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Running for Mayor in Sneaky Sasquatch Guide
January 10, 2023 - By Gavin Machetes

Getting elected for mayor is no easy feat in Sneaky Sasquatch.

I'm excited to share my unique journey in the charming world of Sneaky Sasquatch. I recently embarked on a rather intriguing quest - running for mayor against Pimpleton Junior. This task was not a walk in the park, as it required completing various challenging and interesting tasks. So, let me take you through my adventure, step by step.

Step 1. Shaking Hands: The First Step in Politics

The first task was all about building a rapport with the citizens. The duck advised me to shake hands with people around town. However, I quickly realized that the opportunity to connect wasn't limited to the town. To my surprise, potential supporters were everywhere - at the golf course, the campground, even the racetrack. Though the majority were in town, I recommend starting there early in the morning and spending a full day. It's a great way to kickstart your campaign.

  • Explore Beyond the Town: Don't limit yourself to the town. Explore other areas like the golf course, campground, and racetrack.
  • Timing is Key: Start early in the morning and dedicate a full day. Most of your potential supporters are active during this time.

Step 2. Renting Billboards: Visibility Matters

Next up, was the task of renting billboards. This was relatively straightforward. I had to call specific phone numbers to rent billboards at strategic locations - one on the road to the town and another on the highway to the mountain. The key here was to add the quest-given phone number to the existing ones. It's a clever way to maximize visibility without losing out on previous investments.

For renting billboards, use these numbers: 555-2450 for the billboard located on the Western Highway leading to the Town, and 555-2451 for the billboard situated on the Eastern Highway that heads towards the Ski Mountain.

  • Strategic Locations: Focus on billboards along the road to the town and on the highway leading up to the mountain.
  • Add, Don't Replace: When you call to rent the billboards, add the quest-specific phone number without removing the existing ones. This way, you maintain your current investments while adhering to the campaign's requirements.

Step 3. Installing Election Signs: A Sign of Dedication

Perhaps the most challenging task was installing 15 election signs across the map. Two critical rules helped me here. First, these signs only appear near roads - logical, as that's where they're most visible to the public. Second, if you're stuck, revisiting the duck who assigned the task is a good idea. He provides hints on where to find the remaining signs. It took patience, but I eventually found all 15 locations.

  • Stick to the Roads: Remember, signs only appear near roads, where visibility is highest.
  • Seek Guidance if Lost: If you can't find all the signs, revisit the duck who gave you the task for hints.
  • Persistence Pays Off: Finding all 15 signs is a test of your dedication. Keep at it, and you'll succeed.

For a more direct answer on where to find the signs, see this Reddit post: https://www.reddit.com/r/SneakySasquatch/comments/zhemfd/sign_posts/

Step 4. Making Friends: The Heart of the Campaign

The final task was my favorite - making friends. It's a beautiful reminder of the importance of personal connections in any campaign. The duck provided a friend's guidebook, which was incredibly helpful. It not only showed the location of potential friends but also allowed me to call them directly. Each person, like the instructor at the racetrack, had unique tasks and preferences. Engaging with them, understanding their needs, and spending time was key to winning them over. It's a task that requires effort and time, but it's incredibly rewarding.

  • Utilize the Friend's Guidebook: This tool is invaluable. It shows potential friends' locations and allows direct calls.
  • Personalized Approach: Each individual has unique tasks and preferences. Engage with them, understand their needs, and spend quality time with each.
  • Patience is Key: Some friendships might take a day or two to solidify. Be patient and genuine in your interactions.

And that's it. Good luck, and may your campaign be successful! Happy gaming, and reach out about your mayoral adventures in Sneaky Sasquatch!

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