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25 Spectacular Games Like Candleman in 2024!
June 25th, 2024 - By Steve Chang

Unveil enchanting adventures with these mysterious, candle-lit journeys

Candleman is an enchanting indie adventure that places you in the role of a small, sentient candle navigating through the dark. With only ten seconds of light available at a time, you must utilize your limited illumination to explore mysterious environments, solve challenging puzzles, and avoid perilous obstacles. The game’s unique mechanic of light management adds a layer of strategy and tension, making every flicker of your candle crucial. Each level in Candleman masterfully blends atmospheric soundscapes and rich visuals to immerse you fully in its magical world.

If you enjoyed Candleman's blend of puzzle-solving and atmospheric exploration, you'll be pleased to know there's a variety of similar games that might pique your interest. Games such as Limbo and Inside offer gripping narratives paired with dark, moody environments. Titles like Journey and Ori and the Blind Forest provide a mesmerizing visual experience alongside emotional storytelling. For fans of puzzle-platformers, you might find yourself drawn to games like Little Nightmares and Unravel, both of which offer intricate puzzles and captivating worlds. There's a wealth of indie games that capture the same charm and depth that Candleman does, and you'll find that...

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25. Little Nightmares

If you enjoyed the atmospheric and enigmatic experience of Candleman, you're in for a treat with Little Nightmares! Both games excel in creating a hauntingly beautiful world filled with dark, immersive environments that draw you into their eerie tales. Just like Candleman, where you navigate through pitch-black levels using your fleeting flame, Little Nightmares has you guiding a small vulnerable protagonist through a sinister environment full of larger-than-life obstacles and terrifying foes. The sense of wonder and dread is palpable in both games, compelling you to push forward despite the looming threats, making every moment a tension-filled adventure.

In addition to the captivating atmosphere, Little Nightmares shares Candleman's knack for puzzle-platforming elements that require both wit and courage. You'll find similar intricate environmental puzzles that test your problem-solving skills, all while immersing you deeper into the narrative. The minimalist storytelling in both games leaves much to your imagination, allowing you to piece together the lore and mysteries of the world around you. This subtle approach to storytelling is both engaging and thought-provoking, ensuring that fans of Candleman's unique narrative style will feel right at home navigating the shadows of Little Nightmares.

Little Nightmares is available on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, and PC, typically priced around $19.99 USD.

24. Limbo

If you loved the atmospheric puzzles and unique gameplay of Candleman, then Limbo is the perfect next adventure for you. Much like Candleman, Limbo envelops you in an eerie, shadowy world where light and darkness play crucial roles in both the aesthetic and the puzzle mechanics. You'll navigate through haunting environments, solving puzzles and overcoming obstacles, using the game's minimalist yet deeply engaging design to fuel your curiosity and keep you hooked.

Another aspect that makes Limbo resonate with Candleman fans is the emotional depth and storytelling conveyed through the game's visuals and gameplay rather than text or dialogue. Both games create a dreamlike, almost poetic experience that leaves a lasting impression. The subtle yet powerful storytelling, combined with intelligently designed puzzles, makes Limbo a compelling adventure for anyone who appreciates a captivating and thought-provoking journey. The emotional and atmospheric richness is sure to keep you engaged from start to finish.

Limbo is available on multiple platforms including PC, PlayStation, Xbox, and Nintendo Switch, typically priced around $10 USD.

23. Inside

If you enjoyed the captivating charm and unique gameplay of Candleman, you'll find Inside by Playdead to be a thrilling follow-up experience. Both games feature minimalist storytelling, where the environment and subtle cues draw you deeply into their mysterious worlds. Inside, much like Candleman, uses atmospheric visuals and ambient soundscapes to create an immersive experience that speaks volumes without uttering a single word. The dark, brooding aesthetic of Inside echoes the intriguing, shadowy quests from Candleman, offering a rich visual experience that keeps you hooked from start to finish.

Another aspect where Inside parallels Candleman is in its clever puzzle platforming. Inside masterfully combines platforming with thoughtful puzzle elements, requiring the player to use both their reflexes and intellect to progress through the game. Just like Candleman's mechanics revolved around strategically using light, Inside involves intriguing scenarios where you must manipulate the environment to move forward, adding layers of depth to the gameplay. The sense of discovery and satisfaction you felt solving Candleman's puzzles will undoubtedly resonate as you conquer the challenges within Inside.

Inside is available on multiple platforms including PlayStation, Xbox, Nintendo Switch, and PC, typically priced around $20 USD.

22. Ori and the Blind Forest

If you loved the enchanting atmosphere and unique puzzling aspects of Candleman, you'll find Ori and the Blind Forest equally captivating. Just like Candleman, Ori and the Blind Forest offers a beautifully crafted world filled with magical visuals and an emotionally engaging storyline. In both games, you'll navigate through beautifully illuminated environments that contrast darkness and light, creating an immersive and mesmerizing experience. The sense of wonder and curiosity Candleman instilled throughout its levels can be perfectly matched by the awe-inspiring landscapes present in Ori's world.

Ori and the Blind Forest also shares Candleman's emphasis on platforming and exploration. You'll feel a similar sense of satisfaction as you overcome challenging obstacles and puzzles, all while uncovering the story bit by bit. Both games put a strong focus on the atmosphere, captivating music, and intricate design which pull you into the universe they create. If you're drawn to games that blend artistic visuals with engaging gameplay, Ori and the Blind Forest delivers on those fronts just like Candleman did, but on an even more epic scale.

Ori and the Blind Forest is available on Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, and PC, typically priced around $19.99 USD.

21. Unravel

If you loved Candleman, you'll find Unravel to be a captivating adventure as well. Both games share a unique charm and heartfelt storytelling that pull you into their beautifully crafted worlds. In Candleman, you navigated through dark, atmospheric environments using the limited light from a small candle. Similarly, in Unravel, you explore stunningly designed landscapes, but this time as Yarny, a small creature made of red yarn. The visual aesthetics of both titles are breathtaking, inviting players to immerse themselves in each level's intricate details and carefully composed scenes.

What adds to the allure of Unravel is its emotionally resonant narrative, much like Candleman’s poignant journey of self-discovery and perseverance. The gameplay mechanics emphasize puzzle-solving and platforming, requiring you to use Yarny’s thread to manipulate the environment. You'll find yourself tying knots to create bridges, swing over gaps, and climb to unreachable areas, much like the clever light-based puzzles in Candleman. Moreover, both games beautifully convey themes of connection and resilience, making them not just games, but also touching experiences that stay with you long after you've finished playing.

Unravel is available on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC, typically priced around $19.99 USD.

20. Hollow Knight

If you loved the atmosphere and exploration in Candleman, you'll find a similar sense of wonder and discovery in Hollow Knight. Just like Candleman, Hollow Knight offers a beautifully crafted world brimming with intricate details and secrets waiting to be uncovered. Both games emphasize exploration and provide a rewarding sense of progression as you navigate through their mysterious environments.

A key similarity between the two games is the emphasis on overcoming challenges with precisely timed mechanics. In Candleman, lighting a way through dark environments was paramount to survival, creating a striking balance of light and dark. Hollow Knight offers a similarly deep and satisfying combat system, requiring skillful maneuvering and timing to defeat various enemies. Both games also feature captivating soundtracks that enhance the immersive experience, ensuring you'll feel fully engaged as you traverse their unique worlds.

Hollow Knight is available on Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC, typically priced around $15 USD.

19. Journey

Journey and Candleman both create deeply immersive experiences, drawing players into their richly atmospheric worlds. In Journey, you traverse vast, beautiful deserts and ancient ruins, much like the enchanting candle-lit scenes of Candleman. Both games utilize stunning visual aesthetics to tell a compelling story, encouraging players to explore and uncover hidden secrets in their respective environments. The art direction in each title emphasizes a sense of wonder and discovery, with Journey's minimalist yet breathtaking landscapes parallel to Candleman's mysterious and luminescent settings.

Another similarity lies in the emotive and evocative soundtracks that shape the player's journey. Just as Candleman's music accentuates the eerie, tranquil, and often touching moments of the game, Journey's score seamlessly blends with its visuals to evoke a wide range of emotions. Additionally, both games focus on personal growth and transformation through their gameplay mechanics. In Candleman, you delve into the darkness, guided only by your limited light, whereas in Journey, you gradually progress towards a distant mountain, uncovering the story bit by bit. Both games emphasize the journey itself as a metaphor for self-discovery and enlightenment.

Journey is available on PlayStation, PC, and iOS, typically priced around $14.99 USD.

18. Gris

Much like Candleman, Gris offers a stunningly beautiful and emotionally charged journey that places heavy emphasis on its artistic design and atmospheric storytelling. Both games immerse players into captivating worlds where visuals play a crucial role in driving the narrative. If you enjoyed the evocative environments and emotional depth in Candleman, you'll feel right at home exploring the breathtaking watercolor landscapes of Gris, all while unfolding a story of loss and resilience.

In terms of gameplay, Gris also emphasizes exploration and puzzle-solving with a serene pace that encourages players to take in the beautiful surroundings. The fluid platforming mechanics and unique abilities you gain as you progress mirror the way Candleman's gameplay evolves, making you feel continuously rewarded and engaged. Each game's delicate use of light and color enhances the overall mood, forging a deeply personal and reflective experience. If the aesthetic and experiential aspects of Candleman captivated you, Gris promises a similarly enriching adventure.

Gris is available on Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, Microsoft Windows, macOS, and iOS, typically priced around $16.99 USD.

17. Fe

If you loved Candleman, then Fe might just be the perfect next adventure for you. Just like Candleman, Fe focuses on exploration in a beautifully designed world that invites curiosity and wonder. Both games feature a minimalist yet deeply engaging narrative that unfolds as you progress, allowing you to piece together the story at your own pace. The ethereal atmosphere in Fe, much like Candleman, is complemented by stunning visuals and a captivating soundtrack that immerses you in the game's world.

Another similarity between Fe and Candleman is the use of unique mechanics to navigate the environment. While Candleman used his flickering flame to light the way and solve puzzles, Fe employs sound and song to communicate with creatures and manipulate the surroundings. This innovative gameplay element provides a fresh yet familiar sense of discovery and problem-solving that Candleman fans will appreciate. Dive into the enchanting forest of Fe and experience a journey that’s equally challenging and rewarding.

Fe is available on PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch, typically priced around $19.99 USD.

16. Celeste

If you loved the atmospheric journey and challenging platforming of Candleman, then Celeste is a game you absolutely need to consider. Much like Candleman, where you navigate through dark and treacherous levels using the flicker of a small candle, Celeste offers its own unique charm through the protagonist, Madeline, who must climb perilous mountains while navigating tricky, precision-based platforming sections. The sense of overcoming obstacles and mastering difficult levels in Celeste offers a deeply satisfying experience, similar to what you enjoyed in Candleman.

Both games share a compelling narrative that delves into deeper themes. While Candleman explores perseverance and the pursuit of light in darkness, Celeste tackles themes of mental health, self-discovery, and personal growth. The storytelling in Celeste is equally gripping, ensuring you stay invested in Madeline’s journey. Each level is carefully crafted, and the tight controls make the challenging gameplay feel fair and rewarding. The stunning pixel art and an emotive soundtrack further add to the immersive experience, making Celeste a perfect next game for any Candleman fan.

Celeste is available on Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Windows PC, typically priced around $19.99 USD.

15. Deadlight

If you loved Candleman, you'll definitely find Deadlight captivating! Both games share a richly atmospheric environmental design that pulls you into their dark and mysterious worlds. While Candleman uses the flicker of a candlelight to guide you through mystical, puzzle-filled levels, Deadlight transports you to a post-apocalyptic setting where every shadow holds a new challenge. In both games, lighting plays a crucial role not just in setting the mood but also as a gameplay mechanic to reveal hidden paths or dangers. The eerie, haunting feeling that Candleman evokes with its mystical surroundings is mirrored in Deadlight's abandoned urban landscapes in a way that keeps you on the edge of your seat.

Another way Deadlight mirrors the charm of Candleman is through its compelling storyline and emotional depth. Candleman captivated you with its simple yet profound tale of a small candle searching for its purpose. Similarly, Deadlight delivers an emotionally charged narrative about survival and the quest to find loved ones in a broken world. The character-driven plot will keep you deeply engaged, much like the journey in Candleman. Both games also offer a balance of platforming and problem-solving elements that challenge your wit and skill in a wonderfully satisfying way.

Deadlight is available on platforms like PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC, typically priced around $14.99 USD.

14. Typoman

Typoman and Candleman share a distinctive charm and atmosphere, making them perfect companions for fans of thoughtful and creatively designed indie games. Both games leverage unique mechanics—Candleman’s dynamic use of light and dark, and Typoman’s inventive word puzzles—to immerse players in their worlds. In Typoman, you’ll navigate a beautifully crafted dystopian landscape, solving puzzles by creating words that alter your environment much like how Candleman’s light guides you through the darkness. The emphasis on solving environmental puzzles and the deep, often reflective narratives ensure an engaging gameplay experience that echoes through both titles.

Another similarity lies in their artistic and atmospheric prowess. Typoman’s striking graphics and poignant storytelling are reminiscent of the deeply atmospheric world you would have loved in Candleman. Each game excels in contrasting hope and despair, inviting players to take a journey filled with emotional highs and lows. Guide the determined protagonist through a world beset by challenges that require both intellect and dexterity, much like guiding the small but brave Candleman. This combination of beautiful visuals, compelling mechanics, and deep narratives ensures that Typoman will captivate anyone who enjoyed the journey through Candleman’s light and shadow.

Typoman is available on Nintendo Switch, PC (Steam), PlayStation 4, and Xbox One, typically priced around $14.99 USD.

13. Monument Valley

If you loved the atmospheric and visually captivating experience of Candleman, then Monument Valley is a perfect follow-up for you. Much like Candleman, Monument Valley excels in creating a magical, whimsical world that pulls you in with its stunning, dreamlike art style. Both games use minimalist yet vibrant color palettes, adding to an enchanting aesthetic that makes every level a visual treat. The environments in Monument Valley are also filled with intricate, ever-changing architecture that mirrors the mysterious and poetic levels you explored in Candleman.

Gameplay in Monument Valley offers a similarly engaging sense of puzzle-solving adventure that rewards curiosity and creativity. While Candleman has you focusing on light and darkness to navigate through levels, Monument Valley introduces mind-bending optical illusions and impossible geometry to challenge your perception and logic. The sense of discovery and accomplishment you felt guiding the little candle through its journey is mirrored here as you help a silent princess traverse beautiful, Escher-inspired worlds. Both games manage to tell emotional stories without uttering a single word, relying on the journey and the environment to convey their touching narratives.

Monument Valley is available on iOS and Android platforms, typically priced around $3.99 USD.

12. Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons

If you enjoyed Candleman for its enchanting atmosphere and unique gameplay mechanics, you'll find a lot to love in Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons. Like Candleman, Brothers offers a beautifully crafted world that relies on visual storytelling and minimal dialogue to deeply engage players. Both games feature intricate, puzzle-centric gameplay that requires you to think on your feet and often relies on your ability to manage two characters or elements simultaneously. The stunning environments and emotionally resonant themes in both titles create a truly immersive experience that sticks with you long after you've put down the controller.

Furthermore, just as you controlled a small candle making its perilous journey in Candleman, Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons lets you maneuver two siblings, each with their own strengths and weaknesses, through a captivating world filled with challenges and mysteries. The bond between the brothers and how they must work together echoes the sense of companionship and perseverance you felt guiding the candle through darkness. Both games offer a blend of adventure, puzzle-solving, and a touch of heartfelt storytelling, making them fantastic emotional journeys that engage and challenge the player.

Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons is available on multiple platforms, including PC, PlayStation, Xbox, and Nintendo Switch, typically priced around $14.99 USD.

11. Child of Light

If you enjoyed the enchanting atmosphere and unique mechanics of Candleman, you'll find a lot to love in Child of Light. Both games deliver a fairytale-like ambience with their stunning visuals and dreamy soundtracks. Child of Light uses a beautiful blend of watercolor art and mesmerizing music to draw you into its magical world of Lemuria, much like how Candleman enthralls with its dark and mysterious environments. The protagonist, Aurora, is on a journey to bring back the sun, moon, and stars, evoking a similar sense of wonder and exploration that you experienced in guiding the little candle through darkness.

Additionally, Child of Light shares a focus on light and shadows, although its approach differs. Aurora's ability to manipulate light, using her companion Igniculus to solve puzzles and navigate through the game, is reminiscent of the illuminating mechanics in Candleman. Both games prioritize unique gameplay experiences driven by their light mechanics, rewarding players who enjoy solving environmental puzzles and exploring fantastical settings. Combined with an engaging story that tugs at your heartstrings, Child of Light offers a similarly compelling adventure that fans of Candleman will appreciate.

Child of Light is available on multiple platforms, including PlayStation, Xbox, Nintendo Switch, and PC, typically priced around $14.99 USD.

10. Never Alone (Kisima Ingitchuna)

If you loved the atmospheric and narrative-driven experience of Candleman, then Never Alone (Kisima Ingitchuna) might be exactly what you're looking for next. Both games create an enchanting world filled with captivating visuals and emotionally compelling stories. Where Candleman places you in the shoes of a small candle bravely navigating through the darkness, Never Alone brings you into the rich cultural heritage of the Iñupiat people. You'll journey through a snowy landscape alongside a loyal Arctic fox to uncover the heartwarming tale behind this beautifully crafted puzzle-platformer.

Much like Candleman's unique use of light and darkness mechanics, Never Alone incorporates nature's elements into its gameplay. The game allows you to switch between Nuna, a young Iñupiat girl, and her fox companion, enabling you to utilize their special abilities to solve intricate puzzles and overcome environmental challenges. The atmosphere in Never Alone is equally immersive, enhanced by the stunning Alaskan scenery and serene, yet engaging sound design. Both games focus on exploration and discovery, rewarding curiosity and keen observation with moments of awe and enlightenment.

Never Alone (Kisima Ingitchuna) is available on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC, typically priced around $14.99 USD.

9. Rain World

If you enjoyed the atmospheric and thought-provoking experience of Candleman, you'll find a lot to love about Rain World. Much like Candleman, Rain World envelopes players in a mesmerizing, mysterious world filled with intricate environments and captivating lore. Both games emphasize exploration and puzzle-solving, encouraging players to contemplate their surroundings and think creatively to overcome challenges. The sense of solitude and your character’s vulnerability in a vast world evoke a similar emotional depth and connection to the game world.

In Rain World, you play as a nomadic slugcat, navigating through ever-changing ecosystems that react dynamically to your presence, which adds a unique layer of immersion, akin to the light-and-dark mechanics in Candleman. The art direction in Rain World, with its beautifully hand-drawn landscapes and hauntingly ambient soundtrack, truly enhances the atmospheric experience, much like the enchanting visuals and sounds in Candleman. The sense of discovery and survival in an unpredictable world keeps you constantly engaged and curious about what lies around the next corner.

Rain World is available on PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch, and PC, typically priced around $19.99 USD.

8. Axiom Verge

If you enjoyed the atmospheric and exploratory nature of Candleman, you'll find a lot to love in Axiom Verge. Both games envelop you in a mysterious world where you're encouraged to explore and uncover secrets at your own pace. Axiom Verge, like Candleman, offers an immersive experience with beautifully crafted environments and a story that slowly unfolds as you progress, keeping you captivated and intrigued.

What makes Axiom Verge stand out is its intricate level design and a sense of discovery that will remind you of the thoughtful puzzles and platforming challenges in Candleman. Each new area you uncover is filled with unique enemies and obstacles, requiring you to use your skills and newly acquired abilities to advance. The sense of progression and accomplishment mirrors the rewarding gameplay loop you loved in Candleman.

Axiom Verge is available on various platforms including PC, PlayStation, Xbox, and Nintendo Switch, typically priced around $19.99 USD.

7. Hyper Light Drifter

If you loved Candleman for its atmospheric world and compelling, minimalist storytelling, Hyper Light Drifter will be right up your alley. Both games create a rich, immersive experience through beautifully crafted visuals and a hauntingly beautiful soundtrack. In Hyper Light Drifter, explore a mysterious, pixel-animated world filled with secrets, just like how Candleman guided you through dark, enchanting environments. The sense of discovery and wonder is an integral part of both games, making every moment feel special and rewarding.

In addition to the visual and auditory experience, Hyper Light Drifter shares with Candleman a challenging, yet satisfying gameplay loop. While Candleman focuses more on platforming puzzles and the clever use of light, Hyper Light Drifter offers exhilarating combat and exploration that demands precision and strategy. Each encounter and puzzle in both games feels meaningful, driving you to delve deeper into their worlds and uncover their secrets. The balance between challenge and reward keeps you engaged and invested in the characters and their journeys.

Hyper Light Drifter is available on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, and PC, typically priced around $19.99 USD.

6. Transistor

Transistor, much like Candleman, offers a beautifully atmospheric experience that immerses you in a captivating world. Both games excel in using rich, evocative environments to draw you into their unique stories. Where Candleman uses the gentle flicker of a candle to guide you through dark, mysterious settings, Transistor relies on its stunningly detailed cyberpunk aesthetic. The symphony of colors and lights in Transistor creates an experience that feels equally enchanting and otherworldly, much like the glow of your candle in Candleman. If you appreciated the way Candleman used its lighting to build mood and tension, you'll find Transistor's visual storytelling just as compelling.

In addition to their visual excellence, both Transistor and Candleman share a strong narrative drive delivered through innovative gameplay mechanics. Candleman's core mechanic of limited illumination not only challenged your platforming skills but also tied directly into the game's themes of exploration and survival. Similarly, Transistor's combat system, which allows you to pause and plan your actions strategically, is more than just a gameplay feature—it's integral to the story and your connection with the enigmatic Transistor weapon. This blend of storytelling and gameplay keeps you engaged and invested in the narrative, making both titles memorable experiences for players who cherish a good story and unique gameplay mechanics.

Transistor is available on multiple platforms, including PlayStation, Xbox, Nintendo Switch, and PC, typically priced around $19.99 USD.

5. Oxenfree

Oxenfree, much like Candleman, offers a deeply atmospheric experience that immerses you in its unique world. In Oxenfree, you'll find yourself navigating an eerie island, uncovering mysteries, and encountering supernatural elements, which is reminiscent of the magical and shadowy environments you explored as Candleman. Both games excel in creating rich, engaging atmospheres through their art styles and soundtracks, drawing you deeper into their intriguing narratives and making you feel a part of their worlds.

Another similarity lies in the emotional depth and storytelling. Just as Candleman captivated you with its simple yet poignant tale of a little candle's journey, Oxenfree weaves a gripping story centered around a group of friends who accidentally open a ghostly rift. Like Candleman's journey of self-discovery, Oxenfree focuses on character development and the bonds between characters, ensuring you'll become invested in their fate. The dialogue system in Oxenfree allows your choices to shape the story, adding another layer of involvement and personal connection, much like how the light and dark mechanics in Candleman created a sense of purpose and immersion.

Oxenfree is available on multiple platforms including PC, PlayStation, Xbox, Nintendo Switch, and mobile devices, typically priced around $9.99 USD.

4. Night in the Woods

If you enjoyed the atmospheric storytelling and unique art style of Candleman, then Night in the Woods will surely captivate you in much the same way. Both games emphasize exploration in beautifully crafted worlds, where each corner reveals new mysteries and eye-catching visuals. Night in the Woods stands out with its vibrant hand-drawn art and compelling narrative, much like Candleman's enchanting glow-in-the-dark levels. Additionally, both games prioritize emotional depth and psychological insight, drawing you into the protagonist's internal struggles and captivating you with immersive, personal stories.

Beyond their visual and narrative appeal, Night in the Woods and Candleman both feature gameplay elements that seamlessly blend puzzle-solving with exploration. In Candleman, you navigated through dark levels using the limited light of a candle, creating an experience that was as much about managing resources as it was about exploring a mysterious world. Similarly, Night in the Woods focuses on character development through interactions and mini-games that enrich the narrative and deepen your connection to the protagonist, Mae. This balance between engaging gameplay mechanics and heartfelt storytelling makes both games unforgettable experiences.

Night in the Woods is available on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, and PC (Steam), typically priced around $19.99 USD.

3. Salt and Sanctuary

If you enjoyed the atmospheric and challenging platforming of Candleman, you’ll find a lot to love in Salt and Sanctuary. Just like Candleman takes you through dark, moody environments illuminated by the protagonist's glow, Salt and Sanctuary offers a hauntingly beautiful and dark world filled with intricate level designs and a deep, immersive atmosphere. The game’s art style is equally captivating, with its hand-drawn animations and gothic themes that draw you into its eerie realms. Both games excel in creating an engrossing experience through their striking visuals and meticulous attention to detail in their environments, leading you to explore every nook and cranny.

Furthermore, Salt and Sanctuary shares Candleman's love for challenging gameplay but takes it to the next level with its complex combat mechanics and RPG elements. While Candleman tests your platforming skills with its light-based puzzles, Salt and Sanctuary challenges you with a blend of platforming and tactical combat, requiring precise timing and strategy to overcome formidable foes. It offers the same sense of achievement Candleman provides, enhancing it with deeper character customization and progression. The thrill of overcoming tough obstacles and enemies in a beautifully crafted, mysterious world will resonate with fans of challenging, atmospheric games like Candleman.

Salt and Sanctuary is available on PC, PlayStation 4, PlayStation Vita, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch, typically priced around $17.99 USD.

2. Braid

If you enjoyed the thought-provoking puzzles and enchanting visual aesthetics of Candleman, then Braid is a game you won't want to miss. Both games share a unique charm that emphasizes atmospheric storytelling and innovative gameplay mechanics. Just like Candleman, where you navigate as a flickering candle with limited burn time, Braid employs intricate time-manipulation mechanics that encourage you to think creatively to solve puzzles. Each level offers an immersive experience, combining the beauty of hand-painted graphics with stages that challenge your wits and dexterity.

Another captivating similarity is the emotional depth and narrative style found in both games. In Candleman, you delve into the journey of a small candle yearning for light, unraveling a touching story as you play. In Braid, you explore a protagonist's quest to rescue a princess, uncovering deeper layers of its poignant story through clever puzzles and visual storytelling. Both games masterfully blend gameplay and narrative, providing a memorable and heartfelt experience that will stay with you long after you've completed them.

Braid is available on various platforms including PlayStation, Xbox, Nintendo Switch, and PC, typically priced around $9.99 USD.

1. Splasher

If you loved Candleman with its unique blend of platforming and light-based puzzles, then Splasher is definitely a game you'll want to check out. Both games feature captivating visuals and a strong emphasis on overcoming obstacles through unique mechanics - while Candleman used light to navigate dark environments, Splasher employs colorful inks with different properties to solve puzzles and traverse levels. You'll find the same satisfaction in mastering the unique tools provided, making for an engaging and creative platforming experience.

Splasher's fast-paced gameplay also mirrors the excitement you found in Candleman, but with an added layer of challenge and strategy through its ink-based mechanics. Each type of ink has its own special ability, adding a new dimension to the platforming that requires quick thinking and reflexes, much like how Candleman's time-limited light source forced you to plan your moves carefully. Both games are also set against a backdrop of beautifully designed levels that evolve as you progress, keeping the experience fresh and continuously rewarding.

Splasher is available on PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch, typically priced around $14.99 USD.

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