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Journal #10
Jetpack Joyride 2 General Tips and Strategies
October 3, 2022

General Tips and Strategies Guide to Succeed in Jetpack Joyride 2 for the Apple Arcade.

  • Stay towards the middle of the screen
  • If you get hit a lot, use the three health items: fire resistance, electric resistance, and more max health
  • If you have a habit of dodging blue missiles, try to get used to just shooting them instead (they only come out when you have a gun). I've had times where I'd dodge a blue missile and get hit by something else. But that's not to say you should shoot every missile because they can either be going too fast when stuff speeds up or there's a harmful projectile right behind it
  • Play a lot of the arcade-- the upgrade materials and money from it is really good
  • Don't use the gems to revive on regular levels. Only use them for the boss fight levels.
  • Finish the missions or die trying. Prioritize finishing missions even if it means dying.
  • Upgrade the magnet to level 5 or 6 to maximize getting coins on each run. You are going to need them to upgrade your Jetpack.
  • Don't fully upgrade the Jetpack. Upgrade Health 3-4 times and Attack 5-7 times. By the time you level up you're going to be able to upgrade the Jetpack. The final one you can fully upgrade.
  • For R and D department I would send the minions to always get Tokens (green) or blueprints (blue)
  • The skins aren't needed, so don't rush to get them.
  • Upgrade the factory as you go.
  • For badges use Super Magnet lvl 5-7 and Overpowered lvl 10. If early in game, get Gemology lvl 6 and if not early, Lucky Shot lvl 6+.

Do you have any more strategies or tips? Send me a message on Discord!