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Old School RuneScape: Finding the Jagex Price of Item Sinked Goods
By Sapling Corp

There must be a set Jagex "lower limit" price for each of sinked item. If we figure out what that is, and only buy when the price is below that, there is always a powerful force for the item to go over that price.

As of now, my estimates could be too low, because item sink is limited to certain amount per day, and we are sitll in early stages of price correction.

Also, one fault with the tax is that the Grand Exchange is not a fair market. People don't know the bid/offer beforehand, which is a fundamental difference between GE and fair market systems, so some of the economic theories will be less efficient.

Another thing I was thinking about is how this item sink adds a super artificial demand for items, it's a hugge gp generator for those specific items at the cost of all other items sold in the ge - ideally, ALL items should be sinked for it to be fair

How can we profit from this fact? Basically only deal with items on the item sink list, and there is massive profit to be made

Prediction of the Jagex price of item sink items:

Abyssal bludgeon: 
Armadyl godsword: 12,000,000 - 13,000,000
Arcane sprit shield
Spectral spirit shield
Armadyl chestplate
Armadyl chainskirt
Bandos chestplate
Bandos tassets
Dark bow: 780,000 - 800,000
Dinh's bulwark: 13,000,000+
Elder maul: 
Armadyl godsword
Bandos godsword: 12,750,000 - 13,250,000
Saradomin godsword
Zamorak godsword
Kodai insignia
Kraken tentacle
Nightmare staff and Orbs (Eldritch, Harmonised, Volatile)
Occult necklace
Arcane prayer scroll
Dexterous prayer scroll
Torn prayer scroll
Saradomin sword
Scythe of vitur
Smoke battlestaff
Toxic blowpipe
Trident of the seas
Twisted bow
Zamorakian spear: 18,000,000 - 19,000,000