets, managing resources like metal and energy, and making strategic decisions under pressure. Both games evoke that satisfying feeling of calculated risk where every action you take can have significant consequences on your survival and success.

If you loved the tension and challenge of FTL, you’ll be delighted to discover that AI War intensifies these elements on a grander scale. While FTL focuses on the micro-management of a single ship, AI War expands your control to massive fleets and intricate interstellar warfare. The depth of strategy required to outsmart your AI opponents will keep you engaged and thinking several moves ahead, much like how you had to anticipate enemy actions in FTL. Both titles offer a rewarding experience of growing your capabilities and overcoming increasingly challenging adversaries, keeping you hooked with their robust gameplay and strategic complexity.

AI War: Fleet Command is available on PC and Mac, typically priced around $9.99 USD.

9. Space Pirates and Zombies

If you enjoyed the strategic depth and roguelike elements of FTL: Faster Than Light, you'll love Space Pirates and Zombies. Just like in FTL, you'll command a ship through the cosmos, managing resources and making crucial decisions that impact your journey. Space Pirates and Zombies emphasizes fleet-based combat, adding an extra layer of strategy as you build and upgrade your squadron. The game’s procedurally generated galaxy ensures that every playthrough is unique, filled with unexpected encounters and challenging foes.

Both games excel in combining intense tactical combat with resource management, creating a thrilling experience that requires you to think on your feet. In Space Pirates and Zombies, you’ll also find a compelling storyline that slowly unfolds as you explore new territories, much like the way FTL keeps you engaged with random events and missions. The customization options are equally satisfying, allowing you to tweak your ships and unlock new technologies, ensuring that no two battles ever play out the same way. It's this blend of strategic planning and real-time action that makes Space Pirates and Zombies a must-play for fans of FTL.

Space Pirates and Zombies is available on PC and Mac, typically priced around $14.99 USD.

8. Captain Forever Remix

If you loved the strategic depth and sense of adventure in FTL: Faster Than Light, you'll find Captain Forever Remix to be a thrilling companion. Both games offer a rich, space-faring experience where you build and manage your own ship. In Captain Forever Remix, you start with a simple, underpowered vessel and collect modules to customize and enhance its capabilities, just like how you upgrade your ship in FTL. The roguelike elements of randomized encounters and permadeath are present in both games, ensuring that each playthrough feels fresh and unique.

Another key similarity is the high-stakes decision-making that defines both experiences. In Captain Forever Remix, you're constantly tasked with making choices about which enemy ships to engage, which modules to prioritize, and how to shape your vessel to survive longer on its journey. This mirrors the tactical decisions you'll remember from FTL, where every jump to a new sector or investment in ship upgrades could make or break your mission. Both games demand quick thinking and adaptability, keeping you on the edge of your seat as you strategize your next move.

Captain Forever Remix is available on Steam, typically priced around $15 USD.

7. Heat Signature

If you enjoyed the strategic depth and nail-biting tension of FTL: Faster Than Light, Heat Signature is definitely a game to consider. Both games share a focus on tactical decision-making, with a top-down perspective that immerses you into the world of space adventures. In Heat Signature, you'll be boarding randomly generated spacecraft, much like how FTL has you navigating randomly generated galaxy sectors. The element of surprise and chance is key in both games, keeping every playthrough fresh and unpredictable. You'll need to think on your feet, employing stealth, combat tactics, and sometimes, sheer audacity to achieve your objectives.

Additionally, Heat Signature and FTL both excel in fostering a sense of strategy and resource management. While FTL emphasizes ship upgrades and crew management, Heat Signature shifts the focus to individual character abilities and gadgets, giving you a different yet equally engaging experience. The slower-paced, methodical planning of your moves in Heat Signature will remind you of the tactical pauses in FTL, where every decision could spell the difference between success and failure. Both games reward clever strategies and adaptability, making them perfect for players who love outsmarting their opponents in a space-based setting.

Heat Signature is available on PC, typically priced around $15 USD.

6. Nexus: The Jupiter Incident

If you loved FTL: Faster Than Light, you'll definitely want to check out Nexus: The Jupiter Incident. Both games provide an intense, strategic space experience where tactical thinking is crucial. In Nexus: The Jupiter Incident, you get to command a fleet of ships with deep customization, much like managing your singular vessel and crew in FTL. Combat in Nexus incorporates real-time strategy elements and meticulously designed spaceship maneuvers, giving you that same satisfying feeling of conquering opponents through clever planning and quick decision-making.

Another similarity you'll appreciate is the strong narrative focus present in both games. Nexus: The Jupiter Incident features an engaging storyline woven through its missions, reminiscent of the narrative journey in FTL as you progress towards the Rebel Flagship. While you don't have to control individual crew members, Nexus still requires you to think on your feet and adapt to unexpected challenges, making each playthrough unique and rewarding as you navigate complex space scenarios. Add to that a visually stunning universe and captivating storyline, and you've got a game that's as engrossing as FTL.

Nexus: The Jupiter Incident is available on PC, typically priced around $9.99 USD.

5. Battlestar Galactica Deadlock

If you’re a fan of the strategic depth and intense, real-time decision-making of FTL: Faster Than Light, you’ll find a lot to love in Battlestar Galactica Deadlock. Both games feature strategic fleet management and the continuous pressure of making life-or-death decisions. In Deadlock, you command the Colonial Fleet in a series of tactical space battles where every move could mean the difference between victory and annihilation. Like FTL, there’s a significant emphasis on resource management, from maintaining your fleet to strategizing your attacks, demanding that you stay sharp and adaptable.

Moreover, Battlestar Galactica Deadlock expands on the strategic formula by introducing a rich storyline set in the beloved Battlestar Galactica universe, complete with memorable characters and thrilling plot twists. Just as FTL hooks you with its roguelike elements and unpredictable encounters, Deadlock keeps you engaged with its episodic campaign structure and evolving threats, mapping out your tactical conquests across a star map. The level of tactical thought required, combined with the narrative immersion and designation of ship roles, makes Deadlock a compelling experience for anyone who enjoyed the challenges and excitement of FTL.

Battlestar Galactica Deadlock is available on PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One, typically priced around $39.99 USD.

4. Distant Worlds: Universe

Both Distant Worlds: Universe and FTL: Faster Than Light cater to the yearning for deep-space adventure and intricate strategy. If you loved the tactical space battles and resource management in FTL, Distant Worlds: Universe offers a similar dynamic but on a much grander scale. You'll get to command entire fleets, manage colonies, and navigate through a sprawling galaxy filled with diverse alien civilizations. The sense of scale and richness of the universe are incredibly immersive, making you feel like you're really managing a complex interstellar empire.

One of the thrilling aspects that both games share is the element of unpredictability. In FTL, the rogue-like mechanics kept you on your toes with every jump through space. Distant Worlds: Universe brings that excitement to a 4X strategy format, where every choice can dramatically affect your empire's fate. Random events, hidden dangers, and unique encounters pepper the galaxy, ensuring that no two playthroughs are ever the same. It's a game of exploration, survival, and tactical decision-making that will keep you captivated for hours.

Distant Worlds: Universe is available on PC, typically priced around $59.99 USD.

3. Crying Suns

If you enjoyed FTL: Faster Than Light, you'll find a lot to love in Crying Suns. Both games thrive on the excitement of strategic space exploration, where every decision counts and danger lurks behind every star system. In Crying Suns, much like FTL, you take command of a spaceship and its crew, navigating through procedurally generated sectors filled with hostile encounters, resource management challenges, and pivotal narrative choices. The tactical combat in Crying Suns offers turn-based strategy reminiscent of FTL's real-time-with-pause system, making each battle a thoughtful and gripping experience.

The similarities don't stop at gameplay mechanics. Crying Suns also delivers a rich, story-driven experience with a vibrant art style that will remind you of the pixel charm from FTL. However, it steps up with a more detailed narrative involving a post-apocalyptic universe where you uncover the mysteries of a fallen galactic empire. Dynamic events and encounters ensure that, much like in FTL, no two playthroughs are ever the same, keeping the replayability high and your interest continually piqued. Plus, the lush visual and auditory design adds depth, making your journey through the stars feel even more engaging and immersive.

Crying Suns is available on PC, Mac, iOS, and Android, typically priced around $14.99 USD.

2. Galactic Civilizations III

If you're a fan of FTL: Faster Than Light, you're sure to find a lot to love about Galactic Civilizations III. Much like how FTL invites you to navigate the uncertainties of space travel, Galactic Civilizations III immerses you in the epic scale of managing an entire civilization. You'll constantly be faced with strategic decisions, from colonizing new planets to negotiating with alien species, all while striving to ensure the survival and prosperity of your people. The constant sense of exploration and the looming potential for unexpected events maintain that thrilling tension you enjoyed in FTL.

Additionally, both games offer a deep level of customization and replayability. FTL allows you to tailor your spaceship and crew to your playstyle, and Galactic Civilizations III takes this even further by letting you design your own ships, formulating strategies for space combat, and customizing your civilization's traits and technologies. Each playthrough becomes a unique adventure, with procedurally generated galaxies in Galactic Civilizations III providing new challenges and surprises, much like the randomized sectors in FTL.

Galactic Civilizations III is available on PC, typically priced around $39.99 USD.

1. Space Engine.

Space Engine, like FTL: Faster Than Light, plunges you into the vastness of space with a focus on exploration and survival. Both games share a procedurally generated universe, ensuring that every playthrough offers a unique experience filled with new surprises and challenges. In Space Engine, you’ll navigate your spacecraft through an intricate web of star systems and planets, encountering various missions, resources, and potential hazards along the way. The sense of discovery and the need to constantly adapt to new situations will definitely remind you of the thrilling journeys you had in FTL.

Another likeness between Space Engine and FTL is the intricate ship management aspect. While FTL has you overseeing your crew members and systems during encounters, Space Engine takes it a step further with detailed controls over your spacecraft’s navigation, fuel, and cargo. You’ll need to strategically manage your resources to ensure you can reach your desired destinations while fending off obstacles and making critical decisions. The tension between exploration and survival is palpable in both games, keeping you deeply engrossed and constantly on your toes.

Space Engine is available on PC, typically priced around $24.99 USD.

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