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Midjourney Studio Ghibli Prompts with 8 Examples
January 26, 2023 - By Gavin Machetes

What is the art style of Studio Ghibli?

Studio Ghibli's unique style of illustration is known for its high level of detail and expression. Features lush, detailed backgrounds, highly expressive characters, and an emphasis on nature and the changing of seasons. Contains fantastical or magical elements, and done by hand. Use of vibrant colors and imaginative settings. Feature strong female protagonists.

Studio Ghibli's style is tied to the art direction of its leader Hayao Miyazaki. The style of art is comparable to Breath of the Wild and Pixar.

Synergies: What modifiers go well with Studio Ghibli prompts?

  • cinematic: Resembling the look and feel of a motion picture. Creates an atmosphere and composition that is grand, dramatic, and attention-grabbing. Conveys a sense of movement, depth, and impact, using elements such as lighting, color, and framing to create a dramatic visual experience. Evokes the same emotions and immersion that one would feel while watching a movie.
  • movie still: Captures a moment or a scene from a film and represents it in a visual form. The aim is to depict the characters, setting, and atmosphere as accurately and creatively as possible, conveying the mood, tone, and emotion of the scene. Captures the essence of the film and be appealing to the audience.
  • as seen in...: Recreates the image or illustration in the style of a particular reference. Indicates the final artwork should resemble a specific image, scene, or style from a movie, comic book, video game, or other given reference material. Aims to accurately capture the look, feel, and atmosphere of the original source. Generates an illustration that is both faithful to the reference and also original and engaging in its own right.
  • retro: Harkens back to a specific time period or design aesthetic from the past. Aims to evoke the look and feel of a particular era, using elements such as typography, color palettes, and visual motifs that are characteristic of that time. Renders a piece that is both familiar and evocative, drawing on the cultural references and design styles of the past to create a unique and nostalgic visual experience.
  • vibrant: A style that is bold, eye-catching, and full of energy. Uses bold and bright colors, strong lines and shapes, and dynamic compositions to create an image that pops and captures the attention of the viewer. Creates a work that is visually exciting and appealing, with a lively and energetic feel.
  • surreal: A style that incorporates elements of the dreamlike and fantastical, often combining seemingly disparate elements into unexpected and unusual combinations. Aims to evoke a sense of the strange and otherworldly, using techniques such as distortion, anthropomorphism, and unexpected juxtapositions to create a work that is both captivating and disorienting. Creates a visual experience that is outside of the norm, blurring the lines between reality and imagination.
  • main character: Aims to visually convey the personality, motivations, and emotions of the character in question. Involves paying close attention to the character's appearance, posture, expression, and surroundings, and using these elements to render an image that is both recognizable and memorable. Creates an illustration that accurately represents the subject and helps the audience to connect with and understand them.
  • hand drawn: Aim to produce a work that is organic, expressive, and imbued with a personal touch and signature style. Renders an illustration that is authentic and unique, with a raw, personal quality.
  • emotional: Conveys feelings, moods, and sentiments through the use of sensory language and creative expression. Evokes an emotional response, such as happiness, sadness, anger, fear, or awe.

Midjourney examples with the Studio Ghibli style

Prompt: landscape, Ghibli, by Miyazaki, Nausicaa

Prompt: beach sunrise, studio ghibli, retro, lavender, wide shot, cinematic

Prompt: "surreal, railroad tracks, early evening, full moon, midnight-blue, blue-black, royal-blue, navy-blue, rendered by Studio Ghibli, by Miyazaki, Breath of the Wild"

Prompt: "open landscape, main character, studio ghibli, retro"

Prompt: "japanese fishing boat at night, stormy waters, use of lights, Studio Ghibli, Nausicaa, Spirited Away, vibrant, cinematic, surreal, twilight blue, indigo, yellow-orange, orange-red, moody"

Prompt: "japanese fishing boat, studio ghibli, retro, pastels, wide shot, cinematic"

Prompt: "hogwarts at night, Studio Ghibli, by Miyazaki, lake"

Prompt: "moving hogwarts express with steam cloud, Studio Ghibli, by Miyazaki"