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25 Extraordinary Games Like Roblox in 2024
March 9th, 2024 - By Steve Chang

If you found Roblox captivating, numerous similar games are ready to enthrall you even more.

Roblox is a unique gaming platform that has gained immense popularity in recent years. Its attraction lies in its ability to provide a platform where gamers can go beyond just playing and actually create their own video games. Users are given a variety of tools and coding capabilities to build games that can then be published for other Roblox users to play. Roblox emphasizes player interaction, innovation, and creativity, making it a brilliant platform for aspiring game developers or anyone wanting a more immersive gaming experience. The games range across a variety of genres, so there is something for every type of gamer, whether they prefer adventure, role play, simulations, or any other category.

If you're fascinated by the concept of Roblox, you'll be surprised to know that it's not alone in the gaming world. There's an array of games available that echo its participatory and creative spirit. These games, like Roblox, provide opportunities for players to step into the shoes of game developers, to forge unique in-game environments, and create narratives of their own. Some of these games, just to give a brief glimpse, include Minecraft, Terraria, and Garry's Mod - renowned for their freedom and flexibility. We have...

25. Minecraft

Imagine stepping into a vast, virtual landscape where creativity is the only limit. Drawing parallels to the sandbox style of Roblox, Minecraft opens up a world of limitless possibilities, echoing your experience with Roblox. Essentially, both games empower players to build, imagine and create their own worlds with virtual blocks. Scripting isn't a big part of Minecraft like it is in Roblox, but Redstone, a unique feature in Minecraft, allows players to create intricate contraptions, which is akin to writing scripts in Roblox, and this versatility adds so much depth to the game. Minecraft also offers a survival mode where you gather resources, battle monsters, and manage hunger - it's an adventurous twist that adds an exciting edge to the creative gameplay.

Both games boast an amazing sense of community too, which is a key aspect that a lot of players love about Roblox. In Minecraft, the multiplayer mode allows you to join forces with friends to build architectural wonders, venture into deep caves, or defend against an onslaught of creatures. Its servers offer a variety of game modes created by the Minecraft community itself - quite reminiscent of the Roblox platform. Mini-games, role-playing servers, and epic adventures abound, making it a social, collaborative, and interactive gaming experience treasured by players worldwide.

Minecraft is available on a variety of platforms including PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, and mobile devices, typically priced around $26.95 USD.

24. Fortnite

Fortnite, much like Roblox, offers a rich, immersive gaming experience that thrives on creativity and social interaction. Fortnite's "Battle Royale" mode is a wildly popular multiplayer experience where you can engage in a fierce survival-style showdown, reminiscent of the competitive minigames you enjoy in Roblox. But the real similarity lies in Fortnite's "Creative" mode. Here, you can build your own environments and design your own mini-games, similar to how you create in Roblox. This means you have the freedom to push the boundaries of your creativity as you construct complex structures, devise exciting game rules, and share your creations with a broad gaming community.

Roblox is known for its broad spectrum of games made by users, catering to a variety of interests, and Fortnite doesn't disappoint in this aspect too. There's always something new to discover in Fortnite's universe, thanks to the ever-expanding library of user-created content. Be it a complex maze, a tricky obstacle course, or a beautifully crafted castle, you'll find an array of distinctive terrains and games built by Fortnite players, signifying the spirit of creativity and engagement much like in Roblox. Additionally, Fortnite has a vibrant, cartoon-esque aesthetic that might strike a chord with Roblox players fond of colorful, animated graphics.

Fortnite is available on various platforms, including PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X, Nintendo Switch, PC, and mobile devices, typically priced around $0 USD as it's a free-to-play game with optional in-game purchases.

23. Terraria

If you are a fan of Roblox, then you are probably going to enjoy Terraria which shares some striking similarities with the former. Terraria is an action-packed sandbox game that offers you a mix of both adventure and creativity to maintain a clear balance between thrill and leisure. Like Roblox, it gives you room to build and customize your world to your taste, allowing your creativity to take charge. You will love how Terraria merges elements of classic action games with the creativity of sandbox-style building. Players get to dive into deeper layers of the game, battling various creatures, building complex structures and exploring vast, procedurally generated worlds.

Another aspect where Terraria matches Roblox is in the environment gameplay. As a player, you can spend hours building elaborate structures, just as you would do in Roblox. This can be from simple homes for your game characters or elaborate castles. Just like in Roblox, Terraria encourages a community-driven approach, where you can play along with friends in multiplayer mode, building together and battling foes as a unit. The game offers endless opportunities for you to test your creativity and strategic thinking, providing limitless possibilities to what you can build or achieve in your world.

Terraria is available on multiple platforms including PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, and PC, typically priced around $9.99 USD.

22. Garry's Mod

Garry's Mod, or GMod for short, shares many creative similarities with Roblox. Just like Roblox, GMod is a sandbox game that allows you to create and play in your own worlds with different rules and settings. GMod places an emphasis on the manipulation of objects within your created environment, providing countless opportunities for building or destroying things in imaginative ways - much like when you create and interact within elements on Roblox. The open-ended nature of the gameplay will feel familiar, while an extensive modding community means there are always new items, physics, and scenarios to explore.

Another plus point of GMod is its multiplayer feature, which is similar to Roblox. You can join up with friends or other players around the world, explore their creations, or team up to build something together. Some very popular game modes within GMod that might interest you include 'Trouble in Terrorist Town', a social deception game, and 'Prop Hunt', where you disguise as everyday objects to hide from other players. You'll also love the diversity of character models, as GMod allows players to import and play as any character from other games or media, making for a rich and vibrant online community reminiscent of the Roblox experience.

Garry's Mod is available on Steam for PC, typically priced around $9.99 USD.

21. Unturned

Unturned is a game that significantly resembles Roblox in terms of gameplay mechanics, artistic design, and creativity opportunities provided to the player. Much like Roblox, Unturned features a blocky, voxel-based aesthetic that gives it an adorable, yet oddly enticing charm. The underlying sandbox nature of the game also bears major similarities with Roblox. You can gather resources, build your own structures, defend your hard-earned items against zombies, and explore an expansive world with friends. You also have the freedom to create your own levels and scenarios like in Roblox.

In Unturned, the community experiences are, again, similar to Roblox in the sense that the game is highly multiplayer-oriented. You can meet new people, team up to overcome challenges, or even make enemies. The role-playing potential is huge and there are various servers with different settings to choose from, offering diverse gameplay experiences like those found in Roblox. Another similarity to Roblox is the organic learning curve of Unturned. Anyone can jump in and get the hang of it, but mastering it takes time and skill, with a depth of mechanics that will constantly surprise you.

Unturned is available on Microsoft Windows and macOS, typically priced around $0 USD, as it is a free-to-play game.

20. The Blockheads

The Blockheads, similar to Roblox, is a sandbox adventure game that provides a platform to manifest your creativity. Just like how you're familiar with creating and controlling your world in Roblox, The Blockheads offers a similar immersive experience. The game lets you design your own world, customize your characters, construct items, build structures, and interact with different elements in the game, all thanks to the open-ended game-play. Moreover, the Blockheads gives a more traditional 2D perspective with a side-scrolling view, which resembles mining or crafting games. It also has a multiplayer mode allowing you to play with or against other players globally.

Additionally, the Blockheads, along with the design and creation elements that exist in Roblox, offers a survival component as well. This added feature lets you explore, craft, and survive in various environments. Just like in Roblox, where you engage with interactive simulations and adapt to different game scenarios, Blockheads places conditions like varying climates, day and night cycles, and survival necessities, making the gaming experience more realistic and challenging. The range of available resources and opportunities for exploration make it as limitless and inventive as Roblox.

The Blockheads is available on iOS and Android platforms, typically priced around $0 USD. However, in app purchases to access premium features are available.

19. Trove

If you're a fan of Roblox, you'll surely appreciate what Trove has to offer. Much like Roblox, Trove relies heavily on user-generated content, giving it a seemingly endless pool of unique experiences. It's a voxel-based sandbox MMO with a gameplay focus not too dissimilar to that of Roblox - explore an open world, build and customize your environment, battle enemies and play together with friends. The visuals of Trove carry the same blocky aesthetic seen in Roblox, creating that friendly and inviting atmosphere for players who appreciate stylized graphics and vibrant colors.

Playing Trove will give you an adventure experience similar to Roblox, but with a more RPG-like essence. Both games allow you to interact with a great community and also let you experience countless gaming worlds created by users. Trove's classes system is an interesting feature, giving you even more flexibility in how you approach the game's challenges - whether you're a warrior on the front lines or a mage casting spells from afar, much like a Roblox's game mode feature. Furthermore, you can home in on your interior design skills by building and customizing your cornerstone, a private piece of the world that you can carry with you from realm to realm, similar to customizable houses or bases in many Roblox games.

Trove is available on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC, typically priced around free USD. Despite being a free game, it offers optional in-game purchases to enhance your adventure and customization capabilities with cool cosmetics, much like Roblox's Robux system.

18. Creativerse

Creativerse, like Roblox, is an open-world sandbox game where your creativity is the main driver of your personal experience. Both games allow players to explore vast environments, manipulate the world around them, and allow for player-designed constructions and adventures. Creativerse offers a stunning, block-based universe akin to Roblox, where you get to customize and build your unique virtual playground. The game's charming aesthetic, combined with a gameplay ideology that promotes exploration and invention, will resonate with any player who’s spent countless hours enjoying the boundless realms of Roblox.

Another element both games share is their robust and active online communities. These are communities that contribute to the games' replay value and bring a unique, social aspect to each game. Creativerse, like Roblox, has a multiplayer component where you can cooperate with other players, share your creations, and take part in creative variations of gameplay. Furthermore, both games provide user-friendly tools for creating your own content and scenarios, enabling you to not only participate in the game world, but also shape it to your liking. The ability to share your custom-content with other players brings a seemingly infinite array of possibilities, providing a connective tissue between Creativerse and Roblox players worldwide.

Creativerse is available on Windows and Mac platforms, typically priced around $20 USD.

17. Kogama

If you're a fan of Roblox, you'll definitely want to check out Kogama, another fantastic game with a strong focus on building and multiplayer interaction. Just like Roblox, Kogama presents an immersive universe created by its users, where imagination and creativity reign supreme. The game invites players to design, share, and play their own games and experiences in an exciting 3D world. The similarity to Roblox’s user-generated content makes it a comfortable switch for gamers looking to explore new platforms without straying too far from familiar mechanics and concepts.

One aspect in which Kogama parallels Roblox is the emphasis on community engagement. Players can interact in-game, cooperate on constructing projects, and even compete against each other in mini-games within the player-created maps. There's a robust and lively community that fosters creativity and fun. Moreover, everything from parkour challenges to puzzle-solving games and FPS battles are available, similar to Roblox’s diverse range of games and experiences. Another unique feature of Kogama, akin to Roblox, is its user-friendly and accessible game creation tool, allowing players to build various block-like structures and terrain, similar to the voxel-based environments in the Roblox universe.

Kogama is available on web browsers and the platform is entirely free to play, though in-game purchases can enhance the experience. If you’re a Roblox enthusiast and enjoy building, designing, and adventuring in a community-driven game universe, Kogama should be next on your list.

16. Minetest

If you enjoyed Roblox, you'll definitely love Minetest. Just like Roblox, it delivers a sandbox-style gaming experience allowing you to not only construct your own regions and communities but also dictate everything from the game rules to its environment. You get to tweak game physics, choose terrain structures, and control time speeds. You can also switch between single-player and multiplayer modes, and choose from a variety of 'sub-games,' very similar to how you can choose different unique game experiences in Roblox made by different users.

Another key similarity with Roblox is the creative freedom that Minetest offers you. It has a limitless canvas for your imagination – that means no boundaries or limitations to stifle your creativity. Minetest also adopts a block-building style, just like Roblox, letting you build whatever you can dream up, be it elaborate buildings or expansive landscapes. It also has modding support that lets you modify, create and share game content, just like how Roblox has a heavy emphasis on user-generated content (UGC). This gives you unique possibilities to create your own unique gameplay experiences or share your creative works with others.

Minetest is available on Windows, macOS, Linux, Android, and FreeBSD, typically priced around $0 USD. It's open-source and completely free to download and play!

15. SkySaga: Infinite Isles

SkySaga: Infinite Isles and Roblox share comparable qualities that make them both enjoyable and immersive experiences. Just like Roblox, SkySaga offers a sandbox-style game enabling players to create, modify, and shape their own in-game environment. This creative freedom fosters limitless possibilities and makes each player's world unique. In addition, SkySaga promotes community interaction similar to Roblox, where players can share and visit each other's worlds, sparking collaborative gameplay.

A noteworthy aspect is the graphical style. SkySaga employs a pixelated aesthetic akin to Roblox and other voxel-based games. Despite this retro influence, the game delivers a visually captivating experience, thanks to its vibrant colour palette, wide-ranging environments, and beautifully designed characters. In terms of gameplay, SkySaga offers a well-rounded RPG experience, with elements like quests, crafting, and combat supplementing the core sandbox gameplay—much like how land ownership, scripting, and player customization aids Roblox's central tenets.

SkySaga: Infinite Isles is available on PC, typically priced around $30 USD.

14. Blocksworld

Blocksworld, much like Roblox, is a user-generated content platform that offers deep customization and gameplay variety. The most distinct similarity is their shared emphasis on creation and community. Both games are about building your world, your characters and your games. Blocksworld takes this idea and implements it in a more three-dimensional and tactile manner. Just as in Roblox, you get to flex your creativity and penchant for design by creating various blocks and objects and combining them to create whatever world you wish.

Another impressive feature that Blocksworld and Roblox share is the coding element. Both games not only allow you to shape a unique and interactive environment but also offer the opportunity to cultivate real-world skills. In Blocksworld, you can use a visual coding system to make your objects act in certain ways, a feature that is also prevalent in Roblox. This lets you not only play games but also create and control them, essentially making you a wizard of your own virtual world.

Blocksworld is available on the App Store (iOS), typically priced around $0 USD. It's actually free to play but offers in-app purchases. So, why not dive into another exhilarating universe beyond Roblox and shape your own Blocksworld today?

13. Blockstorm

Just like Roblox, Blockstorm allows you to engage in a world of unlimited creativity where you have freedom to customize your own characters, blocks, and even entire maps to suit your unique gaming style. The gaming environment is voxel-based, similar to Roblox, enabling you to create original game scenarios and incorporate your innovative ideas. If you loved the customization and imagination-fueled gameplay Roblox offers, you’ll find Blockstorm to be a seamless extension of the fun, as it challenges you to be as inventive as you wish in creating your own personalized gaming universe.

Blockstorm has similarities to Roblox not only in terms of gameplay but also in its community-focused ethos. One of the key reasons Roblox is such a popular platform is its enthusiastic and engaged user base that churns out new, creative content on a continuous basis. Blockstorm cultivates a similar atmosphere, allowing you to share your custom maps and characters with other players worldwide. Additionally, Blockstorm features the ability to switch seamlessly from first-person to third-person perspective in-game, much like Roblox, giving you control of your gaming perspective.

Blockstorm is available on Steam, typically priced around $4.99 USD.

12. Cubic Castles

If you're a fan of Roblox, let me tell you about another gem called Cubic Castles. It's a massively multiplayer online game, just like Roblox, where players have the ability to craft their own universes, using cubes to build structures or even full-blown worlds. At its core, it's a sandbox game that encourages creativity in a similar vein to Roblox; its canvas - a quirky, pixelated 3D realm that has a lighthearted, fun vibe.

Cubic Castles ushers in the same level of community, engagement, and connectivity as Roblox. You'll be amused to discover interactive adventures, contests and puzzles created by other Cubic Castles enthusiasts that gives the game a raw, community-driven appeal. What really strikes similar to Roblox, is the substantial player autonomy. Not only do you get to create and govern your own world, but you can own pets, interact with other players, decorate, and venture into other player-created realms. So, if you loved the 'create, share, and experience' aspect of Roblox, Cubic Castles is definitely a playing field to consider!

Cubic Castles is available on iOS, Android, and Windows platforms, typically priced around $0 USD, it's free to play with in-app purchases.

11. Blockland

Blockland, just like Roblox, is a sandbox game that offers its users a world filled with freedom and creativity. You have the power to construct your very own virtual environment using building blocks, similar to the mechanics observed in Roblox. The game encourages your imagination to flow freely by providing an open world setting where you create and alter your surroundings, allowing endless opportunities for fun and adventure. Blockland's gameplay is fun, interactive, and continuously evolving, which gives it a character remarkably similar to Roblox.

Moreover, as with Roblox, Blockland also Boasts a vibrant and active online community. This aspect of the game enhances social interaction while allowing for collaborative building where multiple players can work together in constructing fabulous structures. Blockland additionally contains a variety of mini-games and missions you can embark on, catering a mix of genres including racing, Deathmatch, and even zombie survival; something Roblox fans will find familiar and appealing. In a nutshell, Blockland mimics the infinite world building and variety of experiences you love in Roblox.

Blockland is available on Windows and Mac platforms, typically priced around $19.99 USD.

10. Blockscape

Blockscape, much like Roblox, offers an immersive sandbox experience where your creativity has no limits. Like Roblox, it lets you delve into myriad gaming worlds, all distinct and extensively modifiable. The key highlight of Blockscape is its stunningly realistic graphics, significantly more intricate than Roblox, rendering everything from simple blocks to awe-inspiring, towering structures with incredible precision, offering you the freedom to construct and explore engaging landscapes. It's just like having your virtual Lego set, but with infinitely more flexibility and possibilities!

Just as in Roblox, Blockscape facilitates the in-depth customization of game scenes. You can slam structures together, destroy them, or re-build them from scratch, very much like Roblox's build mode. However, Blockscape enhances this experience with its incredibly realistic physics. Every block you place, or remove, influences the rest of the game. Thanks to its immersive first-person perspective, Blockscape overflows with adventure and exploration opportunities, taking the excitement of Roblox's create-and-play motif to a whole new level!

Blockscape is available on PC (Steam), typically priced around $14.99 USD.

9. Growtopia

Growtopia, much like Roblox, is a free-to-play sandbox MMO game that offers a large focus on social interactions and smooth creative gameplay experience. Both games allow you to express your creativity by creating your own worlds and games within the game. You can easily build structures block by block in Growtopia, similar to the building mechanics you love in Roblox. Not only can you craft and build, but you can also interact and play with others, chat, trade, and take part in multiplayer events!

An absolute selling point of Growtopia that is similar to Roblox is its robust item system. You can mix and match items to create unique styles for your character, or find rare items to trade with other players. The possibilities are nearly endless and the emphasis on the community aspect, combined with creative freedom, is something that differentiates both Roblox and Growtopia from other games. If you enjoy the player-driven content and customizable aspect of Roblox, you'll certainly find these elements enjoyable in Growtopia as well.

Growtopia is available on Windows, MacOS, PS4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, Android, and iOS, and it is completely free to play, with optional in-app purchases to enhance your gameplay experience.

8. Craft The World

One key similarity between Craft The World and Roblox is the freedom to design and build unique structures. Just like Roblox, Craft The World encourages its players to use their creativity and inventiveness. Both the games provide you with a multitude of resources, crafting options and interactive elements to construct castles, bases, traps, and other different buildings of your own design. There is the joy of exploration in both games, where you can delve into caves, forests, and other biomes in Craft The World, very much like exploring various user-created worlds in Roblox.

Additionally, both games come with a set of challenges to hold your interest and keep you hooked. In Roblox, each user-created world has its challenges and goals, which brings in excitement and thrill as you accomplish them. This is mirrored in Craft The World where you face unique challenges in managing your dwarf colony, defending against enemies, and sustaining in different environments. Also, Craft The World involves a level of strategy and time management in managing the dwarfs to gather resources and build, similar to how you strategize in Roblox games.

Craft The World is available on platforms like PC, Mac, iOS, and typically priced around $20 USD.

7. CastleMiner Z

If you're a fan of Roblox, CastleMiner Z has some similar elements that might pique your interest. Both games offer players a sandbox-style gaming experience, meaning there there are no set rules or objectives, allowing you the freedom to create and explore at your own pace. Both games also focus heavily on multiplayer interaction, so you can collaborate with or compete against friends and other players. Additionally, just like in Roblox, CastleMiner Z gives you the ability to manipulate your surroundings and build structures from a collection of block materials, which is a prime aspect of the gameplay.

Another thing you might find appealing about CastleMiner Z is the integration of survival and exploration aspects, reminiscent of certain games or modes within Roblox. CastleMiner Z, boasting a terrain that spans across various biomes, challenges your survival skills by incorporating a day-to-night cycle, which amplifies the level of difficulty as hostile creatures become more active during the night. The game also encourages exploration by letting you mine resources, while rewarding your adventurous spirit with rare materials and treasures. Its high level of user-created modular design, paired with the thrill of survival in an open-world format, echoes the creativity and adaptability that draws many to Roblox.

CastleMiner Z is available on platforms such as Xbox 360 and PC, and is typically priced around $9.99 USD.

6. Super Craft Bros

Super Craft Bros carries a similar spirit to Roblox in numerous ways, making it an exciting consideration for you! Just like Roblox, Super Craft Bros is not just a single game but a hosting platform for a wide range of mini-games, ensuring that you have countless hours of diverse enjoyment ahead. Each of these mini-games in Super Craft Bros, like in Roblox, has unique gameplay mechanics, wonderful designs, and captivating objectives, presenting fresh challenges each time you hop into a new one. This ensures that the fun and surprises never stop, just like your experience in Roblox.

Moreover, Super Craft Bros and Roblox share a creative, community-driven approach that makes both platforms incredibly immersive and engaging. Super Craft Bros takes a lot of inspiration from user-created content, again much like Roblox, fostering a large and lively community of players and creators. The social element is a core part of Super Craft Bros, where you can team up with or compete against friends, share your most memorable moments, and even collaborate in creative challenges or scripting your own mini-games. Just like in Roblox, you'll always feel connected, challenged, and inspired!

Super Craft Bros is available on PC platforms, typically priced around $25 USD.

5. Block Fortress

Block Fortress, like Roblox, is a game that blends creativity and action in equal measures, providing an immersive platform with virtually limitless possibilities. The game consists of two primary components, building and defending, similar to when you have to architect structures in Roblox and strategize to survive against opponents. The voxel-based graphics of Block Fortress impart a similar aesthetic charm as those found in Roblox, appealing to both your nostalgia and your creative spunk.

The crux of Block Fortress, much like Roblox, lies in the freedom it offers to the players. You can build anything you want, anywhere you want. The game tests your strategic abilities, prompting you to think and plan your fortress considering its defensive efficiency. Just as you craft narratives in Roblox and experience various gameplays within it, Block Fortress, too, encourages you to weave your own stories within its universe, each depending on the fortress you build and the defensive methods you choose. The concept is familiar but hasn't lost its charm, holding the promise of multiple engaging hours of gameplay.

Block Fortress is available on iOS and macOS platforms, typically priced around $1.99 USD.

4. 7 Days To Die

What makes 7 Days To Die similar to Roblox is that it is also a sandbox game that allows you to explore, create and modify your environment, just as you do in Roblox. The primary task of the game involves surviving in a post-apocalyptic world filled with zombies by crafting shelters, sourcing food, and protecting yourself from the hordes of undead creatures. However, similarly to Roblox, the game is open-ended and doesn't limit you with specific objectives. You're given the freedom to create your gaming experience, whether it's designing your fortress or adventuring to unknown territories.

Another similarity is the focus on interaction and teamwork. In Roblox, teaming up with friends and cooperating with other players can make gameplay more enjoyable and often necessary to succeed in many types of games. Similarly, 7 Days To Die offers multiplayer mode where you can collaborate with other players to survive. Communication and teamwork can be key toward long-term survival. Furthermore, the game's community is an essential part of gameplay, as player-created mods significantly enhance its replayability value.

7 Days To Die is available on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC, typically priced around $25 USD.

3. Terasology

One fabulous game that you would definitely find appealing, especially if you are a Roblox fan, is Terasology! Like Roblox, Terasology enables players to build, destroy, and manipulate a 3D world. The game has an open-world environment bursting with creativity and countless opportunities for exploration. Both games provide a platform for players to create from their imaginations and shape their own experiences, as well as share and play games created by others. The power of player-generated content is really embraced in these games!

Another feature that sets Terasology and Roblox on the same pedestal is the block-based landscapes. If you enjoyed modifying your environment creatively block by block in Roblox, you'll be delighted by the similar opportunities in Terasology. The modularity in both games enables players to extend, transform, and reshape the game world. Moreover, Terasology offers some beautifully designed environments, richly detailed graphics, and smooth gameplay, enhancing the gaming fun and heightening immersion. And like Roblox, Terasology has a very friendly and enthusiastic community, a great place to meet like-minded gamers and share gaming adventures.

Terasology is available on Windows, Mac, and Linux platforms, and the best part? It's open-source and completely free of charge!

2. Block Story

Just as you may have relished your creative journey with Roblox, Block Story can offer you an equally compelling and enjoyable experience. The game is profoundly similar to Roblox in its open-world nature, giving players an open canvas to demonstrate their creativity and imagination freely. Just like in Roblox, you can create, modify or destroy your surroundings in Block Story, using a multitude of different blocks and materials. You can build sky-high towers, intricate underground tunnels, or anything else that sparks your imagination. The game also offers a similar quest and leveling system, with battles against various creatures, promising a thrilling gameplay experience that blends creative building with action-packed adventures.

Another factor that aligns Block Story with Roblox is the inherent social aspect of the gameplay. Both games wholeheartedly encourage collaborative play between friends or other online players worldwide. Be it constructing enormous forts together, or embarking on daring quests, Block Story fosters a sense of community amongst its players akin to Roblox. In Block Story, like Roblox, you can also interact with non-playable characters (NPCs) that populate the game world, further enriching your gaming experience.

Block Story is available on Windows, MacOS, Android, and iOS platforms, typically priced around $2.99 USD.

1. Starbound

Starbound, much like Roblox, offers an expansive sandbox experience, encouraging player creativity and providing nearly limitless possibilities. It supports multiplayer capabilities just like Roblox, which means you can embark on adventures or design worlds together with your friends. Both Roblox and Starbound are games that continue to evolve and grow over time, ensuring that there are always new experiences to be had.

Where Starbound shines similar to Roblox is in its ability for user modification. Players can modify the game to add unique game mechanics, artwork, and features very similar to how people can create different game modes and environments in Roblox. Furthermore, Starbound is extraordinarily open-ended, like Roblox, with a rich crafting system, exploration, character customization, and various building opportunities. This mixture of sandbox elements and adventure elements gives a lot of freedom to players, providing countless hours of engaging gameplay.

Starbound is available on PC, PS4, and XBox One, typically priced around $14.99 USD.

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