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25 Wonderful Games Like What the Golf? in 2024
February 28th, 2024 - By Steve Chang

If you found What the Golf? intriguing, numerous similar games are waiting to captivate you even more.

I'd like to introduce you to a brilliant game named What the Golf! This is not your typical golf game - in fact, it's a golf game any non-golf fans can enjoy as well. Developed by Triband, this hilarious, physics-based golf parody game takes the concept of golf and flips it on its head. Its quirky, whimsical, and unexpected levels are packed with surprises. The gameplay is littered with fun, absurd, and crazy twists. You'll be shooting anything from regular golf balls to entire houses and everything in between each hole! For those who love indie games filled with charm, humor, and innovative gameplay mechanics, What the Golf is just right!

You’ll be pleased to know that if you enjoy the absurdity, humor, and creativity of What the Golf, there's a whole world of similar games out there waiting for you to discover. Imagine exploring innovative titles that brush off typical gaming conventions while still ensuring a thoroughly fun, surprising and delightful experience. This genre of games takes boredom out of the equation and replaces it with unpredictable fun, offering players often hilarious and consistently enjoyable ways to play. Do you like the sound of that? Well, prepare yourself...

25. Super Stickman Golf

Super Stickman Golf, like What the Golf?, is an incredibly fun and uniquely innovative take on golfing games. It encapsulates not only the competitive spirit of traditional golfing but also a delightful twist of creativity and challenge. Just like What the Golf? which marries familiar golfing mechanics with insanely novel level designs, Super Stickman Golf also diverges from classic golf tropes by introducing power-ups, varied obstacles, and gravity-defying courses. There are not only holes and courses to conquer but also wondrously evocative landscapes that remind you of What the Golf?'s visual charm.

Similar to What the Golf?'s approach to a non-judgmental misinterpretation of the sport, Super Stickman Golf emphasizes the fun and leisurely side of it. You'll find yourself mastering mind-boggling courses and tricky feats of precision for hours on end, wrapped up in the simple but entertaining graphics that are reminiscent of What the Golf? Furthermore, if you loved the challenge of unlocking new content in What the Golf?, Super Stickman Golf offers a vast array of achievements and collectibles that will unarguably keep you engaged.

Super Stickman Golf is available on iOS and Android, usually priced around $2.99 USD. A perfect continuation of the fun you experienced with What the Golf?, it is worth every penny and guarantees hours upon hours of enjoyment.

24. WGT Golf Game

If you enjoyed playing What the Golf?, you might want to give WGT Golf Game a shot, as it shares several core similarities with it while bringing its own charm to the gaming table. Just like What The Golf?, WGT Golf Game is brimming with fun, creativity, and unexpected twists designed to keep you on your toes. The graphics are equally impressive, delivering delightful, exceptionally well-detailed courses that bring the golfing experience to life. With intriguing levels and innovative mechanics, WGT Golf Game is sure to make your virtual golfing experience more enjoyable.

Moreover, echoing the ingenuity of What the Golf?, the WGT Golf Game is designed with exciting game play features that truly take the mundane out of golf. Just like What the Golf? shifted the perception of golf as a boring old man's game and turned it into an exciting and dynamic game, WGT Golf Game too packs a punch with its unconventional golfing challenges that resemble mini-puzzles. This makes each hole not just about getting the ball in the cup, but also about maneuvering the ball and combating the laws of physics, just like in What the Golf? The result is a game that will keep you engaged and excited, just like What the Golf? did.

WGT Golf Game is available on iOS, Android, and PC platforms, typically priced around $0 USD as it's free to play with in-app purchase options.

23. Desert Golfing

Desert Golfing is similar to What the Golf? as they both give the player a unique spin on the traditional game of golf which results in an unexpected and delightfully addictive gaming experience. Both games are categorized under sports but they offer so much more than just a digital version of golf. They incorporate clever gameplay mechanics, unpredictable courses, and distinct art styles to create a game that's equal parts challenging and entertaining. The simplistic art design serves as the perfect backdrop that allows the gameplay to shine.

Just like What the Golf?, Desert Golfing is not confined by realistic physics or the typical rules of golf. Each level presents a new challenge, pushing the player to think creatively and adapt their strategy to conquer the ever-changing desert landscape. The straightforward controls are easy to master, yet the game poses a distinct difficulty curve that will consistently test your skills. In this sense, both games manage to create an infinitely entertaining cycle of trial-and-error gameplay that makes every successful shot immensely satisfying.

Desert Golfing is available on IOS and Android platforms, typically priced around $1.99 USD.

22. Battle Golf

If you enjoyed What the Golf?, then you'll find Battle Golf a similarly amusing treat! Like What the Golf?, Battle Golf is a whimsically exaggerated, physics-based golf game that challenges traditional golf norms. Battle Golf thrives in its ability to distill the essence of golf into a fun and silly game where you could golf on an alien planet or find yourself fending off a giant kraken while trying to land that perfect shot. It retains the same arcade-styled gameplay and light-hearted humor that you loved from What the Golf? while adding more interactive multiplayer elements.

Another familiar aspect in Battle Golf is its putt-and-laugh formula, ensuring each game session is entertainingly unpredictable. Combining these elements with ever-changing courses filled with moving obstacles and surprising enemies makes the game a riot in its own right. On top of that, it carries over the same idea of adding golf to absolutely anything from What the Golf?, creating a game that is part wacky sport and part hilarious adventure. In Battle Golf, not only are you taking your golf from the traditional green to the absurdly magnificent, you’re experiencing a refreshing take on competitive asymmetric multiplayer.

Battle Golf is available on iOS and Android platforms, typically priced around $0 USD as it’s a free game with optional in-app purchases.

21. OK Golf

If you've enjoyed What the Golf? and are on the lookout for similar experiences, OK Golf is certainly a title to consider. Just like What the Golf, OK Golf redefines the conventional golfing game experience and transforms it into a delightful, lighthearted, and eye-catching gaming adventure. Both games offer compelling puzzles famelessly implemented into the conventional golfing setup, challenging you to think outside of the ‘par’. With delightfully stylized minimalist aesthetics reminiscent of What the Golf?, OK Golf offers a diorama-like view of each golf course, complemented by calming soundtracks, making your gameplay experience as relaxing as it is entertaining.

OK Golf also shares the comedic absurdity that made What the Golf? so charming. However, it presents this in its unique way by incorporating elements of surprise into each level that defy real-world golf rules. Imagine, for instance, shooting a golf ball that morphs into a flock of birds or rolling it down a Japanese zen garden! Just like What the Golf?, OK Golf takes you through a variety of surprising, delightful, and chuckle-inducing interactions, leading to hours of exciting gameplay. Also, like What the Golf?, it does not require any previous knowledge of or prowess in golf, making it a perfect choice for anyone, from serious gamers to those uses games for unwinding.

OK Golf is available on iOS, Android, and Steam platforms, typically priced around $2.99 USD.

20. Golf Peaks

Well, if you enjoyed What the Golf?, then you're in for a treat with Golf Peaks. The key similarity between these two innovative games lies in their ability to inject an unexpected twist on the traditional game of golf, creating a thoroughly entertaining and unique gaming experience. Golf Peaks, like What the Golf?, isn't just about reaching the hole - it transforms each course into a wild puzzle that you'll have to solve using limited set of cards dictating your possible moves. So, the element of strategy mixed with unpredictability enriches the gameplay, making every level a new journey.

Another parallel that goes beyond their golfing theme is their fun, engaging graphics and style. Both games sport minimalist yet appealing visuals that offer plenty of eye candy while you strategize your next shot. However, Golf Peaks leans more towards a fun, puzzle-based approach to golf, while What the Golf? infuses irreverent humour and chaotic physics into the equation. The quirky charm and unexpected turns that made you fall in love with What the Golf? certainly echo in Golf Peaks, keeping you engrossed in every level as you plan your path to the hole.

Golf Peaks is available on iOS, Android, Nintendo Switch, and PC platforms, typically priced around $5 USD.

18. Golf Clash

If you're a fan of 'What the Golf?' and looking for a similar, engaging game, 'Golf Clash' should be the next golf related game on your list. Both the games share a pleasing commonality in terms of their simple, yet addicting gameplay that reels you in. 'What the Golf?' is known for its humor and randomness, whereas, 'Golf Clash' keeps you on your toes with its competitive edge. However, both of these games put a fun and unique spin on the traditional game of golf, introducing new challenges in each level and creating a larger feeling of satisfaction once you've completed them.

This game also comes with a versatile multiplayer mode like 'What the Golf?'. In 'Golf Clash', you have the option to compete with friends in real time or challenge strangers online to golf duels, crafting an interactive gaming environment that keeps you invested. Another added plus is that the mechanics of 'Golf Clash' are quite similar to 'What the Golf?', so you would find the transition between these two games smooth and convenient.

Golf Clash is available on platforms such as iOS and Android, typically priced free but with in-app purchases ranging from $0.99 to $99.99 USD.

17. Mini Golf MatchUp

If you've enjoyed What the Golf?, you'll find Mini Golf MatchUp to be on par, no pun intended, with its imaginative and exciting gameplay. Much like What the Golf?, it takes the traditional game of golf and turns it on its head, adding quirky obstacles, unique challenges, and thrilling power-ups, while also enabling you to play with friends in multiplayer mode. It's slightly more realistic, having a more conventional mini-golf feel, but definitely not sacrificing fun and creativity. It emphasises strategy combined with skillful shooting, and each course presents an engaging puzzle to solve.

Just like What the Golf?, Mini Golf MatchUp is light-hearted and doesn't take itself too seriously. It takes a recognizable, sometimes even mundane, game and transforms it into an entertaining and engaging digital version. It offers a wide range of unique and creative courses, which mirror the interesting twists in What the Golf? and keeps you guessing at what surprise each new course brings. The graphics are vivid, appealing, and full of character and will surely remind you of the captivating visual style of What the Golf? as well.

Mini Golf MatchUp is available on iOS and Android platforms, typically priced around $0 USD as it's a freemium game, with optional in-app purchases for power-ups and other enhancements to enrich your gaming experience.

16. Shot Online: Golf Battle

Shot Online: Golf Battle and What the Golf? share many enticing similarities that make them stand out among other golfing games. Both games offer highly entertaining gameplay built around the principles of golf but with a fun, unconventional twist. They present a variety of imaginative and amusing challenges that require not only golfing skills but also strategic thinking. The cartoonish graphics and the humorous tone prevalent in both games create a charming environment that can be enjoyed by players of all ages.

Moreover, Shot Online: Golf Battle, like What the Golf?, takes the core idea of golf and warps it into a multitude of delightful, quirky, and sometimes borderline absurd, golf-inspired mini-games. Just as you had the opportunity to play golf with household items, cows, cars, and more in What the Golf?, Shot Online: Golf Battle offers a unique spin on the traditional golfing mechanics and keeps the gameplay fresh and exciting. The competitive multiplayer aspect in Shot Online: Golf Battle adds another thrilling dimension, where you can compete with players from around the world. Indeed, the playfulness and creativity in these games make them far more than just ordinary golf games.

Shot Online: Golf Battle is available on iOS and Android platforms, typically priced around $0 USD as it follows a freemium model where you can play for free with optional in-app purchases.

15. Pro Feel Golf

Just like What the Golf?, Pro Feel Golf offers a refreshingly unique spin on the conventional golf gaming genre. It greatly embraces humor and strategically includes several elements of surprise to craft a fun gaming experience. In Pro Feel Golf, you'll find absurd and hilarious obstacles, such as cows and bizarre terrain, something reminiscent of the spontaneous courses in What the Golf?. Moreover, both games present not merely as sports simulations but as wager games with an ingenious twist that will keep you hooked.

Similar to What the Golf?, Pro Feel Golf also grants you an immersive experience with a real-world golf physics system, complemented by a touch of outrageous fun. Its intuitive touch control system makes it easy to swing your way around. Both games combine realistic and fantastical elements rendered in whimsical graphics to create engaging visuals. Besides, each level is riddled with puzzles and challenges, injecting the gameplay with a layer of complexity that keeps you invested for hours, just like in What the Golf?

Pro Feel Golf is available on iOS platforms, typically priced around $0 USD for the base game with in-app purchases.

14. Flick Golf

Well, if you loved What The Golf?, you are going to absolutely enjoy Flick Golf. Similar to What the Golf?, Flick Golf is a wildly creative and refreshingly unconventional take on the golf genre. There's the unexpected challenges and physics-based fun of What the Golf?, as you have to swipe and flick your ball around a plethora of varied and beautifully designed courses. The game is not just about hitting the ball in the hole; it's about controlling the ball and overcoming obstacles, making it a fun game that prizes inventiveness and flair.

Both games are marked by their distinct sense of fun and humor. Flick Golf, much like What The Golf?, isn’t afraid to get delightfully weird. So, if you relished the quirky design, unexpected challenges, and comedic turns of What The Golf?, Flick Golf has a similar winning formula. It's got the same hilariously weird turns and moments of joyful surprise. Above all, it’s loaded with charm and packed with surprises to keep you entertained for hours. It's an easy game to pick up but hard to master, which installs a sense of fun-filled challenge.

Flick Golf is available on both iOS and Android platforms, typically priced around $2 USD.

13. Ultimate Golf!

If you enjoyed playing What the Golf?, you're likely going to love Ultimate Golf! too. They possess similar charm and appeal as they both deviate from traditional golf game formats and provide a more fun and engaging experience. Ultimate Golf!, much like What the Golf?, maintains a wiggly, amusing, and less serious tone throughout gameplay, focusing more on the entertainment part rather than the precision and seriousness of an actual golf game. Both games have unique gameplay elements filled with vibrant graphics, manifold environments, and funny mechanics.

Moreover, the uniqueness of these games stems from their ability to keep you engaged for long hours due to their unexpected tasks and challenges in each stage. What the Golf? is known for its wacky and unforeseeable challenges that make you think twice before swinging the club, and similarly, Ultimate Golf! tests your skills with unexpected obstacles that change the whole dynamic of the game. If you enjoyed the quirkiness and unpredictability of What the Golf?, there’s no doubt you’d also love the humourous and quirky universe of Ultimate Golf!

Ultimate Golf! is available on iOS and Android platforms, typically priced around $0 USD as it follows a freemium model where players can download the base game for free and choose to make in-app purchases for advancing in the game.

12. King of the Course Golf

King of the Course Golf is similar to 'What the Golf?' in many exciting and engaging ways. Much like 'What the Golf?', King of the Course Golf is a fun and interactive golf game that's enjoyable for all ages. It, too, presents a unique twist on the classic sport, turning what some might consider a slow-paced game into a more fast-paced and unpredictable experience. This parallel enhances the game's playability and certainly makes it stand out among other golf games, similar to how 'What the Golf?' has carved its niche in the gaming world.

Additionally, both games exhibit enjoyable and addictive gameplay elements that keep players coming back for more. King of the Course Golf achieves this through different challenges and obstacles that you need to overcome to master each course, similar to how 'What the Golf?' incorporated elements that defy golf's traditional rules. Furthermore, the stunning graphics, engaging content, and appealing progression system mirror the engaging elements that made 'What the Golf?' so addicting to its fans. And, like in 'What the Golf?', King of the Course Golf's humour and unconventional approach will have you both entertained and eager to uncover what the next course has in store.

King of the Course Golf is available on iOS and Android, typically priced around $5.99 USD.

11. Nano Golf: Puzzle Putting

Nano Golf: Puzzle Putting and What the Golf? both tap into the inherent fun of golf while tossing traditional golfing mechanics and rules out onto the green. Both games offer an engaging puzzle-golf experience that prioritizes over-the-top fun and outlandish gameplay over a realistic simulation. Just like in What the Golf? where every level brings a fresh new twist on the golf mechanics, Nano Golf: Puzzle Putting introduces its own spin on the genre by incorporating various obstacles and creative level design into the mix. The visually-appealing graphics and dynamic gameplay, coupled with the playful challenge of hitting your ball in the right direction to avoid traps and achieve your goal, adds to the delightful chaos that’s similar to What The Golf?

The way Nano Golf: Puzzle Putting combines physics-based golfing with puzzling map configurations echoes the offbeat obstacles and playfulness in What the Golf?. The developers of both games display their creative ingenuity by celebrating the outlandish and ridiculous in the usually quiet sport of golf. Each stage in Nano Golf presents a new challenge with quirky course designs, not unlike the constant surprise twisted theme levels in What the Golf?. Both games are lighthearted, visually appealing, and offer an excellent soundtrack that further enhances the gaming experience. So, if you loved every second of What the Golf?, Nano Golf: Puzzle Putting will no doubt administer yet another fun-filled dose of golf-based insanity.

Nano Golf: Puzzle Putting is available on Android and iOS platforms, typically priced around $0 USD. It's a free-to-play game with in-app purchases for those who wish to enhance their gameplay and putter around with new golf balls and power-ups.

10. Hole.io

Just like What The Golf?, Hole.io offers a captivating and immersive experience, with a variety of levels that are meticulously designed to foster engagement and a sense of progression. Mechanically, these games share similarities in that they’re easy to understand yet challenging to master. With Hole.io, similar to What The Golf?, as you navigate through the city and swallow cars, buildings, and other objects, you’re directly impacting the gameplay environment and adapting your strategies. The changing landscape adds a refreshing dynamic aspect similar to how What the Golf? offers unique landscapes that affect your golfing approach. You'll undoubtedly love the whimsical creativity that drives the levels and objectives.

Another common thread between Hole.io and What The Golf? is the subtlety of humor nestled within each gameplay. Both games employ humor effectively to make even the most frustrating gameplay moments more enjoyable. The succinct, surprising nature of Hole.io’s objectives mirrors the unexpected humor of What the Golf?. This shared unexpected hilarity creates gratifying moments of shock and disbelief, which can quickly turn into outright laughter. As in What The Golf?, the progression system in Hole.io will provide a satisfying feeling of achievement.

Hole.io is available on iOS, Android, and PC. The game is typically priced around $0, as it is free to play with optional in-app purchases around $3-$4 USD for additional content and perks.

9. Flappy Golf

Just like in What the Golf?, Flappy Golf also approaches the classic concept of golf in a more relaxed and playful perspective. Both games are less about actual golf and more about having fun with the fundamentals of the game. The physics-based controls mean that both games offer an unpredictability factor that keeps each round fresh and exciting. Flappy Golf also introduces an aerial component where you guide your golf ball through various obstacles by flapping it like a bird - imagine the hilarious chaos of Flappy Bird meshed with the absurdity of What the Golf?!

Just as What the Golf? had you tackling a variety of golfing challenges with an ever-changing scope of golfing equipment, Flappy Golf, too, incorporates a range of controls and ball mechanics to keep you on your toes. On top of that, in Flappy Golf, every level introduces a different layout and obstacle placement, meaning your strategies have to evolve and adapt constantly. Much like What the Golf?, the game isn't focused on achieving the perfect swing, but mastering the quirky mechanics and having fun along the way. The art style in Flappy Golf is also vibrant and whimsical, adding to the game's overall charm and appeal.

Flappy Golf is available on iOS, Android and on Steam for PC, typically priced around $0 USD - yes, it's free! However, the game does contain in-app purchases for extra levels or power-ups, so there's always an option to enhance your gameplay if you wish.

8. Golfmasters - Fun Golf Game

If you enjoy the quirky, physics-based gameplay of What the Golf?, then you're likely to be fascinated by Golfmasters - Fun Golf Game. Both games share a similar sense of humor, and each level is presented as a new funny surprise. In Golfmasters, the wild, zany, and somewhat absurd elements of trying to shoot a penguin (instead of a ball!) maximizes the fun aspect of the game. Just like What the Golf? used everyday objects and weird mechanics in a golf setting, Golfmasters plays around with the game's conventions and explores all the funny and unexpected possibilities of what a mobile golf game can be.

Moreover, both games exhibit an innovative twist on the traditional golf simulation experience. Instead of focusing on golfing perfection, like most golf-themed games, both What the Golf? and Golfmasters embrace a chaotic play style, filled with unexpected obstacles, wacky power-ups, and out-of-the-box physics. What truly sets Golfmasters apart is the unique interactions with the various animals in each level, truly encapsulating an environment where strategy, physics, and hilarity cross paths. In essence, much like What the Golf?, Golfmasters offers a surprisingly deep gameplay experience hidden beneath layers of fun and humor.

Golfmasters - Fun Golf Game is available on both iOS and Android platforms, typically priced around $0 USD as it is a free game but it offers in-app purchases.

7. Vista Golf

If you're a fan of What the Golf?, then you'll definitely appreciate Vista Golf for its similar elements and play style. Both games delve into a fresh, humor-filled approach to traditional golf, breaking away from the serious nature of the sport, to bring unusual and quirky challenges right to your fingertips. Both games thresh out ordinary golf rules to create engaging content for both golf lovers and casual gamers. So, if you loved the whimsical and wacky challenges of What the Golf?, Vista Golf's unique levels and unexpected obstacles promise not to disappoint.

Vista Golf, much like What the Golf? is a delightful mix of simple aesthetics and complex gameplay. Both games beautifully blend minimalist design with physics-based puzzles, wherein each level feels like deciphering a new mini-conundrum. In Vista Golf, just like in What the Golf?, every hole is an opportunity to explore, making every twist and turn an unexpected surprise. This is a game that not just encourages creativity but also rewards it. Its similarities with What the Golf?, especially in terms of cleverly designed levels and its off-beat sense of humor make it a fantastic choice. It creates a gaming experience that is as familiar as it is different and exciting.

Vista Golf is available on iOS and Android platforms, typically priced around $0 USD. It's a free-to-play game with in-app purchases offering extra features and benefits to enrich your gaming experience.

6. Disc Golf Rival

Disc Golf Rival takes inspiration from several gameplay traits that made What the Golf? such an engaging affair. Similar to What the Golf's inventive take on golf with a comedic touch, Disc Golf Rival offers an amusing, yet innovative twist on the sport of disc golf. It's filled with unexpected challenges and unique obstacles that constantly keep you guessing. Identity can be drawn in their intuitive controls and physics-based gameplay mechanics. Both games are user-friendly, making them easy to pick up but tough to master, a feature that ensures deep engagement and a sense of pleasant frustration.

Juxtaposing the two, you'll notice how both games boast a bold, vibrant art style that's appealing yet quirky. Like What the Golf?, Disc Golf Rival employs a touch of humor throughout its levels, making each new challenge a surprise. If you appreciated the wacky, unpredictably fun nature of What the Golf, then Disc Golf Rival with its hilarious take on disc golf will undoubtedly keep you amused. The games also share a similar progression system with varied levels of difficulty that escalate as you advance, ensuring a steady pace of challenge and intrigue.

Disc Golf Rival is available on Android and iOS platforms, typically priced around $3.99 USD.

5. The Golf Club

If you've enjoyed What the Golf?, then The Golf Club is certainly worth a swing at. The Golf Club has the same relaxing and engaging appeal as What the Golf?, but levels up the experience by adding a sense of realism and precision to the gameplay. This title also contains a solid blend of humor integrated into serious golfing action, making it an ideal choice if you enjoyed the unpredictability and creativity that What the Golf? had to offer. Both games require you to maneuver creatively through open-ended obstacles, providing a fun challenge that requires both strategy and skill.

Another captivating similarity between The Golf Club and What the Golf? is the high replayability factor. Like What the Golf?, The Golf Club will keep you coming back with its extensive range of individual golf courses, surprisingly funny situations, and opportunities for improvement. Especially, the course-creator feature in The Golf Club offers endless variety, allowing you to design and share your own golf courses with others, literally opening up to limitless gameplay opportunities. Combined with the game's detailed and lifelike graphics, these factors serve to create a uniquely immersive and fun-filled gaming experience, akin to the whimsical charm you loved in What the Golf?.

The Golf Club is available on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC, typically priced around $30 USD.

4. Retro Bowl

Just like What the Golf?, Retro Bowl is an indie game that is packed with fun and surprising elements that set it apart from traditional sports games. The standout trait they share is the casual yet compelling gameplay that brings complexity veiled in simplicity. In Retro Bowl, you manage a football team in a retro, pixelated world, making the serious aspects of the sport fun with simplified mechanics and a delightful aesthetic. Similarly, What the Golf? took the laid-back sport of golf and incorporated creative twists and unexpected challenges to spice up the gameplay. This connection creates an atmosphere of enjoyable unpredictability in both games that charms the players, ensuring hours of entertainment.

Retro Bowl and What the Golf? also provoke a sense of nostalgia through their visuals and gameplay style. Retro Bowl, as indicated by its name, maintains a pixel-art-style reminiscent of the 80s arcade games, while What the Golf? uses humor and references to classic games that fans will relate to and appreciate. The two games also offer wide appeal to both sports fans and casual gamers due to their straightforward controls and engaging mechanics. An emphasis on strategic thinking, yet with a relaxed pace, makes both games stimulating and accessible to a broad audience.

Retro Bowl is available on Android, iOS, and PC platforms, typically priced around $0.99 USD.

3. Golf Blitz

Both Golf Blitz and What the Golf? redefine the traditional norms of golf games by incorporating wacky gameplay and unexpected twists, resulting in a delightfully fun and crazy take on the sport. Like What the Golf?, Golf Blitz emphasizes humor and entertaining scenarios over a realistic golf simulation. You could be hitting bombs instead of golf balls or playing on alien landscapes in Golf Blitz, much like how What the Golf? presents you with surprising levels where you’re golfing with houses, cars, or even the golfers themselves. The extremes that these games go to make them less about getting a hole-in-one and more about the joy and amusement of playing.

The multiplayer aspect is also a significant selling point for Golf Blitz, like it was in What the Golf?. Golf Blitz capitalizes on this element with a fast-paced real-time multiplayer mode that allows for competition against friends or players globally. You won't just compete for who makes the best shots, but who does so the fastest. Apart from the standard golf mechanics, the inclusion of power-ups and different golfers enhance the gameplay, giving it an arcade feel reminiscent of the diverse challenges you experienced in What the Golf?.

Golf Blitz is available on iOS and Android platforms, typically priced around $0 USD.

2. Birdie Crush

Just as What the Golf? takes the sport of golf and flips it on its head, turning it into a whimsically fun and irreverently chaotic experience, Birdie Crush presents a similar alternative to golfing games. Instead of focusing on hyper-realistic physics and complex real-world mechanics like traditional golf games, Birdie Crush concentrates more on delivering exhilarating animations, engaging gameplay, and a colourful cast of characters. It also attracts players of all types with its easy control system, making it fun and accessible.

While What the Golf? leans towards puzzling humour using golfing mechanics in surprising and unexpected ways,the core of Birdie Crush is rooted in a fantasy golf adventure. The charm lies in its whimsical spin on the sport, paired with its vibrant visuals and endearing storyline. The result - an addictive golf-themed game that's full of fun and amusement just like What the Golf? If you loved the unexpected humor and creativity of What the Golf?, you'd definitely enjoy the similarly charming and delightful blend of elements in Birdie Crush.

Birdie Crush is available on iOS and Android platforms, typically priced around $0 USD as it is free to play with in-app purchases.

1. Golf Star

Golf Star and What the Golf? share a number of similarities that make them both engaging and entertaining games for golf lovers. Like What the Golf?, Golf Star also features a strong physics-based gameplay mechanic that makes the golf ball's movement realistic and immersive. Golf Star also mirrors What the Golf?'s love for variety and challenge, offering different types of courts and conditions that test your golfing skills and strategic decision-making. A respectable range of golf clubs and customization options similar to What the Golf? give Golf Star an additional layer of depth and personalization.

Both games also have a charmingly offbeat sense of humor that tickles your funny bone here and there. Right from whacky in-game situations to hilarious golf ball designs, Golf Star carries forward What the Golf?'s light-hearted spirit of not taking themselves too seriously, making for an enjoyable and laid-back gaming experience. You'll also find the controls of Golf Star intuitive and user-friendly, much like What the Golf?, plus the graphics have a similar cartoony appeal which undoubtedly adds to the fun.

Golf Star is available on iOS and Android platforms, typically priced around $5 USD.

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