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The Rampdown of cidzor.com
By Sapling Corp

This was a website I truly enjoyed developing. I spent weekends in coffee shops working on this website. Ultimately, frustrations with Flask, AWS EBS, and Docker is what ended it for me. I had an average of 1k users coming in per month before I stopped maintaining the site and finally pulled the plug today, Christmas Day 2021.

Cidzor.com was previously a fanpage for Apple Arcade content, and it was first launched not far into Apple's introduction of the platform itself. The website included guides, achievement data, tips, and a catalog for games available on the Apple Arcade. Everything had to be processed by hand as I could not get anything from Apple regarding their games. I still have access to all the data in a nice CSV file, so I will export things into Sapling Corp steadily. If anyone is looking for achievement data for Apple Arcade, please let me know via Discord.

Looking back, I'm very proud of the effort I put into this, and hopefully my journey to create successful content continues far into the future. It's a little sad for me to disconnect the website. One thing I learned from working on this project is to start smaller -- way smaller. I should have started with one game, optimizing pages, figuring out what works, and cultivating a community, and receiving feedback before opening it up to more games.

All traffic to cidzor.com is now being forwarded to Sapling Corp.

Here are some images I captured before shutting down the site:

cidzor.com homepage

cidzor.com content

cidzor.com content