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Detonation Racing Tips, Tricks, and Strategy Guide
October 31, 2023

General Tips and Strategies Guide to Succeed in Detonation Racing for the Apple Arcade.

  • Remember that half the game is about damaging the other cars.
  • To drift, tap the brake to start the drift. Steer to control the drift.
  • Slipstream behind an opponent as must as possible as it's important for gaining speed and position in a race.
  • Slipstreaming also helps to charge abilities in the game. Do as much as you can.
  • The game features dynamic environments with bridges that can fall, balls popping out, and other obstacles. Be aware of these as it can make a difference in races.
  • Try to learn tracks and anticipate turns for harder races. There's no track maps in the game.
  • Try to learn visual cues and markers (landmarks) to help navigate the track and anticipate things.
  • The controls of this game is quite different than other racing games. Try to learn and get used to them.
  • Over-drifting actually slows you down. Try to find the right balance when drifting.
  • Practice being precise with detonations. Avoid detonating your own car!
  • The player decides to start playing "Detonation Racing" after setting aside "Leo's Fortune."
  • Understanding the game involves racing and avoiding or triggering detonations.
  • Acceleration is controlled by R2 in the game.
  • A button is available for detonating, which is part of the strategic gameplay.
  • Keep accelerating to gain speed.
  • The car has explosives for an exciting racing experience.
  • Use a special button to trigger track explosions.
  • Master drifting and slipstreaming to set off explosions.
  • Drifting earns points and charges for strikes.
  • Use the 'strike' button strategically, as it requires targets to be effective.
  • Unlock new features like car paints or upgrades by completing challenges.
  • Unlock new paint jobs by hitting drifting milestones.
  • Earn car upgrades by wrecking enemies.
  • Aim to slipstream for set distances to earn rewards.
  • Strive to finish in top positions to meet event goals.
  • Use explosive triggers carefully to avoid backfiring.
  • Learn the track and anticipate traps for better performance.
  • Retry levels to improve and master the game.
  • Notice game patterns to anticipate and avoid explosions.
  • Practice and retry races for better outcomes.
  • Learn when to boost and accelerate, like the tactics in "Mario Kart."
  • Drifting around corners builds up the ability to activate traps on the track to target other racers.
  • Drafting behind other cars is also a feature in the game, alongside drifting.
  • Activating traps at the right moment is crucial; mistiming can affect your race negatively.
  • It's important to avoid activated pads and traps laid by others to stay in the race.
  • Being strategic about when to take risks and when to play it safe can be beneficial, especially when you're leading.
  • As you progress through the game, you level up and unlock new cars which can then be upgraded for better performance.
  • Knowing the tracks and the traps they contain can give you an edge in races.
  • Staying out of last place in eliminator mode is key to survival.
  • Being familiar with your car's capabilities, like acceleration and top speed, can help in making tactical decisions during races.
  • Choose races from the Detonation series or the Arcade section based on your preference for structured or out-of-order play.
  • In the paint shop, you can customize your car's appearance and make modifications as you level up.
  • Pay attention to the trap indicators; active traps are highlighted and can be used to your advantage.
  • Watch for environmental hazards like building knockdowns that can affect the race outcome.
  • When leading the race, try to avoid activating traps unnecessarily to maintain your position.
  • If you fall behind, take more risks and use traps strategically to disrupt the opponents and improve your position.
  • Earn stars by performing well in races or completing specific tasks for additional rewards.
  • Even if you don't finish first, placing in the top three allows you to progress in the series.
  • Using tuning upgrades can enhance your car's performance in various aspects like speed, handling, or durability.
  • Understanding each car's unique attributes, such as acceleration and handling, can be crucial to mastering the game.
  • Eliminator mode is challenging; avoid early mistakes and try to eliminate competitors to stay ahead.
  • Making it through the race, regardless of the choices made, is better than not finishing at all.
  • Staying informed about your car's performance and condition during the race can inform your strategy.


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