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Midjourney Van Gogh Prompts with 24 Examples
April 10, 2023

What is the art style of Van Gogh?

Van Gogh's art style is unique and mesmerizing. It's the reason he's so well known. Van Gogh was part of the Post-Impressionist movement with his art featuring bright and bold colors. This was his way of putting his own emotional spin on things. Looking at his paintings, you'll notice thick, heavy brushstrokes and swirling patterns that's signature of his expression and painting style. He put his whole heart and soul into every piece, giving us a glimpse into his world and how he saw things. His paintings are powerful and captivating and although Midjourney can't replace his soul, we can try replicating more using the vision he showed us through the works of his life.

Synergies: What modifiers go well with Van Gogh style prompts?

  • post-impressionism: An art movement that emerged in the late 19th and early 20th centuries, which extended Impressionism while rejecting its limitations. Post-Impressionist artists sought to express their emotional responses to the world rather than simply capture its appearance, using vivid colors, thick paint application, and real-life subject matter, but often emphasizing geometric forms, distortions, and symbolic content.
  • bold colors: Bold colors are a conscious choice by the artist to dominate and direct visual attention, often signaling a departure from more muted or naturalistic hues. They can be used to evoke specific emotional reactions or to emphasize compositional elements.
  • vibrant: Denotes a saturation and liveliness in the work. It's an artist's tool for making elements leap from the canvas and engage the viewer.
  • expressive: Artwork labeled as expressive transcends mere representation, plunging into the realm of emotion and subjectivity. This approach provides a window into the artist's psyche, allowing the viewer a deeper connection with the work.
  • heavy brushstrokes: These marks evidence an artist's intentionality, showcasing both technique and emotive force. Such pronounced strokes can reveal much about the creative process and the artist's state at the time of application.
  • impasto: A technique that lends depth and texture, impasto is where paint is layered thickly on the canvas. This tactile approach invites a deeper engagement, reminiscent of the tactile qualities inherent to sculpture.
  • swirling patterns: Such patterns often denote movement, chaos, or fluidity within a piece. They can capture the ephemeral nature of a moment or the turmoil of emotions.
  • emotional: More than just a mood, an emotional artwork speaks to the very essence of human experience and sentiment. It seeks to resonate with the viewer on a deeply personal level.

Midjourney examples in the style of Van Gogh

van gogh, autumn harvest --v 5

van gogh, moonlit orchard --v 5

Prompt: van gogh landscape --v 5

van gogh, riverbank at dusk --v 5

Prompt: van gogh miners --v 5

van gogh, lavender fields --v 5

van gogh, artists studio --v 5

Prompt: van gogh farmers --v 5

Prompt: van gogh featuring beauty and power of nature depicting landscapes, rural scenes, and flowers --v 5

Prompt: van gogh painting depicting challenges and hardships faced by ordinary people, such as farmers, weavers, and miners --v 5

Prompt: van gogh, sunflower field at sunrise --v 5

Prompt: van gogh, dimly lit cafe at night --v 5

Prompt: van gogh, riverbank at dusk --v 5

Prompt: van gogh, old lighthouse --v 5

Prompt: van gogh, market square --v 5

Prompt: van gogh, moonlit river --v 5

Prompt: van gogh, old mill --v 5

Prompt: van gogh, poppy fields in bloom --v 5

Prompt: van gogh, springtime in the orchard --v 5

Prompt: van gogh, stormy seascape --v 5

Prompt: van gogh, twilight in the countryside --v 5

Prompt: van gogh, village bridge --v 5

Prompt: van gogh, village fountain --v 5


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