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Journal #6
15 Web Design Concepts Using Midjourney AI
September 18, 2022 | Updated: December 30th, 2022

AI image generation using text prompts has a lot of potential even outside of illustration work. In its infancy, it's already a big hit, but it really has potential to become something that takes over every aspect of our lives. Someone's AI generated art even won a graphical art contest that's become a big discussion topic.

Web design is something I'm personally interested in. I wanted to try generating web page concepts with Midjourney. Here are some designs it came up with and what my opinions are. Overall, I'm very impressed. The scary part is it will only get better from here.

1. Generic, Clean Web Homepage

This is a generic web homepage that you might get back from a standard template editor. Midjourney's talents really lie on generating background art on the page. There's some concept of arranging text with a big "WEB" header with some neatly organized links underneath it. Midjourney was also able to add a header bar and footer.

2. Full Page, Moon-Themed Page

In this design, although there's an awkward bar placement and questionable text arrangement, Midjourney's impressive illustration skills are on full display. There's a small header bar at the very top that's not necessary, but Midjourney adds a cool, curious black section to presumably hold navigation controls. Every element is nicely color-coordinated.

3. Quad-blocked, Sectioned Homepage

This is a really impressive design and I can see it being used for a page showcasing multiple products. It sections off a page into four different blocks, but ties everything together with similar colors and a single bar element at the bottom.

4. Noir, Tokyo Themed Homepage

Really cool arrangement with Asian design elements. I particularly like what Midjourney did with the bottom section. It could potentially be expanded to showcase a company's products and offerings.

5. Stormy Tokyo City Themed Arrangement

This was the first web design I generated using Midjourney. I was instantly amazed at how emotional the artwork could be. Some awkward color arrangements, but this is just the beginning in terms of AI generated designs.

I'm updating this page to add some more webpage mockups. Here are ten more beautiful designs to check out below.

6. A colorful, forest-themed page for a portfolio or a new, fun product

7. A box website with two sections

8. A full page webpage featuring a description of a product

9. A clean minimalistic homepage featuring a seaside beach cliff

10. A clean design homepage showing the African desert oasis

11. Portfolio webpage using responsive design with detailed illustrations

12. Dark-theme website using responsive design for a character or person

13. Museum webpage using responsive design

14. Website showcasing a new book using responsive design

15. Illustration of fall represented on a portfolio webpage

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