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Guide for Secure Hangar 2 Heist in Sneaky Sasquatch
January 8, 2023 - By Gavin Machetes

Learning to do the updated coin crate heist in Sneaky Sasquatch.

I'm here to share my first-hand experience and guide you through the updated and tricky task of stealing coin crates from the port in Sneaky Sasquatch. After the recent patch, a few things have changed, making this guide a necessity for those looking to ace this challenge. Let's dive into the nitty-gritty of how I managed to pull off this heist.

Step 1: Lay the Groundwork (Pre-Requisites)

The initial step, which is a must-do, involves completing all jobs at the port. This is crucial as you need to attain the position of junior supervisor to successfully execute this heist. This preparatory stage sets the tone for the entire operation.

Step 2: Decipher the Code

After waking up in the tower at the port, my first action was to head to the restricted area and rummage through the shelves. This is where you'll find the code needed to unlock warehouse secure 2. For me, the code turned out to be this, but remember, it could be different for you. I wrote this code down because I'll have to use it later!

Step 3: Engage with the Supervisor

With the code in hand, my next move was to talk to the supervisor to get assigned the final job of loading secure cargo, specifically targeting warehouse 2. This step is essential as it gives you legitimate access to the warehouse where the coin crates are stored.

Step 4: The Sewer Route

After completing the assigned job (which I did for extra coins, though it’s optional), I headed to the sewer through a nearby manhole. This is a critical move because it leads to a secret door that provides access to the port area. Inside the sewer, I found a clipboard with three numbers, which, combined with a guessed fourth digit, unlocked the door.

Step 5: Forklift and Nighttime Wait

Next, I hopped onto a forklift but had to wait until nightfall (post 9 p.m.) before making any significant moves. To kill time, I completed more missions assigned by the supervisor for extra coins.

Step 6: Control the Cameras

Once night arrived, I sneaked into the security room, dressed as the junior supervisor, to manipulate the cameras. This step is crucial to avoid detection while sneaking through the port later on in a spy outfit.

Step 7: The Spy Outfit and Infiltration

After leaving the port to avoid suspicion, I changed into the spy outfit and stealthy shoes at the fox's den (located just past the 'no trespassing' fence). I then re-entered the port, using the earlier opened gate for easy access.

Step 8: Warehouse Break-In

The key moment involved waiting for the guard to move away before entering the admin building and using the code from earlier that I had written down. Then, I waited for the right moment to open the fence and access the crates with the forklift.

Step 9: The Escape

The exit strategy required careful timing. I turned off an electric panel to distract a guard, sneaked into the control room to open the main gate, and then drove the forklift out of the port.

Step 10: The Loot and Aftermath

The exit strategy required careful timing. I turned off an electric panel to distract a guard, sneaked into the control room to open the main gate, and then drove the forklift out of the port.

Epilogue: Was It Worth It?

Post-heist, the port closes down for 10 days, which made me question the worth of this strategy. Considering the daily earnings from regular port jobs, you might actually end up making more money during this downtime than from the heist itself.

In conclusion, while the thrill of the heist is undeniable, the recent changes in Sneaky Sasquatch make it less lucrative than other in-game money-making methods, like selling mushrooms or participating in monster truck races.

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