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Infinite Craft: How to Make Dust!
June 7th, 2024 - By Steve Chang

Step-by-Step Recipe to Making Dust in Infinite Craft

Your Ultimate Guide to Crafting Dust in Infinite Craft!

Infinite Craft is an online game that allows you to create virtually anything from just four basic elements: Fire, Water, Earth, and Wind. This addictive crafting game offers you endless possibilities, as players mix and match these elements to unlock new items and expand crafting capabilities. It's a super fun game for both casual and competitive players! Follow this guide for an easy way to craft the important Dust block, which is key to unlocking many other blocks!

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Combine These Ingredients to Get Dust

Here's all the ingredients you need to create Dust:

🌍 Earth
🌬️ Wind
🌫️ Dust

You just made Dust in Infinite Craft! Now that you know how to craft Dust, you can use it to unlock new crafting recipes and expand your crafting capabilities. Have fun exploring the endless possibilities of Infinite Craft!

Now that you finished this guide, play the game here: Infinite Craft.

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