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7 Easy Ways to Make Money in Sneaky Sasquatch
November 10, 2023 - By Steve Chang

All the ways to make a fortune in Sneaky Sasquatch!

Let's start with some quicker methods to make money in Sneaky Sasquatch:

  • Fishing: a simple way to earn coins, especially by catching specific valuable fish like the legendary sturgeon and goldfish. These can be sold for a good amount of coins, especially if you use the TR trash can to double your profits. The old fisherman by the lake also pays coins for each new fish species brought to him.
  • Stealing Oranges: You can steal oranges from the supermarket in town and then take them to the mountain pass to avoid getting caught by the grocery worker.
  • Stealing Beef Jerky: At the gas station, you can steal three packs of beef jerky. They can use fast running shoes or leave a car near the entrance for a quick getaway.
  • Phone Numbers Scavenger Hunt: This is a one-time method where you call specific phone numbers scattered throughout the game world, earning a quick 600 coins in total. These numbers are a part of a scavenger hunt added by the game developers. Here are the phone numbers: 518-6482, 982-7365, 182-6726, 448-2763, 376-7278, 827-3861.
  • Buying and Reselling Tacos: On the island, buy tacos from the taco truck and then sell them for a profit.
  • Delivery Service: By driving around the game world to deliver packages, players can earn coins. Payments vary, but some missions can pay up to 500 coins. Timeliness is crucial in this method, as missions are time-bound.
  • Buying and Reselling Burgers and Fries: You can buy burgers and fries from the diner, puts them in the trash to make them 'stinky', and then sells them to a bear at the sawmill.
  • Races: Completing races, especially the Sasquatch 100, can be satisfying and profitable. Additionally, participating in snowball fights, particularly the survival mode, is an effective way to earn money. It's advised to avoid the time trial mode as it's challenging and less rewarding.

Combining these strategies for a daily run

Now combine some of these strategies so that you can fit them all in a day...

  1. Start with $600, obtained from activities like the mountain pass race.
  2. Buy burgers and fries at the diner in town until they are out of stock.
  3. Steal beef jerky from the gas station above the diner and hide in the restroom to evade police.
  4. At the market, fill your bag with oranges, grapes, peaches, meats, and microwave pizzas. Each item should cost $20. Avoid getting caught by hiding in the restroom.
  5. Make the food 'stinky' by putting it in a trash can outside and then retrieving it, leaving the original trash behind.
  6. Sell all the oranges to a character at the top of the ski mountain for $400.
  7. Drive to the sawmill, find the bear behind the fence, and sell all the stinky food to him for about $1,000.
  8. Go home, sleep, and repeat the process. The next day, the bear will purchase more stinky food for $700.

Racing in the Paddler's Cup

Here's a way to make money boat racing in the Paddler's Cup:

  1. Obtain Boating License: Visit the island and enter the red building to talk to the lady there for a boating license.
  2. Buy a Boat: Go to the marina area below the town, enter the boat shop, and purchase your first boat.
  3. Upgrade the Boat: It's recommended to upgrade the boat to the maximum for better performance in races.
  4. Participate in Races: With your upgraded boat, enter the Paddler's Cup races for a chance to win.
  5. Win Races for Coins: Each race won can earn you 350 coins, with races lasting approximately 1 minute and 15 seconds.

Stealing from the Port

Stealing from the port is also a way to make a ton of money:

  1. Job Completion for Role Upgrade: Complete and excel in every job at the port. This is necessary to become a junior supervisor, a role that unlocks crucial areas for the heist, like the sport cliff.
  2. Preparation for the Heist: During your regular job, especially the "secure cargo" task, discreetly move items blocking a manhole for later use. Also, adjust the security camera in the secure warehouse to prevent being caught during the heist.
  3. Access Code Acquisition: Locate and memorize the daily access code for secure Warehouse 2, which can be found in a filing cabinet upstairs in the port area.
  4. Executing the Heist at Night: Wait until 10:00 PM for reduced security. Use the previously uncovered manhole to sneak into the warehouse area. Enter Warehouse 2 using the daily code, ensuring you’re not spotted by guards or cameras.
  5. Looting Process: Once inside, use a forklift to load and steal two crates of coins. This is the maximum quantity you can carry at one time.
  6. Escape Strategy: To exit without raising an alarm, temporarily disable an electrical box to distract a nearby guard. Then, open the front gate using the gate control area. Drive the forklift out carefully, ensuring you remain undetected by port security.
  7. Drive Back Home: With the crates on board, drive the forklift back to your home base. It’s crucial to avoid stopping or getting caught during this phase.
  8. Loot Processing: Once home, take the stolen crates to the ducks. They will open them for you, revealing the coins inside.
  9. Reward Collection: For successfully completing the heist, you will be rewarded with several thousand coins, a significant sum for your efforts.
  10. Managing the Aftermath: Post-heist, the port will enter a lockdown phase for 9 days. During this period, you cannot access any jobs or activities at the port, which is a consequence of the theft.

Investing in the Spaghetti Hotline

This mid-game method of making passive income is something you should do:

  1. Invest in the Spaghetti Hotline business, with a minimum investment of around $7,000.
  2. After investing, repeatedly sleep and wake up in the game, essentially fast-forwarding time.
  3. This investment can yield a significant return, potentially up to $20,000, depending on the frequency of sleeping and waking up in the game.

Catching Goldfish

The goldfish fishing method is another great way to make money:

  1. Focus on catching goldfish, which can be regenerated every one to two days in the game.
  2. Sell the caught goldfish for a high price, especially profitable when sold to the bear at the sawmill.
  3. To increase the value, make the goldfish 'smelly' by putting it in the trash before selling it. This can yield around 400 coins for a single goldfish when sold to the trash bear.

Mushroom Hunting

  • Locating the Mushroom Hunter: To find the mushroom hunter, travel past the marina boat shop and follow the main river until you see a hut, which is the mushroom hunter's location.
  • Meeting the Mushroom Hunter: Interact with the mushroom hunter to get started. You will receive a mushroom guide, foraging tools, and a basket for collecting mushrooms.
  • Gathering Mushrooms: Explore the surroundings to find various types of mushrooms like oyster, puffball, morel, lion's mane, and angel wing mushrooms.
  • Spawning of Mushrooms: New mushrooms spawn daily, so revisit areas to collect more.
  • Selling Mushrooms: Once you have collected mushrooms, return to the mushroom hunter to sell them. The amount of money earned depends on the types and quantities of mushrooms sold.
  • Using Dynamite: Sometimes, you'll need to use dynamite to clear paths or access new areas, which can lead to discovering new mushroom spots.
  • Revisiting Locations: Regularly check various locations like the campground, golf course, marina, and other areas on the map for new mushroom spawns.
  • Additional Rewards: Apart from earning money from selling mushrooms, you may also receive gifts like scented candles or other items from the mushroom hunter.
  • Strategy for Earning: To maximize earnings, collect as many different types of mushrooms as possible and sell them in bulk to the mushroom hunter.

Campground Island

Steps to Access the Island
  • Initial Preparation: Before attempting to access the island, ensure you have gathered essential supplies like food and wood.
  • Find the Ferry: The primary mode of transportation to the island is by ferry. Locate the ferry dock in the game.
  • Talking to the Captain: Interact with the ferry captain who can transport you to the island. He might be available at specific times, so plan accordingly.
  • Purchasing Tickets: You may need to purchase a ticket or complete a task for the captain to gain access to the ferry.
  • Boarding the Ferry: Once you have permission, board the ferry. You might need to wait for the ferry schedule.
  • Enjoy the Ride: The ferry ride to the island is part of the adventure. Enjoy the scenery as you travel.
  • Exploring the Island: Once you arrive, you're free to explore the island. Look for unique items and secrets that the island holds.
  • Return Trips: Remember, you can use the ferry to return to the main land and go back to the island as needed.
Tips on Starting the Island
  • Start Small: Begin with basic structures and gradually build your island.
  • Resource Management: Keep an eye on your resources to avoid running out of essential materials.
  • Patience is Key: Some aspects like finding rare mushrooms or attracting campers can take time.
  • Experiment: Try different layouts and amenities to see what attracts the most campers.
  • Have Fun: Remember, the game is about exploration and enjoyment, so have fun with the process!
Tips for Building and Managing Your Island
  • Gather Resources: Start by gathering wood, which is essential for building structures on your island.
  • Economize Expenses: Building the island is surprisingly affordable, so focus your efforts on development without worrying too much about costs.
  • Food Supply: Ensure you have a steady supply of food. You can forage for mushrooms and other items around the island and nearby areas.
  • Transportation: Manage your transportation efficiently. Use boats judiciously and plan your trips to the sawmill for wood and the town for other supplies.
  • Mushroom Collection: Collect different types of mushrooms - they can be sold for coins, which are crucial for island development.
  • Building Amenities: Start by building essential amenities like tents, an outhouse, and a food storage area.
  • Attracting Campers: To make money, you need to attract campers. Improve amenities to increase the stay duration of campers.
  • Managing the Ferry: Learn to operate the ferry effectively to transport resources and invite campers to your island.
  • Customizing Your Island: Personalize your island with different themes and decorations to make it appealing to a variety of campers.
  • Exploration for Rare Items: Explore the island and surrounding areas at different times (like night time) to find rare items that can be valuable.

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