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Sneaky Sasquatch: Secret Caches and Hidden Treasures Guide
May 6, 2023 - By Steve Chang

Discover the Rich Uncle Duck's Hidden Coins

Secret caches represent a thrilling aspect of gameplay, offering players a unique blend of exploration, puzzle-solving, and reward. Scattered across various landscapes, these red chests are ingeniously hidden, urging players to delve into the intricacies of the game world. Each cache, when discovered, rewards the player with coins—currency that can significantly impact their progress and capabilities within the game.

These caches are not merely about the coins; they are strategically placed to enhance the explorative experience, often located in areas that players might overlook otherwise. Whether tucked behind a secluded rock, submerged underwater, or cleverly camouflaged by natural surroundings, each cache demands keen observation and sometimes a puzzle-solving approach to access. What makes these caches exceptionally appealing is their one-time reward system—once collected, the coins do not respawn, which adds a layer of preciousness and urgency to their discovery.

The Legend of the Rich Uncle Duck

The lore of Rich Uncle Duck adds a flavorful depth to the narrative of secret caches. According to the game's folklore, Rich Uncle Duck, a character shrouded in mystery and intrigue, is the mastermind behind these hidden treasures. His distrust of banks, spurred by flamboyant yet untrustworthy bank advertisements screaming “Trust Us!!!”, led him to conceive a more secure way to stash his wealth.

Rich Uncle Duck's backstory is woven into the fabric of the game, making each discovery of a cache not just a triumph but a step closer to unraveling the legend of this enigmatic character. His motives are part reflection of his quirky nature and part critique of the financial systems within the game's universe, adding layers to the gameplay that go beyond mere treasure hunting.

This narrative not only enriches the player's experience but also serves as a critical engagement tool. As players uncover more caches, they piece together snippets of Rich Uncle Duck's life and his cynical view of the banking system. This integration of story with gameplay mechanics creates a compelling reason for players to explore every nook and cranny of the game world, driven not just by the lure of gold but by the intrigue of the tale behind it.

Comprehensive List of Secret Cache Locations!

Cache 1 - Campsite B

Nestled behind a rock at Campsite B, the first cache awaits. This serene campsite cleverly conceals its treasures, with the cache located near the campground sign "B" close to an outhouse. To reach it, the path starts just above the sign, requiring some clever navigation around natural obstacles to unearth the rewards.

Cache 2 - Campsite C/D

Hidden behind a gully at Campsite C/D, the journey to this cache involves a trek from the Lake. By heading to the northern shore of the Lake and taking a left, then ascending a hidden path, the cache can be accessed. It’s a peaceful spot, perfect for those looking for a quiet escape while hunting for treasures.

Cache 3 - Waterfall Cave

Tucked right inside the Waterfall Cave, finding this cache involves a bit of adventure. Entering the waterfall at the river’s head between Campsites A and B reveals a hidden cave entrance. The cache, just to the right of this entrance, blends almost seamlessly with its surroundings, offering both a challenge to find and a beautiful natural backdrop.

Cache 4 - RV Park site A/B

At RV Park site A/B, the cache lies concealed behind a gully. Accessible only from the Ranger Station, the path to this hidden treasure winds behind the building, leading north through less-traveled grounds. This location not only tests exploration skills but also rewards with a sense of discovery amid the tranquility of the RV park.

Cache 5 - RV Park site C/D

Located deep in the forest near the end of a dirt road and behind an outhouse, this cache at RV Park site C/D offers a different kind of challenge. The approach involves navigating through thick forestry, making the discovery feel like a true expedition into the wild.

Cache 6 - Cave

The sixth cache is in a cave that branches north off the main path leading to the Dynamite. It’s a secluded spot requiring some off-the-path exploration, and finding three green sacks and two brown sacks as rewards feels like striking gold in a miner’s cave.

Cache 7 - Maze

Hidden in the lower right corner outside the actual maze, this cache requires passing through a hidden gap in the top right corner of the maze and then heading downward. It's an ingenious placement that plays on the expectation that treasures are within the maze, not outside it.

Cache 8 - Intersection

At the Intersection, the cache is obscured behind a rock, accessible by entering the forest near the bus and navigating a narrow path between the trees. It’s a clever use of natural landscape to shield treasures, making the find all the more satisfying.

Cache 9 - Golf Course entrance

Located in the safe zone east of the parking lot at the Golf Course entrance, this cache is uniquely unlocked by hitting a golf ball into a nearby hole. It's a fun twist that combines skill with treasure hunting, adding an element of sport to the adventure.

Cache 10 - Driving Range lake (underwater)

Submerged in the lake east of the Driving Range, the tenth cache offers a high reward and requires diving into the lake with Scuba Diving Gear to hit a golf ball into an underwater hole. It's an exhilarating mix of sports and deep-sea treasure hunting.

Cache 11 - Golf Course podium

Situated at the Golf Course podium, this cache needs a precise golf shot across a gully for a hole-in-one to unlock. It’s a challenge that tests precision and patience, rewarding success with a generous amount of coins.

Cache 12 - Golf Course eastern lake

Accessible via a path going east from the main area of the Golf Course, this cache involves hitting a golf ball across the lake into a hole. The requirement for Pro Golf Clubs from the Pro Shop adds an extra layer of challenge and exclusivity to accessing this cache.

Cache 13 - Golf Course Cave

One of the most adventurous caches, located in the Golf Course Cave, involves several steps including giving Dynamite to Demolition Duck, navigating rivers and lakes, and finally hitting a golf ball into a strategically placed hole. The journey is as rewarding as the treasure itself, filled with action and beautiful vistas.

Cache 14 - Race Track bees clearing

Located at the bottom left of the Race Track parking area, this cache is accessed by following a trail blocked by tire stacks. No vehicle can enter, so it’s on foot from here. Entering another area reveals a beehive blocking the path. Using a nearby car to bypass the bees and navigating further to uncover the cache combines adventure with a bit of adrenaline rush.

Cache 15 - Race Track podium

North of the Race Track podium, this cache is hidden until you move a car to unblock the path. It's a straightforward find once the path is clear, blending the excitement of the race track with the thrill of treasure hunting.

Cache 16 - East Highway

Located in a forest clearing accessed by a footpath behind a customizable billboard on the East Highway to the ski mountain, this cache is locked and requires a unique approach to unlock. Using a telephone or a cellular phone to dial a random number from a red billboard that says "Need Money? Call: …" opens the cache, making each attempt to unlock it a game of chance and anticipation.

Cache 17 - Sawmill

The Sawmill cache requires a Worker Disguise to access. Players must navigate beneath machinery and through a back door, then go left behind a large building. It’s a thrilling stealth mission within the game, offering a high-risk, high-reward experience.

Cache 18 - Snow Rally track

At the Snow Rally track on the Ski Mountain's lower level, the cache sits in the middle of the track, locked away. The key is on the northern side, reachable by a narrow ramp and an ice wall. Using a snow bike to jump onto the wall and carefully navigate to the cache tests both driving skills and patience.

Cache 19 - Ski Mountain Cave

Behind the Summit Hut on Ski Mountain, the path leads to a cave where the cache is hidden by a lake. Using a canoe or Scuba Diving Gear to access the cache adds an element of exploration and adventure to the high-altitude setting.

Cache 20 - West Highway

Located on a floating dock in the middle of a small lake accessible via a wide path across from the Dirt Racetrack road on the West Highway, this cache cannot be reached directly. A narrower path further west leads to a winding river where a canoe is used to approach the lake, making the journey to the cache a peaceful yet challenging expedition.

Cache 21 - Dirt Racetrack

Inside the Event Office at the Dirt Racetrack, this cache is locked and requires finding a key on a raised platform accessible only by a ramp to the right. Utilizing a fast vehicle, like the Super Car with Off-Road Tires, to jump onto the platform and retrieve the key adds an intense, fast-paced challenge to the cache hunt.

Cache 22 - Museum

South of the Museum, in a forest area, this cache necessitates adopting a level 2 Dog to assist in finding the buried key. The dog points to the correct search area, and digging with a shovel reveals the key. This interactive element of using a canine companion brings a fun twist to the treasure hunt.

Cache 23 - Town

Hidden behind rocks in the forest east of the Gas Station in Town, the cache is accessible via a long trail through the forest starting north of the supermarket. It opens late at night at 4 AM, requiring players to use Energy Drinks to stay awake while waiting at a nearby dining table, adding a strategic element to the timing of this cache discovery.

Cache 24 - Town

In the forest west of the Police Station in Town, the cache is found by following the end of a chain link fence southwest of the Newspaper building and running south into the forest. It is open early in the morning until 9 AM, encouraging players to plan their exploration timing wisely, often necessitating an overnight stay in town.

Cache 25 - Town

Located in R Corp’s fenced backyard accessed through the Sewers, this cache involves reaching the cellar of the R Corp building, entering a code on a door panel, and turning valves to stop steam before climbing up to the backyard. It’s a multi-step process that feels like infiltrating a high-security area, providing a thrilling experience for treasure seekers.

Cache 26 - Town

Inside the Arcade in Town, this cache can only be accessed by purchasing a key from the Arcade Associate for just 1 Prize Ticket. However, the key is only available after beating every Arcade game at least once. This requirement adds an enjoyable gaming challenge within the game, blending skill-based play with treasure hunting.

Cache 27 - Sewers

In the Sewers, accessed by scuba diving, this cache is located in a room that can be reached by following a submerged path to the upper right. The journey through the sewer’s watery depths to the door-less room where the cache waits adds a sense of mystery and adventure, requiring both navigation skills and bravery.

Cache 28 - Sewers Waterfall Cave

Found within the Sewers Waterfall Cave, this cache is hidden behind a cascade of sewage. Adventurous players must navigate through the less savory parts of the sewers, utilizing the environment to discover hidden passages and the eventual rewarding cache.

Cache 29 - Port

Located in the forest above the Fox Shop at the Port, this cache is secured in a safe that requires a 4-digit code. The code's digits are scattered across different locations in the port, necessitating a detailed search with Binoculars. This treasure hunt not only tests observation skills but also rewards players with a high-level engagement experience as they piece together the code.

Cache 30 - Port

Hidden behind piles of logs and stacks of pulp in the northeast corner of the Port, this cache can be accessed by entering warehouse 1 area through the sewers, opening the gate from inside, and using a Forklift near the Break Room to move the pulp. This cache offers a hands-on experience that combines physical tasks with strategic planning.

Cache 31 - Pemberton Hideout

Located in the office area of the Pemberton Hideout, this cache requires first gaining access to the camera controls room to adjust the camera angles. The safe next to the cache needs a 4-digit code, which can be deciphered using a camera with the Crime Filter. This multi-step process involves technology and sleuthing, providing a modern twist to the classic treasure hunt.

Cache 32 - Marina

Found in the forest to the right of the Boat Dealership at the Marina, this cache requires a Beach Ball to be brought to the area. The ball is located on the northern beach on the Island and must be pushed onto the Ferry, then to the cache after arrival. This task blends physical interaction with careful planning, offering a playful yet challenging treasure-hunting experience.

Cache 33 - Marina (underwater)

Located underwater in the shipwreck at the Marina, this cache requires upgraded scuba gear to access. The entrance to the shipwreck is hidden and entering through the correct side is crucial. This underwater adventure appeals to those who enjoy exploring hidden depths and the thrill of discovery in less conventional environments.

Cache 34 - River

This cache is along the River, accessed after obtaining a taxi license and picking up a passenger who accompanies you to a specific docking point. After traveling by boat and car with the passenger, a duck at the destination helps unlock the cache. This interactive journey involves multiple transportation modes and cooperative elements, making it a unique and engaging experience.

Cache 35 - Island

On a small island to the west, near RV Dude, this cache is protected in a safe that can be opened with a code found on a magnifying glass sign. Using an 8x zoom camera to read the code and retrieve the key involves precise observation and technological interaction, blending traditional treasure hunting with digital tools.

Cache 36 - Island

Rich Uncle Duck’s own island holds this cache, where catching a fish in the nearby pond triggers the opening mechanism. This method of unlocking a cache through an action such as fishing adds a leisurely yet rewarding twist to the hunt, connecting players more deeply with the game’s natural setting.

Cache 37 - Island Cave

Found in an island cave, this cache requires giving Dynamite to Demolition Duck to clear the entrance. The explosive beginning to this treasure hunt sets the stage for a dramatic discovery, making it a memorable part of the adventure.

Cache 38 - Pirate Cave

Located in the Pirate Cave in the Northern Ocean, this cache involves first retrieving a key from a nearby shipwreck. Diving into the cave through a specific entrance adds an element of danger and discovery, perfectly fitting for a pirate-themed treasure hunt.

Cache 39 - Hospital

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Near the Hospital, in the Strip Mall area, this cache requires the highest level of promotion in the Doctor role to access. Engaging with the janitor and using medical equipment to uncover the hidden key inside him combines professional skills with a quest for treasure, providing a profound twist on the traditional cache hunting experience.

Type of Rewards: Sacks and Gold Bars

The caches scattered across the game offer various types of monetary rewards, primarily consisting of Sacks of Coins and, more rarely, Gold Bars. These rewards come in different denominations, reflecting the difficulty or secrecy of the cache's location. The coin sacks are color-coded to indicate their value: Small Sacks of Coins (brown) contain 10 coins, Sack of Coins (green) hold 25 coins, Large Sack of Coins (blue) have 100 coins, and Huge Sack of Coins (purple) are filled with 250 coins. For those lucky enough to uncover them, Gold Bars represent a significant find, each worth 1000 coins. This system of varied rewards adds a level of excitement and anticipation to each discovery, encouraging players to seek out as many caches as possible.

Detailed Coin Values by Cache

Each cache in the game is not only a treasure hunt but also a potential windfall that varies significantly in value. The coin value of each cache is meticulously calculated to reward the effort and ingenuity required to locate and access them. Here’s a breakdown of the detailed coin values by cache:

  • Cache 1 - Campsite B: 20 coins (2 brown sacks)
  • Cache 2 - Campsite C/D: 20 coins (2 brown sacks)
  • Cache 3 - Waterfall Cave: 35 coins (1 green sack, 1 brown sack)
  • Cache 4 - RV Park site A/B: 35 coins (1 green sack, 1 brown sack)
  • Cache 5 - RV Park site C/D: 35 coins (1 green sack, 1 brown sack)
  • Cache 6 - Cave: 95 coins (3 green sacks, 2 brown sacks)
  • Cache 7 - Maze: 55 coins (1 green sack, 3 brown sacks)
  • Cache 8 - Intersection: 145 coins (1 blue sack, 1 green sack, 2 brown sacks)
  • Cache 9 - Golf Course entrance: 125 coins (1 green sack, 4 brown sacks)
  • Cache 10 - Driving Range lake (underwater): 300 coins (2 blue sacks, 4 green sacks)
  • Cache 11 - Golf Course podium: 85 coins (3 green sacks, 1 brown sack)
  • Cache 12 - Golf Course eastern lake: 300 coins (2 blue sacks, 4 green sacks)
  • Cache 13 - Golf Course Cave: 3500 coins (3 gold bars, 2 purple sacks)
  • Cache 14 - Race Track bees clearing: 145 coins (1 blue sack, 1 green sack, 2 brown sacks)
  • Cache 15 - Race Track podium: 135 coins (1 blue sack, 1 green sack, 1 brown sack)
  • Cache 16 - East Highway: 500 coins (1 purple sack, 2 blue sacks, 2 green sacks)
  • Cache 17 - Sawmill: 300 coins (2 blue sacks, 4 green sacks)
  • Cache 18 - Snow Rally track: 500 coins (1 purple sack, 2 blue sacks, 2 green sacks)
  • Cache 19 - Ski Mountain Cave: 300 coins (2 blue sacks, 4 green sacks)
  • Cache 20 - West Highway: 300 coins (2 blue sacks, 4 green sacks)
  • Cache 21 - Dirt Racetrack: 1000 coins (3 purple sacks, 2 blue sacks, 2 green sacks)
  • Cache 22 - Museum: 500 coins (1 purple sack, 2 blue sacks, 2 green sacks)
  • Cache 23 - Town: 500 coins (1 purple sack, 2 blue sacks, 2 green sacks)
  • Cache 24 - Town: 500 coins (1 purple sack, 2 blue sacks, 2 green sacks)
  • Cache 25 - Town: 750 coins (2 purple sacks, 2 blue sacks, 2 green sacks)
  • Cache 26 - Town: 3500 coins (3 gold bars, 2 purple sacks)
  • Cache 27 - Sewers: 750 coins (2 purple sacks, 2 blue sacks, 2 green sacks)
  • Cache 28 - Sewers Waterfall Cave: 500 coins (1 purple sack, 2 blue sacks, 2 green sacks)
  • Cache 29 - Port: 1000 coins (3 purple sacks, 2 blue sacks, 2 green sacks)
  • Cache 30 - Port: 1000 coins (3 purple sacks, 2 blue sacks, 2 green sacks)
  • Cache 31 - Pemberton Hideout: 3500 coins (3 gold bars, 2 purple sacks)
  • Cache 32 - Marina: 500 coins (1 purple sack, 2 blue sacks, 2 green sacks)
  • Cache 33 - Marina (underwater): 750 coins (2 purple sacks, 2 blue sacks, 2 green sacks)
  • Cache 34 - River: 3500 coins (3 gold bars, 2 purple sacks)
  • Cache 35 - Island: 750 coins (2 purple sacks, 2 blue sacks, 2 green sacks)
  • Cache 36 - Island: 500 coins (1 purple sack, 2 blue sacks, 2 green sacks)
  • Cache 37 - Island Cave: 1000 coins (3 purple sacks, 2 blue sacks, 2 green sacks)
  • Cache 38 - Pirate Cave: 3500 coins (3 gold bars, 2 purple sacks)
  • Cache 39 - Hospital: 3500 coins (3 gold bars, 2 purple sacks)

Each cache not only offers a quantifiable reward but also contributes to the larger narrative and challenge of the game, making each discovery a moment of significant achievement and delight.

How to Open Difficult Caches

Opening difficult caches often requires a blend of clever thinking, exploration, and sometimes specific tools or skills. For example, underwater caches might necessitate scuba gear, while others could need a puzzle to be solved or a specific item to be used. Familiarizing oneself with the game mechanics, like using dynamite or mastering golf shots, can turn challenging caches into rewarding conquests.

Best Times to Hunt for Caches

The best times to hunt for caches can vary depending on their locations and the mechanics of the game. Some caches are only accessible at night, such as those hidden behind obstacles that only disappear after dark, or during specific in-game events. Keeping track of these conditions and planning expeditions around them can significantly enhance the success of your hunts.

Common Challenges and How to Overcome Them

Common challenges in cache hunting include locating caches that are well-hidden or require specific conditions to be met. Overcoming these challenges can be achieved by thorough exploration, attention to detail, and occasionally collaborating with other players or utilizing online forums and guides for tips. Additionally, ensuring you have all necessary gear before heading out on a hunt can prevent the need for repeated trips to the same location.

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