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25 Awesome Games Like Trine Series in 2024!
June 17th, 2024 - By Steve Chang

Discover the magical worlds beyond Trine that will captivate your imagination and deliver unforgettable co-op adventures

The Trine Series is a beloved collection of visually stunning puzzle-platformers that feature a compelling blend of action, adventure, and mind-bending puzzles. Developed by Frozenbyte, each game in the series allows you to take control of three distinct characters—a wizard, a thief, and a knight—each possessing unique abilities and weapons. The cooperative gameplay, whether online or couch co-op, adds a layer of strategy as you switch between characters to solve puzzles and overcome obstacles. The Trine Series is particularly noted for its enchanting and meticulously crafted environments, enhanced by incredible graphics and a magical soundtrack that immerses you completely in the game's fantasy world.

If you find yourself captivated by the Trine Series, you're in for a treat because there are many similar games that can quench your thirst for puzzle-solving and imaginative worlds. Titles like "Rayman Legends," "LittleBigPlanet," and "Ori and the Blind Forest" share the same DNA of intricate level design, cooperative gameplay, and whimsical art styles. These games often blend elements of action, adventure, and puzzle-solving, offering hours of entertainment and intricate challenges that require a mix of skill and strategy. The beauty of these games lies not just in their design but also in the richness of their storytelling and the depth of their character development. And if you're interested in exploring more options that cater to your gaming tastes, I can point you towards a full list of similar games right after this...

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25. Ori and the Blind Forest

If you loved the enchanting visuals and cooperative gameplay of the Trine Series, Ori and the Blind Forest is bound to captivate you with its stunning artistry and immersive platforming experience. Like Trine, Ori and the Blind Forest boasts a beautifully handcrafted world filled with lush, vibrant environments that make the game feel like a living painting. Both games excel in creating a magical atmosphere, but Ori takes it a step further with a deeply emotional story that tugs at your heartstrings, making every moment in the game feel meaningful. The fluidity of Ori's movements and the intricate level designs will remind you of the seamless mechanics and clever puzzles you enjoyed in Trine.

Another point of similarity is the emphasis on exploration and solving environmental puzzles. Just as Trine requires you to utilize the unique abilities of its three characters to progress, Ori and the Blind Forest challenges you to unlock and master a variety of skills to overcome obstacles and discover hidden secrets. The sense of discovery and the joy of unlocking new areas are prominent in both games, providing a rewarding experience that keeps you engaged. While Ori is a single-player experience, it retains the same spirit of adventure and creativity found in the Trine Series, ensuring you'll have just as much fun exploring its beautiful world and unraveling its mysteries.

Ori and the Blind Forest is available on PC, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch, typically priced around $19.99 USD.

24. Hollow Knight

Hollow Knight and the Trine Series share a beautifully crafted world filled with intricate puzzles and a rich, detailed atmosphere. Just like in Trine, you'll navigate through a side-scrolling, 2D environment that’s both visually stunning and engaging. In Hollow Knight, this is Hallownest, a vast, ancient kingdom teeming with mysterious, hand-drawn visuals. Both games offer a mix of exploration, platforming, and combat, weaving them into a seamless experience that keeps you mesmerized and coming back for more. The level design in both games encourages curiosity and rewards you for venturing off the beaten path, making each journey feel unique and fulfilling.

At the core of both Hollow Knight and the Trine Series is their emphasis on solving puzzles and overcoming obstacles using different abilities. In Trine, you switch between three characters, each with unique powers to traverse the environment and defeat enemies. Similarly, Hollow Knight allows you to acquire a variety of abilities and charms that grant you new powers and enhance your exploration and combat skills. This continuous evolution of your skill set keeps gameplay fresh and exciting. Both games also feature challenging boss battles that test your mastery of the mechanics, providing a satisfying sense of accomplishment when you overcome them.

Hollow Knight is available on PC, Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One, typically priced around $15 USD.

23. Salt and Sanctuary

If you loved the Trine Series, then Salt and Sanctuary might be the perfect next game for you. Both games offer charming, side-scrolling action and exploration but with their own unique twists. Like Trine, Salt and Sanctuary features beautifully detailed, hand-drawn art that immerses you in its dark, mysterious world. The platforming elements and puzzles are also very much in line with what Trine fans enjoy, providing that same satisfying mix of strategy and skill to navigate through each area.

Additionally, Salt and Sanctuary's co-op mode can give you a familiar feeling if you enjoyed the multiplayer aspects of Trine. This allows you to share the experience with a friend, strategizing together to conquer challenging enemies and intricate platforming puzzles. Though Salt and Sanctuary leans more into a darker, Souls-like difficulty and aesthetic compared to the whimsical and enchanting universe of Trine, the underlying mechanics of exploration, puzzle-solving, and cooperative gameplay offer a similar sense of accomplishment and engagement.

Salt and Sanctuary is available on PlayStation 4, PlayStation Vita, Nintendo Switch, and PC platforms, typically priced around $17.99 USD.

22. Child of Light

Child of Light shares a lot of the enchanting and visually stunning elements that you loved in the Trine Series. Both games excel in delivering a rich, fairy-tale atmosphere with vibrant hand-drawn art. As with Trine, Child of Light uses a side-scrolling perspective, making exploration and navigation feel pleasantly familiar. The gameplay includes not only platforming challenges but also puzzles that require a bit of creativity and thought, similar to how Trine makes you think on your feet with its character abilities. The way both games weave in fantastical elements ensures that you're always in awe of the worlds they build.

Moreover, Child of Light's story-telling closely mirrors that of Trine in its narrative charm and emotional depth. You embark on a hero's journey filled with magic, mythical beings, and engaging quests. The game also features a combat system that's a refreshing turn-based style, offering a new layer of strategy compared to Trine's more action-oriented approach. However, both games are generous with character development and have skill trees that allow you to tailor your abilities to your play style. So, if you appreciated the RPG elements and team dynamics in Trine, you'll find a lot to love here as you guide Aurora and her companions through Lemuria.

Child of Light is available on multiple platforms including PlayStation, Xbox, Nintendo Switch, and PC, typically priced around $14.99 USD.

21. Rayman Legends

If you enjoyed the whimsical fantasy and cooperative gameplay of the Trine series, then Rayman Legends is sure to captivate you. Both games feature beautifully crafted graphics and imaginative worlds that draw players into an enchanting adventure. Rayman Legends, like Trine, offers a mix of platforming and puzzle-solving elements that require teamwork and coordination. The vibrant art style and meticulous attention to detail in Rayman Legends create a visually striking experience that will remind you of the lush environments and magical atmospheres that you loved in Trine.

Just as in the Trine series, Rayman Legends shines when played with friends. The game supports up to four players in local co-op, making it a fantastic choice for group gameplay. Each character in Rayman Legends brings their own unique abilities to the table, offering a level of diversity and cooperation similar to Trine's Knight, Thief, and Wizard trio. Additionally, both games emphasize smooth, fluid platforming mechanics, making traversal a joy. The level design in Rayman Legends is innovative and full of surprises, much like the cleverly crafted puzzles and challenges in Trine.

Rayman Legends is available on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, and PC, typically priced around $19.99 USD.

20. Dead Cells

If you enjoyed the captivating world and engaging gameplay of the Trine Series, you'll find Dead Cells to be a thrilling addition to your library. Much like Trine, Dead Cells boasts visually stunning, hand-crafted environments that create a rich, immersive atmosphere. Both games employ a side-scrolling format that allows you to explore intricate levels filled with secrets, challenges, and enemies, keeping you constantly engrossed. Moreover, Dead Cells shares Trine's focus on fluid and precise controls, offering a satisfying gameplay experience whether you're engaging in combat or navigating the beautifully designed levels.

Dead Cells also resonates with the element of strategic thinking evident in the Trine Series. In Trine, you often switch between characters to utilize their unique abilities to overcome obstacles, and in a similar vein, Dead Cells requires you to adapt and make the most of a variety of weapons and abilities at your disposal. The game includes a dynamic combat system that rewards strategic planning and quick reflexes, ensuring that every playthrough feels fresh and challenging. This strategic layer, combined with rogue-like elements such as procedurally generated levels and permanent death, makes each run in Dead Cells a unique adventure, similar to the puzzle-solving you relished in Trine.

Dead Cells is available on multiple platforms, including PlayStation, Xbox, Nintendo Switch, and PC, typically priced around $24.99 USD.

19. Unravel

If you loved the Trine series, you'll definitely find plenty to enjoy in Unravel. Both games share a visually stunning, side-scrolling adventure format that captures the imagination. Unravel, like Trine, emphasizes puzzle-platforming, requiring creative thinking to navigate through beautifully crafted environments. The use of physics to solve puzzles is a central gameplay mechanic in both, making each challenge feel deeply engaging and rewarding. Moreover, the rich, atmospheric landscapes in Unravel will remind you of the magical beauty found in the Trine series, ensuring you are visually captivated throughout your journey.

Another similarity is in how both games breathe life into their characters. Whereas Trine allows you to switch between different heroes with unique skills, Unravel centers around Yarny, a small character made of yarn whose thread unravels as he moves. This core mechanic isn't just a clever twist on platforming; it also brings an emotional depth to the story, much like the heartfelt narratives that drive Trine's adventures. Both games excel in blending gameplay with emotional storytelling, providing an experience that feels both thrilling and deeply touching.

Unravel is available on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC, typically priced around $20 USD.

18. Gris

If you loved the artistic splendor and reflective ambience of the Trine series, you'll be drawn to the visually stunning world of Gris. Much like Trine, Gris is a visually captivating platformer that places a strong emphasis on breathtaking hand-drawn artwork and a mesmerizing soundtrack. Both games excel in creating a serene, almost dreamlike atmosphere, immersing you deeply in their uniquely crafted worlds. In Gris, the story unfolds wordlessly through its moving visuals and poignant music, much like how Trine uses its artwork and subtle storytelling to pull you in.

Gameplay-wise, Gris also offers a series of puzzles that require both creativity and critical thinking to solve, similar to the mechanics seen in Trine. While Trine leans more into cooperative multiplayer gameplay and character switching for puzzle-solving, Gris captivates you with its evolving abilities and transformative environments that keep the experience fresh and engaging. Both games maintain a balance between challenge and relaxation, allowing you to enjoy the artistry and fluidity of motion while navigating through increasingly complex levels. If you're looking for another game that combines beautiful visuals with intricate puzzles and a soothing yet captivating gameplay, Gris is a fantastic choice.

Gris is available on various platforms including Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PC, and iOS, typically priced around $16.99 USD.

17. Inside

If you're a fan of the Trine series, then Inside might just be the next game to capture your imagination. Like Trine, Inside is a visually striking puzzle-platformer game, but where Trine offers a lush, fairy-tale world with cooperative multiplayer, Inside provides a dark, dystopian atmosphere that pulls you in with its mysterious storyline and hauntingly beautiful visuals. The game's refined physics-based puzzles and environmental interactions will remind you of Trine's intricate level designs, keeping you engaged and thinking strategically as you navigate through its eerie world.

Both games also share a strong focus on storytelling without heavy reliance on dialogue. Inside uses ambient storytelling and visual cues to immerse you in its world, much like how Trine allows its environments and puzzles to convey much of its narrative. Additionally, the sense of progression and uncovering the secrets of the game world are intrinsic to both titles, ensuring that you feel a constant sense of discovery. The meticulous attention to detail and atmospheric settings in Inside will make you feel right at home if you enjoyed the magical yet challenging adventures that Trine provided.

Inside is available on multiple platforms including PC, PlayStation, Xbox, and Nintendo Switch, typically priced around $20 USD.

16. Limbo

If you enjoyed the Trine Series, you'll find Limbo to be equally compelling with its captivating blend of puzzle-solving and atmospheric storytelling. Both games excel in creating a dark, enchanting world that draws you in with stunning visuals and gripping gameplay. Much like Trine, Limbo employs physics-based puzzles that require keen observation and strategic thinking to navigate through its eerie environment. You'll find yourself using the environment in creative ways to overcome obstacles, similar to how you switch between characters in Trine to solve complex puzzles.

Another compelling similarity lies in Limbo's art style and tone, which mirror the entrancing, fairy-tale-like ambiance of the Trine Series. While Trine combines its dark lore with vibrant, magical landscapes, Limbo offers a more monochromatic, shadowy setting that heightens the sense of mystery and suspense. This atmospheric depth, combined with engaging gameplay mechanics, delivers an immersive experience that resonates well with fans of Trine. As you journey through Limbo's haunting world, you'll find that the atmospheric storytelling and challenging puzzles evoke the same level of intrigue and satisfaction.

Limbo is available on various platforms, including PC, PlayStation, Xbox, and Switch, typically priced around $10 USD.

15. Guacamelee! Super Turbo Championship Edition

If you enjoyed the Trine series, you'll find Guacamelee! Super Turbo Championship Edition to be a delightful experience. Both games excel in their presentation of stunning visuals and captivating worlds, although Guacamelee! leans more towards a vibrant, Mexican-inspired aesthetic. As with the Trine series, teamwork and character switching play a pivotal role in progressing through puzzles and combat scenarios. In Trine, you control different heroes with unique abilities; in Guacamelee!, you seamlessly transition between different forms, utilizing their specific powers to navigate and solve intricately designed challenges.

Moreover, the Metroidvania style of Guacamelee! will resonate well if you enjoyed the exploratory elements of Trine. The non-linear gameplay coupled with numerous secrets and upgrades encourages a sense of adventure that's very similar to Trine's alluring environments. Both games also feature a great mix of platforming and combat, though Guacamelee! introduces a fresh, faster-paced brawling mechanic that's both fun and rewarding. This dynamic combination keeps the gameplay exciting and offers numerous opportunities for creative problem-solving, much like Trine’s multi-faceted puzzles and combat scenarios.

Guacamelee! Super Turbo Championship Edition is available on PlayStation, Xbox, Nintendo Switch, and PC, typically priced around $14.99 USD.

14. Axiom Verge

If you loved the atmospheric world-building and intricate puzzles of the Trine Series, Axiom Verge is another fantastic game to consider. Both games excel in creating immersive, beautifully crafted environments. While Trine focuses on fantasy with lush forests and medieval castles, Axiom Verge transports you to a sci-fi universe filled with mysterious alien landscapes and advanced technology. The visual storytelling in both games is top-notch, captivating players from the get-go.

Gameplay-wise, Axiom Verge offers a rich exploration experience just like Trine. In both games, players have to think critically to solve intricate puzzles. Axiom Verge, though a Metroidvania game, shares Trine’s emphasis on problem-solving, requiring players to use unique abilities to progress. The sense of discovery and the satisfaction of overcoming complex challenges resonate similar to what you may have enjoyed in the Trine Series, making Axiom Verge a compelling option for your next gaming adventure.

Axiom Verge is available on multiple platforms including PlayStation 4, PlayStation Vita, Nintendo Switch, and PC, typically priced around $19.99 USD.

13. The Swapper

If you enjoyed the puzzle-solving and atmosphere in the Trine series, then you’ll likely find The Swapper to be a captivating experience. Both games excel at blending puzzle mechanics with strong, narrative-driven gameplay. In The Swapper, you use a device that allows you to clone yourself and swap control between these clones to solve intricate puzzles. This mechanic echoes the teamwork and character-switching dynamics found in Trine, where you switch between different heroes with unique abilities to progress through the game. The intricate level designs in both games compel you to think creatively and strategically, providing a deeply rewarding gameplay experience.

The Swapper also shares Trine’s rich visual and auditory ambiance. While Trine is known for its lush, fantasy-inspired world filled with vibrant colors and enchanting music, The Swapper captivates players with its eerie, atmospheric sci-fi setting crafted through stunning hand-crafted art and immersive sound design. Both games use their environments to draw players deeper into the story, making each step feel significant and engaging. Additionally, the storytelling in The Swapper, much like Trine, weaves seamlessly into the gameplay, ensuring that every puzzle you solve feels like a crucial part of a larger, intriguing narrative.

The Swapper is available on multiple platforms including PC, PlayStation, and Xbox, typically priced around $15 USD.

12. Braid

If you enjoyed the charming puzzles and artistic visuals of the Trine Series, Braid will captivate you in a similar fashion. Both games offer beautifully crafted environments that pull you into a whimsical world filled with creative puzzles. Braid uses a unique time-manipulation mechanic that adds a layer of complexity and ingenuity to its puzzles, much like the dynamic use of characters and their abilities in Trine. The gameplay in Braid challenges you to think outside the box, offering a rewarding experience that fans of puzzle-platformers will surely appreciate.

Another similarity lies in how both games intertwine storytelling with gameplay. Trine Series presents a narrative enriched by the abilities and backgrounds of its three distinct characters, weaving a magical tale as you progress. Similarly, Braid delivers a deeply emotional and thought-provoking story, revealed through its puzzles and mesmerizing visual design. The quality of storytelling and the emphasis on a cohesive, immersive experience make Braid an excellent choice for gamers looking for a meaningful, engaging adventure similar to Trine.

Braid is available on multiple platforms including PC, PlayStation, and Xbox, typically priced around $9.99 USD.

11. Celeste

For those who loved the Trine Series, Celeste offers a similarly enchanting experience with its beautifully crafted pixel art and immersive storytelling. While Trine captivates with its cooperative, puzzle-solving gameplay across a fantastical landscape, Celeste rivals that charm with its engrossing tale of personal growth and perseverance. Both games excel in blending intricate level design with atmospheric music that sucks you right into their respective worlds. You’ll find yourself just as enchanted with Celeste's Mount Celeste as you were navigating through the mysterious realms in Trine.

What really stands out in both series is their imaginative and challenging platforming elements. Trine makes you think strategically with its character-switching mechanics to solve puzzles, while Celeste tests your reflexes and quick thinking with its tight, precision-based platforming. The satisfaction you get from overcoming these challenges is immense and similarly rewarding in both games. Celeste also has its own unique puzzles and hidden secrets that will remind you of the delightful surprises you encountered in Trine, keeping you engaged and entertained throughout your journey.

Celeste is available on multiple platforms including Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC, typically priced around $19.99 USD.

10. Castle Crashers

If you enjoyed the Trine Series, you'll likely find a lot to love in Castle Crashers! Much like Trine, Castle Crashers offers a side-scrolling adventure brimming with colorful visuals and cooperative multiplayer gameplay. Both games feature beautifully detailed worlds that are a pleasure to explore, replete with meticulous artwork that brings their fantastical settings to life. The action in Castle Crashers, although more focused on combat, shares a similar fast-paced, engaging quality with Trine's blend of action and puzzle-solving, ensuring that players remain thoroughly entertained.

Another similarity is the compelling and diverse character mechanics. In Castle Crashers, you have multiple knights to choose from, each with unique abilities and magical powers, reminiscent of the dynamic trio in the Trine Series, where each character has distinct skills that complement each other. The cooperative gameplay aspect is also a strong similarity; Castle Crashers supports up to four players working together, much like Trine’s cooperative multiplayer mode. This aspect makes both games fantastic choices for a thrilling multiplayer experience, allowing you to team up with friends to conquer challenges and defeat foes together.

Castle Crashers is available on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, and PC, typically priced around $14.99 USD.

9. Dust: An Elysian Tail

If you enjoyed the puzzle-solving and fantastical elements of the Trine series, you’ll feel right at home with Dust: An Elysian Tail. Much like Trine, Dust features a beautifully crafted world that feels like a living, breathing storybook. The hand-drawn art style and enchanting music will immediately draw you in, capturing the same magical essence that Trine is well-known for. Both games also feature fluid, side-scrolling gameplay with an emphasis on exploration and discovery, making it easy to get lost in their immersive worlds.

When it comes to combat and mechanics, Dust: An Elysian Tail also shares similarities with the Trine series. Dust offers a satisfying blend of action and platforming, where you’ll find yourself engaging in fast-paced battles, utilizing combos and special abilities much like you do in Trine. Additionally, both games encourage not just brute force but also strategic thinking, whether it’s using Fidget’s magical attacks in Dust or switching between characters in Trine to solve complex puzzles. This balance of combat and cerebral challenges provides a rewarding and engaging experience that fans of Trine are sure to appreciate.

Dust: An Elysian Tail is available on multiple platforms including PC, PlayStation, and Xbox, typically priced around $14.99 USD.

8. Shovel Knight

Shovel Knight offers a captivating experience similar to the Trine series, primarily through its engaging platforming and strong focus on character abilities. Like Trine, where you switch between three uniquely skilled characters to solve puzzles and combat foes, Shovel Knight introduces you to various knights, each with their own special weapons and traits. The game’s beautifully detailed pixel art and meticulously crafted levels evoke the rich, fairytale-like visuals found in Trine, creating an immersive environment that makes each stage a joy to explore.

Another similarity is the game's cooperative play that reminds one of Trine's team-based mechanics. In Shovel Knight, you can experience the excitement of co-op gameplay, much like Trine's three-player setup where teamwork is essential to overcome obstacles and enemies. The game's narrative is heartfelt yet grandiose, echoing the whimsical yet epic storytelling of the Trine series. With challenging bosses, hidden treasures, and engaging puzzle elements, Shovel Knight keeps you hooked with the same charm and innovation seen in Trine.

Shovel Knight is available on platforms including Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC, typically priced around $39.99 USD.

7. Metroid Dread

If you loved the Trine series, you'll find Metroid Dread to be an exciting and engaging experience with its own unique flair. Both games excel in delivering captivating, side-scrolling adventures that are rich in exploration and puzzle-solving elements. While Trine leans into a fantasy setting with its trio of characters each offering unique abilities, Metroid Dread places you in a sci-fi universe where you control Samus Aran, a bounty hunter, who must navigate the treacherous planet of ZDR. The sense of discovery and methodical exploration, where you’ll often backtrack with newly acquired abilities to access previously unreachable areas, mirrors the enchanting design you appreciated in Trine.

Another aspect that Metroid Dread shares with the Trine series is its stunning visual and atmospheric presentation. Just as Trine captivates players with its enchanting, storybook-like world, Metroid Dread immerses you in a richly detailed and atmospheric sci-fi environment. The game's dynamic lighting, detailed environments, and smooth animations create a visually compelling experience that draws you deeper into its world. Additionally, both games offer a balance of action and strategy, with Trine requiring you to cleverly use the distinct abilities of its three characters, while Metroid Dread challenges you with intricate combat encounters and intricate platforming sequences.

Metroid Dread is available on the Nintendo Switch, typically priced around $59.99 USD.

6. Cuphead

Both Cuphead and the Trine Series share an enchanting visual style that immerses players in a unique and meticulously crafted artistic world. While Trine captivates with its fairy tale-like ambiance and lush, storybook visuals, Cuphead takes inspiration from 1930s cartoons, presenting a hand-drawn, frenetic animation style that's rich in detail. The aesthetics themselves become a part of the experience, serving as a major draw for players who appreciate games as works of art. If you loved exploring the visually stunning environments of Trine, you'll find Cuphead's vibrant and nostalgic graphics equally mesmerizing.

Gameplay-wise, Cuphead offers a similarly rewarding challenge to the Trine Series. Trine thrives on its intricate puzzle-platforming, which requires players to think creatively and utilize the unique abilities of three distinct characters. Cuphead, while more focused on action and platforming, still demands precision, timing, and strategic use of various abilities to overcome its difficult boss battles and levels. If you enjoyed mastering the unique skillsets of each Trine character, you'll likely appreciate the different weapons and powers you can equip in Cuphead to tackle its challenges.

Cuphead is available on Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, and PC, typically priced around $19.99 USD.

5. SteamWorld Dig 2

If you loved the Trine series, you'll find SteamWorld Dig 2 equally captivating due to its engaging platforming and puzzle elements. Much like Trine, SteamWorld Dig 2 offers beautifully crafted environments and intricate puzzles that require creative thinking. The game’s focus on exploration and resource gathering mirrors the strategic elements from Trine's character-switching mechanics. Both games excel at combining action, exploration, and puzzle-solving, ensuring you’re always on your toes and keeping the gameplay experience dynamic and fresh.

Another similarity is the strong narrative threads that bind both games. SteamWorld Dig 2 weaves a compelling story around Dorothy, much like Trine does with its trio of heroes. You'll find yourself engrossed in the plot while exploring intricate underground landscapes filled with secrets and lore. Additionally, both games feature a rich upgrade system, allowing you to enhance abilities and unlock new skills, similarly to how you develop your characters in Trine. This progression system ensures that you are consistently rewarded for your exploration and puzzle-solving efforts.

SteamWorld Dig 2 is available on Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, PlayStation Vita, Xbox One, and Windows, typically priced around $19.99 USD.

4. Terraria

If you loved the captivating blend of action, platforming, and puzzle-solving in the Trine Series, then Terraria is certainly a game you must consider. Much like Trine, Terraria immerses you in a fantastical world brimming with adventure and exploration. While Trine offers you a beautifully crafted 2.5D world with unique character abilities that you must leverage to solve puzzles, Terraria provides a vast, procedurally-generated 2D sandbox where you can build, fight, and explore to your heart's content. Terraria's rich and diverse environments are akin to the enchanting landscapes of Trine, inviting you to delve deeper into its mysteries.

Moreover, one of the key similarities between Terraria and the Trine Series is their emphasis on cooperative gameplay. Just as you might team up with friends to navigate Trine's puzzles using the unique abilities of each character, Terraria allows you to join forces with others to defeat formidable bosses, build intricate structures, and uncover hidden treasures. Both games reward creativity and teamwork, making them highly engaging whether you're crafting a perfect strategy to down a boss or constructing an elaborate fortress. The sense of accomplishment and camaraderie you get from collaborative play in Trine can easily be found in Terraria's multiplayer mode.

Terraria is available on PC, Xbox, PlayStation, Nintendo Switch, and mobile platforms, typically priced around $9.99 USD.

3. Owlboy

Owlboy is reminiscent of the Trine Series in its rich, enchanting art style and captivating storytelling. Just like Trine, Owlboy transports you into a colorful, immersive world brimming with detailed environments and unique characters. Both games emphasize the importance of teamwork and individual character abilities to overcome obstacles, solve puzzles, and progress through their beautifully crafted levels. Owlboy’s pixel art and Trine’s 2.5D graphics might differ in execution, but they share a heartwarming, visually stunning aesthetic that keeps you engaged from start to finish.

Much like Trine, Owlboy offers a captivating blend of platforming and puzzle-solving mechanics to provide a satisfying gameplay experience. In Trine, you switch between different characters to use their unique skills, whereas in Owlboy, you team up with various companions, each bringing their own special abilities to the table. This dynamic ensures that you're constantly thinking creatively about how to tackle challenges, making both games not only visually appealing but also intellectually stimulating. The sense of adventure and discovery in Owlboy mirrors the magic you experienced in Trine, ensuring that it will be a worthy addition to your collection.

Owlboy is available on PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch, typically priced around $24.99 USD.

2. The Messenger

If you enjoyed the Trine Series, you'll likely appreciate The Messenger for its similarly polished and visually enchanting aesthetic. Both games center around engaging and dynamic platforming mechanics, where precision and skill are crucial to navigate intricate levels. Like Trine, The Messenger wraps its challenging sequences in a captivating narrative, filled with humor and unexpected twists that make every moment thrilling. The transition between 8-bit and 16-bit graphics in The Messenger is akin to switching characters in Trine, adding an extra layer of depth and variety to the gameplay experience.

Another aspect where The Messenger mirrors the allure of the Trine Series is its blend of action and puzzle-solving elements. Just as you had to use different characters' unique abilities to solve environmental puzzles in Trine, The Messenger requires you to master diverse skills and long-forgotten techniques to progress. The boss fights in The Messenger are also noteworthy; they are reminiscent of Trine's epic confrontations, requiring strategy and creativity to emerge victorious. Coupled with a beautifully crafted soundtrack that draws you into its world, The Messenger delivers a richly atmospheric and thoroughly enjoyable adventure.

The Messenger is available on PC, Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One, typically priced around $20 USD.

1. Little Nightmares

If you enjoyed the enchanting, side-scrolling experience of the Trine series, you'll find much to love in Little Nightmares. Both games offer a rich, atmospheric world teeming with puzzles and platforming challenges. Like Trine, Little Nightmares places a heavy emphasis on environmental storytelling, where the eerie, intricate settings communicate a story almost as complex as the gameplay itself. You'll navigate through meticulously designed levels, which require careful observation and clever puzzle-solving skills, evoking a similar sense of adventure and discovery you found in Trine.

Another striking similarity is the focus on character-driven gameplay. While Trine allows you to switch between characters each with unique abilities, Little Nightmares offers its own form of character-centric experience by immersing you deeply into the protagonist's perspective. The game's beautiful, yet disturbing visual style will captivate you, much like the Trine series' artful blend of fantasy elements. The tension and atmosphere heighten your sense of engagement, offering an experience that is both haunting and mesmerizing, creating an emotional journey akin to what you felt while playing Trine.

Little Nightmares is available on multiple platforms, including PlayStation, Xbox, Nintendo Switch, and PC, typically priced around $19.99 USD.

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