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Downwell Tips, Tricks, and Strategy Guide
November 18, 2023

General Tips and Strategies Guide to Succeed in Downwell for the Apple Arcade.

  • The jump button in "Downwell" serves a dual purpose: it allows the player to jump and also fires bullets from the boots when in mid-air.
  • Enemies serve multiple roles: they can be defeated with gunboots, help reload your gunboots when you land on them, and contribute to a combo chain for special bonuses.
  • Landing on the ground reloads your gunboots and ends your combo, so plan your landings strategically.
  • Gems collected can be used in shops and for unlocking new game modes and visual styles. Collecting them in quick succession activates "gem high" mode for more powerful bullets.
  • Sub rooms offer a break from the action and opportunities to collect gems or acquire new guns.
  • Gun pickups not only provide new weapons but also boost gunboot charge or health. If health is full, it contributes to increasing max HP.
  • Different styles in the game adjust the difficulty level and change gameplay dynamics, like the Boulder style offering more HP but fewer upgrade choices.
  • The game's aesthetics aid in quick recognition of elements during fast-paced gameplay. Enemies and obstacles are visually distinct.
  • The game encourages fast play and taking risks, with systems like the gem high mode and combo chains that reward quick and risky actions.
  • Early levels can be used to practice combo skills and accumulate resources for later stages.
  • Players are encouraged to make tough decisions, balancing the benefits and drawbacks of weapons, styles, and upgrades.
  • Choose the right style: For hard mode, the Arm Spin style is recommended as it increases the number of gun modules found, providing extra ammo and heart boosts for upgrading health.
  • Utilize health upgrades wisely: Picking up health when already at full health increases your maximum health. This is crucial for surviving longer in hard mode.
  • Select upgrades strategically: Key upgrades include Reverse Engineering (to change gun room contents), Laser Sight (for longer shooting range, especially useful against the final boss), Knife and Fork (for gaining health from enemies), the Drone (for extra firepower), and the Youth upgrade (for more upgrade choices).
  • Practice is essential: The game requires several runs to master, especially the challenging hard mode.
  • Prepare for the final boss: Study videos of the final boss to understand its attack patterns. This preparation can significantly increase success rates.
  • Manage ammo carefully in hard mode: Use candles on the sides of levels in World 2 as a last resort to recharge ammo, especially when dealing with spikes and enemies.
  • Be cautious with weapon selection: In areas with lots of spikes, opt for low ammo usage weapons like the triple or machine gun.
  • Use candles for emergency ammo recharge: In tricky situations, jumping on candles can help recharge your ammo, providing a crucial lifeline.
  • Choose upgrades strategically to enhance your chances of survival, like increasing total HP.
  • Time Voids provide a pause from the action and can contain valuable resources like gems, health, or ammo upgrades.
  • Use gems collected to buy items in shops that aid in your journey down the well.
  • Understand and adapt to the unique challenges and enemy types of each stage and level.
  • Be aware of the game's unforgiving nature: dying at any point sends you back to the beginning.
  • Recognize and prioritize threats, such as the particularly troublesome birds and flying skulls.
  • Utilize the drone upgrade effectively; it can be a game-changer in progressing through levels more efficiently.
  • Be prepared for the environmental challenges of each stage, like the spikes in the catacombs or the oxygen limit in water stages.
  • Set achievable sub-objectives, like reaching a certain stage, to maintain motivation and mark progress.
  • Stay vigilant and ready to adapt; the game requires quick reflexes and constant attention to avoid sudden threats.


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