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What the Golf?: Secret Trophy Locations
By Sapling Corp

By Sapling Corp • January 17th, 2022

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There are six secret trophies in story mode, meaning they're not found through the typical means of fully completing all flags in a level. This guide will help you find all of those secret trophies in WHAT THE GOLF?

This was written for the Apple Arcade version of the game but feel free to follow along if you're playing a different version. I will be using the term level to mean lab, stage, or world.

In Level 8, go to the football field section of the Lab. You will find some trees in the bottom-right section of the football field. You can pass through the upper portion of the trees (will look slightly different) to find a hidden trophy

In Level 7, find a toaster and follow the alleyway to the right until you find a broken toilet. Behind it is a hidden pipe. Enter the pipe to find another hidden trophy.

In Level 5, transform into toast and head to the lunchroom section of the Lab. Go to the most left side of this section to find a chest containing a hidden pizza trophy. It is next to the vending machines.

In Level 5, go to the gravity section of the Lab. There's a trophy at the most bottom-left section of the stage. There's another "golf club" hidden trophy but requires Lab 2 access. See Lab 2 paragraph below.

In Level 3, there's a hidden trophy just past the trees in the bottom-right section of the stage. To get past the trees, go to the tropical section and activate the chainsaw mode on your golf ball. Go back to the trees and you can now cut them down and get past to get your next secret trophy.

In Level 2, on the right side of the lab, you will see a boat ride available to you (see screenshots below). Take the boat to the bottom right corner where you'll see a secret river. Follow this river, navigating its bends, to find a hidden beach. There will be a toaster on this chunk of land (which is actually located in lab 5). Because it spans three levels, it's one of a trickiest ones in the game, congratulations.

What the Golf! Lab 3 Hidden Trophy Boat

What the Golf! Lab 3 Hidden Trophy Lake

What the Golf! Lab 3 Hidden Trophy River

What the Golf! Lab 3 Hidden Trophy Toaster

Hopefully, with this guide, you have found some achievements.