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Unlocking the Hospital's Secret Cache in Sneaky Sasquatch
January 8, 2023 - By Gavin Machetes

Learning how to get the tricky and puzzling Hospital cache open.

Today, I'm thrilled to walk you through my personal experience of cracking one of the most baffling puzzles in Sneaky Sasquatch - unlocking the secret cache beside the hospital. Let's dive into this guide that not only helped me uncover this mystery but also allowed me to explore the new updates in the hospital.

Step 1: Becoming a Paramedic

The first thing I realized was the necessity of becoming a paramedic. This step is crucial for the later stages of the quest. To start, you need to acquire a license B, which I got from the racetrack. If you're new to the game, this is your starting point. Additionally, you must have experience driving either a taxi or a delivery truck. Licenses for these can be obtained from the same place as the B license or from the strip mall for the delivery truck license.

Step 2: Promotion and Transition to Doctor

Once you're a paramedic, focus on getting promoted. I found that completing several ambulance jobs expedited this process. After getting promoted, I was ready to apply for a doctor's position. This transition isn't straightforward; you need to have a mix of medical and office experience. I had to work at RCorp to gain the necessary office experience.

Step 3: Earning the Medical Diploma

Arguably the most intriguing part of this quest was getting the medical diploma. To my surprise, the head doctor told me about people selling these diplomas. I had to stay up late, watching the shopping Bonanza on TV after midnight to find this offer. Once I called the number shown and purchased the diploma, I was set to become a doctor.

Step 4: Befriending the Janitor

After becoming a doctor, the next challenge was to befriend the janitor, the key figure in this quest. I approached him in the hospital and initiated a conversation. This interaction allowed me to add him to my friends' book and reach out to hang out. Although he seemed reluctant at first, he eventually agreed.

Step 5: X-Ray and Uncovering the Key

The most bizarre yet exciting part was getting the key out of the janitor's belly. I had to use an X-ray machine to locate the key inside him. This step was a blend of hilarity and intrigue. I zoomed in on his belly, took a scan, and showed it to the janitor, which revealed the key's location to both of us.

Step 6: The Final Stretch - Surgery and Unlocking the Cache

The final step required me to operate on the janitor, but first, I needed to earn the trust of the hospital's staff. This meant performing numerous jobs as a doctor and climbing up the ranks to become the junior to the Head doctor. This part of the quest was the most time-consuming, but it was essential for gaining the permission to bring a friend (the janitor) for surgery.

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