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25 Remarkable Games Like Darksiders in 2024!
June 25th, 2024 - By Steve Chang

Explore thrilling worlds and uncover epic adventures with these games that capture the essence of Darksiders

Darksiders is a thrilling action-adventure game that blends elements of hack and slash gameplay with puzzle solving and exploration. Set in a post-apocalyptic world where Heaven and Hell are at war, players take on the role of War, one of the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse, who embarks on a quest to restore balance and seek vengeance after being falsely accused of causing the Earth's demise. The game features a richly crafted universe inspired by various mythologies and boasts intense combat mechanics, epic boss battles, and an engrossing storyline that keeps players engaged from start to finish.

If you enjoyed Darksiders, you'll be thrilled to know that there are many similar games you might like. Titles such as Devil May Cry, Bayonetta, and God of War also offer exhilarating action-packed experiences with deep narratives and intricate worlds. Each of these games has its unique flair, whether it's the stylistic combat of Devil May Cry or the mythological underpinnings of God of War. They all share common elements with Darksiders, such as complex gameplay mechanics, visually stunning environments, and compelling character arcs. Want to delve deeper into these amazing titles and discover even more games that cater to your tastes? Stay tuned, because I've got a full list lined up in this comprehensive article...

(I may earn a small commission from purchases through links in this article.)

25. God of War

If you enjoyed Darksiders, you’re in for a treat with God of War! Much like Darksiders, God of War immerses you in a mythological universe brimming with intense combat and rich storytelling. Both games feature a compelling protagonist — in Darksiders, you have War, one of the Four Horsemen, while in God of War, you step into the shoes of Kratos, a fierce Spartan warrior. The action-adventure gameplay in God of War echoes the blend of hack-and-slash combat, puzzle-solving, and exploration that made Darksiders so engaging. The combat in God of War feels fluid and brutal, with a variety of weapons and abilities at your disposal, similar to the robust arsenal you enjoyed in Darksiders.

Additionally, God of War shares the epic scale and intricate level design that Darksiders fans love. The storyline is deeply immersive, drawing from Norse mythology this time, and presents a rich, emotional narrative that rivals the intense atmosphere and lore found in Darksiders. Navigating through the beautifully crafted realms in God of War offers an experience similar to exploring the apocalyptic landscapes in Darksiders. The game also incorporates a semi-open world structure, allowing for more freedom in exploration and side quests, adding another layer of depth to your journey.

God of War is available on PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5, typically priced around $19.99 USD.

24. Devil May Cry

If you enjoyed the hack-and-slash action of Darksiders, then Devil May Cry is a perfect next game for you. Both games offer adrenaline-pumping combat that combines stylish combos and a variety of weapons to obliterate hordes of enemies. The fluid combat system in Devil May Cry is highly reminiscent of the intense battles you've experienced in Darksiders, ensuring that you stay engaged and entertained throughout your playtime. Additionally, both games hinge on mastering a mix of melee and ranged attacks, providing plenty of opportunities for you to perfect your combat strategy.

Moreover, just like Darksiders, Devil May Cry features a rich narrative intertwined with exploration and puzzle-solving elements. The dark, gothic atmosphere and intricate level designs will make you feel right at home while you navigate through demon-infested environments. The protagonists of both games are powerful, charismatic characters with their own unique story arcs that add depth to your gaming experience. Expect to encounter mind-bending puzzles and hidden secrets that will challenge your ingenuity and reward your curiosity, making every moment spent in the game world a thrilling adventure.

Devil May Cry is available on PlayStation, Xbox, and PC, typically priced around $30 USD.

23. Castlevania: Lords of Shadow

If you enjoyed the dark fantasy elements and action-packed gameplay of Darksiders, then Castlevania: Lords of Shadow is right up your alley! Both games offer a rich, immersive world filled with intricate lore and mythological creatures. You'll love how Castlevania: Lords of Shadow combines intense combat with deep storytelling, much like Darksiders. The protagonist, Gabriel Belmont, is on a quest that involves platforming challenges, puzzle-solving, and epic boss battles, which will remind you of War's journey in Darksiders. Plus, the detailed environments in both games create an atmospheric experience that pulls you right into their fantastical settings.

Another similarity is the fluid combat mechanics. Castlevania: Lords of Shadow features a versatile combat system allowing you to chain together various combos and use a wide range of weapons and abilities, much like the arsenal available to you in Darksiders. You'll appreciate the upgrade system, which lets you enhance your powers and skills, customizing Gabriel's abilities to suit your playstyle. Both games also offer a compelling mix of exploration and combat, ensuring that you'll never get bored as you traverse through beautifully crafted levels filled with secrets to uncover and foes to vanquish.

Castlevania: Lords of Shadow is available on PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, and PC, typically priced around $20 USD.

22. Bayonetta

If you loved the action-packed, hack-and-slash gameplay of Darksiders, then Bayonetta is right up your alley. Both games feature intense, fast-paced combat that keeps players on their toes, with a focus on stylish combos and epic boss battles. In Bayonetta, you'll control an incredibly agile and powerful witch, seamlessly chaining together intricate attacks against hordes of enemies, much like you'd expect with Darksiders' War or Death. The game's mechanics are fluid and designed to reward skill and precision, ensuring that every encounter feels exhilarating and satisfying.

Another striking similarity is how both games immerse players in captivating storylines set in richly detailed worlds. Bayonetta's narrative delves into themes of ancient mythology and supernatural forces, drawing you into a dark yet enchanting universe. Just as Darksiders explored a post-apocalyptic Earth with a mix of celestial and demonic influences, Bayonetta presents a visually stunning world filled with divine and infernal beings. The environments and level designs are imaginative and varied, ensuring that exploration is as thrilling as the combat itself.

Bayonetta is available on multiple platforms, including PlayStation, Xbox, and Nintendo Switch, typically priced around $29.99 USD.

21. Legacy of Kain: Soul Reaver

If you enjoyed the intricate environments and hack-and-slash action of Darksiders, you'll find Legacy of Kain: Soul Reaver to be right up your alley. Both games feature dark, gothic settings filled with a blend of puzzle-solving and intense combat. In Soul Reaver, you play as Raziel, a wraith seeking revenge against his creator, Kain. The narrative is rich and immersive, with an emphasis on exploration and discovering secrets within the vast game world, much like how Darksiders captivated players with its own deep lore and exploratory elements.

In addition to the similar thematic elements, Soul Reaver also offers the kind of epic boss battles and challenging gameplay mechanics that keep players engaged. The game's mechanics allow Raziel to shift between the material and spectral realms, adding a unique twist to the puzzle-solving and exploration aspects. This dual-realm feature can be compared to the different forms and abilities you unlock as War in Darksiders. Both games provide a sense of progression and empowerment, making each new ability feel rewarding and crucial for advancing through their intricately designed levels.

Legacy of Kain: Soul Reaver is available on platforms like PlayStation, Dreamcast, and Microsoft Windows, typically priced around $10-$20 USD.

20. Dark Souls

If you enjoyed the dark, immersive world of Darksiders, you'll likely find a similar fascination in Dark Souls. Both games boast an intricate, lore-rich universe that invites players to delve deep into their mysteries. The atmospheric design in Dark Souls, much like Darksiders, is beautifully melancholic, full of haunting beauty that keeps you exploring every nook and cranny. Your journey is fraught with danger, but with every step, you uncover more of the compelling story hidden beneath the surface, driving you to continue onward.

Another aspect that fans of Darksiders will enjoy in Dark Souls is the challenging but rewarding combat system. Both games demand precision, strategy, and mastery of your combat mechanics, whether you're dodging, parrying, or unleashing a powerful attack. The satisfaction of overcoming a difficult boss or area in Dark Souls is akin to the triumphant feeling you get when you've bested a challenging segment in Darksiders. Plus, the variety of weapons, spells, and character builds in Dark Souls ensures that combat never feels stale, offering you countless ways to approach each encounter.

Dark Souls is available on PlayStation, Xbox, and PC, typically priced around $40 USD.

19. The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess

If you loved the action-adventure elements of Darksiders, then you're in for a treat with The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess! Both games offer a thrilling mix of combat, puzzles, and exploration, set in a richly detailed world filled with lore and myth. In Twilight Princess, you play as Link, drawn into a high-stakes adventure to save the kingdom of Hyrule from the encroaching Twilight Realm. The game's dungeons are as complex and engaging as any you’ve navigated in Darksiders, each featuring its unique theme, enemies, and grand bosses.

Another similarity lies in their compelling narratives and dark, atmospheric tone. Just like Darksiders combines apocalyptic themes with celestial and infernal warfare, Twilight Princess delivers a mature and immersive storyline that blends whimsical fantasy with darker undertones. The transformation of Link into a wolf adds an extra layer of gameplay mechanics, much like the transformation abilities in Darksiders. Both games also emphasize the importance of mastering new weapons and abilities to overcome challenges, ensuring that every playthrough feels fresh and exciting.

The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess is available on Nintendo GameCube, Wii, and Wii U, typically priced around $40 USD.

18. Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning

If you enjoyed Darksiders, then Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning will likely catch your interest. Both games feature a rich, immersive world filled with lore and history waiting to be uncovered. In Kingdoms of Amalur, you’ll find an expansive open world teeming with quests and side stories, much like the detailed environments and intricate plotlines of Darksiders. Additionally, the art styles of both games share a vibrantly robust and slightly exaggerated aesthetic, which heightens the sense of epic adventure and fantasy.

Moreover, the combat systems in Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning are reminiscent of the hack-and-slash mechanics you loved in Darksiders. Fast-paced and fluid, the combat in Kingdoms of Amalur allows for an array of combos and abilities, providing a satisfying and dynamic experience. Customization is another strong suit; you can experiment with different skill trees and class combinations to tailor your gameplay to your preferences, a feature that echoes the upgrade possibilities in Darksiders.

Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning is available on platforms like PC, PlayStation, and Xbox, typically priced around $20 USD.

17. Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor

Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor offers an exhilarating experience similar to Darksiders with its rich, dynamic combat system and expansive world filled with opportunities for exploration. Just like in Darksiders, you will find yourself in awe of the game's stunning visual design and meticulously crafted environments. Both games feature a protagonist with powerful abilities that evolve as you progress, giving you the sense of growing strength and mastery over your enemies. The fluid combat mechanics and the ability to chain together attacks, counters, and special moves will feel very familiar and satisfying for a Darksiders fan.

Another shared element between Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor and Darksiders is the central focus on storytelling and character development. In Shadow of Mordor, you step into the shoes of Talion, a ranger with a tragic past, who embarks on a journey of vengeance and redemption. You'll encounter a vast array of characters, each with their own backstories and motivations, similar to the richly woven narrative found in Darksiders. Additionally, the Nemesis System in Shadow of Mordor ensures that no two playthroughs are the same, as enemies remember your encounters and evolve, creating a personalized and engaging experience that adds depth to the gameplay.

Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor is available on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC, typically priced around $20 USD.

16. Nioh

If you loved the action-packed, lore-rich world of Darksiders, you'll find a lot to enjoy in Nioh. Both games combine fast-paced combat with rewarding exploration and complex narratives. In Nioh, you play as William, a samurai navigating through a demonic-infested Japan, which offers a similar dark fantasy vibe to the post-apocalyptic setting in Darksiders. The combat in Nioh is also fluid and satisfying, much like the hack-and-slash mechanics of Darksiders, but with an added layer of depth thanks to a variety of stances and weapon types.

Just as Darksiders blends different gameplay styles such as puzzle-solving, exploration, and combat, Nioh offers a multifaceted experience. Between missions, you can engage in RPG elements like leveling up your character and customizing equipment. The game's structure allows you to revisit areas for new challenges, much like how Darksiders encourages exploration with new abilities. Additionally, Nioh's intricate boss battles and diverse enemies will keep you on your toes, evoking the same sense of accomplishment you felt while conquering foes in Darksiders.

Nioh is available on PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, and PC, typically priced around $39.99 USD.

15. Lords of the Fallen

If you enjoyed the dark, atmospheric worlds and intense combat of Darksiders, then Lords of the Fallen is a perfect choice for your next gaming adventure. Both games boast a rich, immersive environment filled with intricate lore and captivating storylines. You'll find yourself drawn into the hauntingly beautiful yet grim fantasy worlds, where every corner has a story to tell. Moreover, the visual style of Lords of the Fallen offers stunning, meticulously crafted environments that rival the captivating art design seen in Darksiders.

Another compelling similarity is the combat mechanics and character progression. In Lords of the Fallen, you'll experience close-quarter, strategic combat that requires precise timing and skill, much like in Darksiders. The game also features an RPG system where you can level up your character, customize abilities, and choose different equipment to tailor your play style—a feature that adds depth and replayability. These elements make every battle a meaningful challenge and every victory immensely satisfying, ensuring that you stay hooked through countless hours of gameplay.

Lords of the Fallen is available on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC, typically priced around $29.99 USD.

14. Dante's Inferno

If you loved Darksiders, you'll definitely want to dive into Dante's Inferno! Both games feature richly detailed environments and a dark, mythical storyline that will keep you hooked from beginning to end. In Dante's Inferno, you play as Dante, a warrior journeying through the nine circles of Hell to rescue his beloved Beatrice. Much like in Darksiders, the story is driven by epic battles, intense combat sequences, and visually stunning boss fights that require strategic thinking and nimble combat skills.

Additionally, both titles excel at offering a deep and engaging experience filled with collectibles, upgrades, and expansive lore. Dante's Inferno boasts a similar combat system where you can upgrade your abilities and weapons, enabling unique combos and powerful attacks. The game also incorporates plenty of challenges and puzzles that add variety to the gameplay, much like the environmental puzzles found in Darksiders. If you're a fan of exploring dark universes while engaging in dynamic battles, Dante's Inferno will be a perfect match for your tastes.

Dante's Inferno is available on PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, and PlayStation Portable, typically priced around $20 USD.

13. God of War III

If you loved Darksiders, you'll definitely want to take a look at God of War III. Both games feature intense action and combat mechanics that keep you on the edge of your seat. The hack-and-slash gameplay is very similar, and you'll find yourself facing off against a diverse array of enemies that require strategic thinking and quick reflexes. The puzzles scattered throughout God of War III add a nice change of pace from the relentless combat, much like those in Darksiders, and they offer a satisfying challenge that keeps you engaged.

Additionally, both games have immersive, lore-rich worlds that draw you into their epic narratives. God of War III, like Darksiders, puts a strong emphasis on storytelling, with a gripping tale centered around revenge and mythology. The grandiose set pieces and meticulously designed levels in God of War III will remind you of the breathtaking environments you explored as War. The colossal boss fights are another highlight that both games share, providing you with epic battles that test your skills and leave a lasting impression.

God of War III is available on PlayStation 3 and PlayStation 4, typically priced around $19.99 USD.

12. Hades

Hades and Darksiders share a unique blend of action-packed combat and engaging storytelling that can pull players into their rich, immersive worlds. While Darksiders places you in the role of one of the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse, offering a sprawling narrative and vast array of abilities to master, Hades invites you into the Underworld as Zagreus, son of Hades, on a rogue-like quest to escape. Both games boast a distinct art style and blend fast-paced combat with gripping lore, ensuring that every encounter feels meaningful and rewarding.

Moreover, the sense of progression in both games is a real highlight. In Darksiders, you progressively unlock new weapons, skills, and abilities that help you tackle increasingly tougher adversaries. Similarly, Hades allows you to gather resources through your runs to upgrade Zagreus permanently, making each subsequent escape attempt feel fresh and more achievable. The combination of evolving combat, rich world-building, and challenging enemies ensures that fans of Darksiders will find a lot to love in Hades.

Hades is available on Nintendo Switch, PC, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S, typically priced around $24.99 USD.

11. Hellblade: Senua's Sacrifice

If you're a fan of Darksiders, you'll very likely appreciate Hellblade: Senua's Sacrifice. Both games deliver a richly immersive experience with a focus on dark, mythological storytelling and intense combat. While Darksiders draws heavily on a mix of biblical lore and apocalyptic scenarios, Hellblade dives into Norse mythology and Celtic culture. The dark, brooding atmosphere and psychologically complex narratives in both games create a sense of depth and adventure that keeps you riveted from start to finish.

Combat mechanics in Hellblade: Senua's Sacrifice will feel familiar to Darksiders enthusiasts. While Hellblade has a slightly more realistic approach to fighting, both games allow for strategic melee combat, complete with dodging, parrying, and a range of enemy types that require different tactics. Additionally, like Darksiders, Hellblade combines combat with intricate puzzles that add layers to the gameplay, requiring you to think and act in equal measure. These elements together ensure that players looking for a mix of action and cerebral challenges will be thoroughly engaged.

Hellblade: Senua's Sacrifice is available on multiple platforms, including PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, and PC, typically priced around $29.99 USD.

10. Ninja Gaiden

If you're a fan of Darksiders, you will find Ninja Gaiden equally exhilarating due to its fast-paced, high-intensity combat. Both games feature a mix of melee and ranged attacks, giving you multiple ways to tackle your enemies. Just like how Darksiders allows you to feel the power of each swing with its weighty combat mechanics, Ninja Gaiden offers a similar visceral experience through smooth and seamless combo chains. In both games, you can upgrade your weapons and abilities, providing a deep and engaging progression system that keeps combat fresh and exciting.

Another similarity lies in the epic boss battles and challenging enemy encounters. In Darksiders, you face off against colossal demons and otherworldly creatures, each requiring a unique strategy to defeat. Ninja Gaiden mirrors this with its own set of formidable foes that test your reflexes and tactical prowess. The game also shares Darksiders' dark, immersive atmosphere, pulling you into a richly detailed world filled with complex lore and engaging narrative arcs. If you enjoyed exploring the post-apocalyptic setting of Darksiders, you'll be captivated by the beautifully crafted environments in Ninja Gaiden.

Ninja Gaiden is available on various platforms including Xbox, PlayStation, and PC, typically priced around $39.99 USD.

9. Dragon's Dogma: Dark Arisen

If you enjoyed the immersive world and action-packed combat of Darksiders, you'll find a lot to love in Dragon's Dogma: Dark Arisen. Both games share a penchant for epic, fast-paced battles and an atmospheric, intricately designed world. In Dragon's Dogma, you take on powerful mythical foes with a wide array of weapons and magical abilities, similar to the intricate, combo-heavy combat found in Darksiders. The game also features a rich narrative filled with intriguing characters and a sense of adventure that keeps you engaged as you explore its sprawling landscapes.

One of the standout features of Dragon's Dogma: Dark Arisen is its robust pawn system, which allows you to hire and customize your AI companions. This feature adds a strategic layer to combat and exploration that fans of Darksiders' companion mechanics will appreciate. Both games excel in delivering a visually stunning, high-fantasy experience where your choices shape the outcome of your journey. Whether you're delving into dark dungeons, battling colossal monsters, or solving intricate puzzles, Dragon's Dogma offers a similarly exhilarating and varied gameplay experience to keep you hooked.

Dragon's Dogma: Dark Arisen is available on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, and PC, typically priced around $29.99 USD.

8. Prince of Persia: The Two Thrones

If you enjoyed the fast-paced combat and intricate puzzles of Darksiders, you'll find a lot to love in Prince of Persia: The Two Thrones. Much like Darksiders, The Two Thrones combines action-packed battles with thoughtful exploration and platforming elements. You'll traverse beautifully designed environments, engage in smooth and fluid combat, and take down a variety of challenging enemies. The story is engaging, and the dual persona of the Prince introduces unique gameplay mechanics that keep the experience fresh and exciting.

Another aspect where Prince of Persia: The Two Thrones aligns with Darksiders is in the progression and upgrade system. As you advance through the game, you'll acquire new abilities and weapons that open up additional combat strategies and new areas to explore. The environmental puzzles will test your problem-solving skills, just like in Darksiders, and the blend of platforming, combat, and puzzle-solving creates a balanced and engaging gameplay loop. The rich narrative and immersive world-building further cement the connection between these two beloved series.

Prince of Persia: The Two Thrones is available on platforms including PC, PlayStation 2, Nintendo GameCube, Xbox, and the Wii, typically priced around $10-20 USD.

7. Shadow of the Colossus

If you enjoyed the action-packed and atmospheric experience in Darksiders, you're in for a treat with Shadow of the Colossus. Both games feature intense combat against enormous foes, making every encounter feel epic and rewarding. Just like Darksiders, Shadow of the Colossus has a focus on strategic battles where figuring out the weaknesses of each Colossus is key to your success. The thrill of taking down these towering adversaries will keep you glued to the screen, just as it did in Darksiders.

Beyond the adrenaline-pumping combat, Shadow of the Colossus captivates you with its stunning world and intriguing storyline. Much like the immersive environments and narrative in Darksiders, Shadow of the Colossus drops you into a beautifully crafted setting that feels both isolating and awe-inspiring. The desolate landscapes and the haunting music create an atmospheric experience that draws you in and makes the adventure unforgettable. If you found yourself deeply engaged with the lore and world-building in Darksiders, Shadow of the Colossus will undoubtedly deliver the same level of depth and emotion.

Shadow of the Colossus is available on PlayStation 4, typically priced around $19.99 USD.

6. Batman: Arkham Asylum

Batman: Arkham Asylum shares many captivating elements with Darksiders, making it a fantastic follow-up for fans looking for similar experiences. Both games offer richly detailed environments that invite exploration, from the gothic architecture of Arkham Asylum to the apocalyptic landscapes in Darksiders. As you traverse through the iconic Gotham setting, you'll uncover hidden secrets, solve intricate puzzles, and experience a dark, immersive atmosphere that rivals the exhilarating adventuring in Darksiders. The atmospheric storytelling and high-quality voice acting in Batman: Arkham Asylum also elevate the game, much like the engrossing narrative that captivated you in Darksiders.

Combat mechanics in Batman: Arkham Asylum are equally satisfying and nuanced as those in Darksiders. You'll engage in fluid, combo-based fighting sequences, utilizing Batman's array of gadgets and martial arts skills to take down foes. The FreeFlow combat system allows for seamless transitions between attacking and countering, providing the same adrenaline-pumping and strategic combat experience you're familiar with in Darksiders. Additionally, boss battles in both games are thrilling and challenging, requiring you to think tactically and use your environment to your advantage.

Batman: Arkham Asylum is available on PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, and PC, typically priced around $19.99 USD.

5. The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt

If you enjoyed the action-packed combat and richly detailed world of Darksiders, you'll find The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt incredibly engaging. Like Darksiders, The Witcher 3 offers a satisfying mix of melee combat, magic, and strategic elements. You'll navigate a beautifully crafted open world, full of intricate details and hidden secrets, much like the varied and immersive environments you explored in Darksiders. Both games also feature challenging boss fights and dynamic combat systems that require skill and strategy, making each encounter feel thrilling and rewarding.

One of the standout similarities is the strong narrative focus. In The Witcher 3, you play as Geralt of Rivia, embarking on an epic quest teeming with deep lore and vibrant characters, comparable to the engaging storytelling in Darksiders. The Witcher 3 also includes branching storylines and meaningful choices, which can affect the outcome of your journey, adding a layer of replayability and depth that fans of story-driven games will appreciate. Additionally, the game’s side quests are often as compelling as the main storyline, providing countless hours of content with rich narrative experiences similar to the side quests in Darksiders.

The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt is available on PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, Nintendo Switch, and PC, typically priced around $39.99 USD.

4. Assassin's Creed

If you loved Darksiders, you'll find a lot to enjoy in Assassin's Creed! Both games share a thrilling blend of action, exploration, and deep lore. In Darksiders, you experience the world through intense combat and puzzle-solving in a post-apocalyptic mythological setting. Similarly, Assassin's Creed provides a richly detailed historical backdrop where you can explore vast open-world environments, conduct stealthy assassinations, and engage in fluid combat sequences. Both games value storytelling, immersive worlds, and delivering satisfying combat mechanics.

One of the coolest aspects of both Darksiders and Assassin's Creed is their emphasis on character progression and unique abilities. Just as Darksiders allows you to upgrade War's skills and weaponry, Assassin's Creed features a robust skill tree and numerous upgrades for your assassin, allowing for a tailored gameplay experience. Additionally, both series offer intense boss battles that challenge your reflexes and strategic thinking. The mix of combat, exploration, and character development in Assassin's Creed will make you feel right at home if you're transitioning from the Darksiders series.

Assassin's Creed is available on multiple platforms, including PlayStation, Xbox, and PC, typically priced around $60 USD.

3. Onimusha: Warlords

Onimusha: Warlords is sure to captivate you if you enjoyed the atmospheric and action-packed world of Darksiders. Much like Darksiders, Onimusha: Warlords offers a blend of combat and exploration in a richly designed environment. The game provides a similar sense of satisfaction from mastering your character's varied combat techniques and progressing through a compelling story steeped in historical and fantastical elements. The fixed camera angles and pre-rendered backgrounds in Onimusha: Warlords add a unique cinematic touch that enhances its immersive qualities, reminiscent of the captivating set pieces found in Darksiders.

Furthermore, both games focus on engaging puzzle-solving and rewarding combat encounters, ensuring a balanced gameplay experience. In Onimusha: Warlords, you will find the thrill of upgrading your weapons and abilities, drawing parallels to the progressive power increase seen in Darksiders. This continuous sense of advancement keeps you motivated and intrigued. The atmospheric music and sound design in Onimusha: Warlords also contribute to its engaging experience, making each battle and puzzle feel impactful and memorable, just like in Darksiders.

Onimusha: Warlords is available on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, and Microsoft Windows, typically priced around $19.99 USD.

2. Bloodborne

Bloodborne shares a dark and intense atmosphere similar to what you loved in Darksiders. Both games build a richly gothic world filled with enigmatic lore and intricate level designs that invite exploration. You'll find the same kind of satisfaction in uncovering hidden pathways, finding secret items, and facing off against beautifully designed, fearsome adversaries. Bloodborne's chalice dungeons will remind you of Darksiders' intricate dungeons, offering that same sense of adventure and mystery.

Combat in Bloodborne, much like in Darksiders, requires skill and strategy. You'll enjoy mastering Bloodborne's distinctive combat mechanics, which emphasize quick reflexes and adaptability, similar to the fast-paced, combo-driven battles in Darksiders. Both games also share a focus on epic boss battles, where learning attack patterns and exploiting weaknesses become crucial to your success. The adrenaline rush from taking down a formidable boss in Bloodborne is just as exhilarating as in Darksiders, providing a highly rewarding experience.

Bloodborne is available on PlayStation 4, typically priced around $20 USD.

1. Horizon Zero Dawn

If you enjoyed the action-adventure elements and rich combat system of Darksiders, you will find Horizon Zero Dawn to be a stunning next step on your gaming journey. Much like how Darksiders combines combat with puzzle-solving and a captivating story, Horizon Zero Dawn offers an engaging narrative set in a vibrant, post-apocalyptic world filled with robotic creatures. Both games provide a satisfying blend of exploration and swift combat maneuvers that will keep you on the edge of your seat.

Horizon Zero Dawn also shines with its intricate world design and character development, akin to the detailed environments and lore you loved in Darksiders. The protagonist, Aloy, embarks on a quest for knowledge and survival, facing off against diverse robotic adversaries with a variety of weapons and tactics, reminiscent of War’s battles against angels and demons. The game’s open world is teeming with secrets to uncover and vistas to explore, ensuring that each moment is as immersive and exciting as the world of Darksiders.

Horizon Zero Dawn is available on PlayStation 4 and PC, typically priced around $49.99 USD.

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